Khloé Kardashian is ''in love'' with her fitness closet.

The 31-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has unveiled her 150 square-foot wardrobe in her Los Angeles home, designed specifically for her gym gear, including the Chanel backpack she uses as a gym bag, and has admitted she gives her friends a tour of it whenever they're round her house.

Khloe said: ''I'm in love with my fitness closet! It's my favorite closet. I genuinely show it off to all of my friends when they are over.''

In addition to plenty of hanging space for her tops and leggings, the wardrobe - built by CEO and designer of LA Closet Design Lisa Adams - has also got L-shaped shelves for her extensive collection of trainers, dividers to organize her gym bags, sports bras and other items, a display case for accessories, and even a mini-fridge stocked with Fiji water so she can hydrate on her way to meet up with her trainer GUNNAR PETERSON.

Speaking to, Lisa said: ''It's a suede-lined shelf that displays head and wrist bands, sunglasses, hair ties and more. I added LED lighting so the case lights up with the flip of a switch--these items get lost and disorganized in drawers, so I wanted to make sure they were beautifully displayed.

''My favorite part is the shoe area. I keep envisioning my own sneakers being displayed in the way Khloé's are!''