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Smith Wins Appeal For Film Rating

6th August 2008

Filmmaker KEVIN SMITH has won an appeal to lower the U.S. cinema rating for his comedy ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) boardmembers had initially given the comedy,...

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Elizabeth Banks 'In Final Talks' To Play Laura Bush

26th March 2008

Scrubs actress Elizabeth Banks is reportedly in final talks to play Laura Bush in a new film about the US president.According to Variety, 34-year-old Banks is close to signing on to star as the First...

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Knocked Up Star To Make A Porno

16th November 2007

Knocked Up star Seth Rogen has been signed up to play the lead role in Kevin Smith's upcoming comedy Zack & Miri Make a Porno. The chubby actor - steadily building a reputation as one...

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Marsden In The Box

2nd November 2007

James Marsden's career resurgence is to continue with a starring role in upcoming horror movie The Box, it has emerged.After his character Cyclops was tossed aside without a blink in Brett Ratner's disappointing X Men...

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Smith Amazed To Be A Gay 'Bear' Sex Symbol

26th September 2007

Filmmaker KEVIN SMITH was stunned when he learned he's considered a sex symbol in a sub-section of the gay community. The Clerks director agreed to appear on the cover of gay magazine A Bear's Life...

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The Things They Say 5538

10th September 2007

"I had a framed picture of her as LEIA next to my bed from '80 to '84. I retired it when I went to high school and started kissing real girls." Director KEVIN SMITH on...

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Kevin Smith To Direct Heroes Spin-off

1st August 2007

Comedy writer KEVIN SMITH has signed a deal to write and direct an episode of the upcoming prequel series HEROES: ORIGINS. Smith - who has also penned comics for Green Arrow and Daredevil - will...

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Smith Credits Dawson As His Muse

19th July 2007

Director KEVIN SMITH loved working with actress ROSARIO DAWSON so much, she became his muse for his latest movie. The cult filmmaker credits the star with inspiring him to write the leading role of Miri...

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Smith Doesn't Mind Funny Insults

9th July 2007

Director KEVIN SMITH doesn't mind if critics insult him when he appears in movies - just as long as they are funny. The Clerks director was slated by some critics for his small part in...

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Kevin Smith: 'Willis Threatened To Quit Die Hard For Me'

11th May 2007

Filmmaker KEVIN SMITH was amazed when BRUCE WILLIS threatened to quit the upcoming Die Hard sequel if a studio executive didn't allow him to use his own dialogue. Clerks director Smith has a small role...

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The Things They Say 3900

26th January 2007

"You sit around with dudes, who are always, like, `I'd do her.' I know a guy who did her." Moviemaker KEVIN SMITH still can't believe JENNIFER GARNER is married to his pal BEN AFFLECK....

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O'halloran Praises Dawson's 'Regular Guy' Humour

24th January 2007

Actor BRIAN O'HALLORAN has lavished praise on his CLERKS II co-star ROSARIO DAWSON, insisting other actresses muted for the part wouldn't have fitted in with the film's lewd humour. The 41-year-old grew nervous when executive...

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Smith Plays Warlock In Die Hard 4

17th January 2007

Cult movie-maker KEVIN SMITH has signed up to play a "master hacker" called THE WARLOCK in the new DIE HARD movie LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. The CLERKS director joins BRUCE WILLIS, TIMOTHY OLYPHANT and...

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Movie Massage Moans From Smith

16th January 2007

Moviemaker KEVIN SMITH fought to keep his T-shirt on for a massage scene in new film CATCH + RELEASE - because he doesn't let anyone catch a glimpse of his man-boobs. The chubby director was...

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New Mum Garner Cut Bikini Shots Out Of Film

15th January 2007

Actress JENNIFER GARNER begged for bikini scenes in her new movie CATCH + RELEASE to be removed - because she was still losing her baby weight and didn't want to subject movie fans to her...

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Superman Makes A Smashing Return On Dvd

8th December 2006

Superman Returns produced super results as it debuted on DVD last week, finishing first on both the sales and rental charts, according to trade reports. The film made an especially strong showing at rental stores,...

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The Things They Say 3516

5th December 2006

"I made one zombie movie - JERSEY GIRL. That's it. No more dead pictures." Moviemaker KEVIN SMITH pokes fun at his 2004 film flop, which starred then-couple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ....

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Fascinating Fact 2553

5th December 2006

CLERKS director KEVIN SMITH and JOHN CORBETT are to star in the US version of British sitcom MANCHILD....

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The Preacher Set For Us Tv

30th November 2006

Cult comic book character THE PREACHER is set for a rebirth on US TV after director KEVIN SMITH's plans to turn the project into a major movie fell flat. Smith, a comic book aficionado, planned...

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Smith Takes Tv Comedy Role

17th November 2006

Director KEVIN SMITH has signed up to star in the US remake of hit British TV show MANCHILD, because he wants to become a better actor. Smith has written, directed and starred in CLERKS, MALLRATS,...

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Smith Fine With Wife Kissing Co-star

19th September 2006

Director KEVIN SMITH had no issue with his wife JENNIFER SCHWALBACH kissing co-star BRIAN O'HALLORAN in CLERKS II, because he isn't a sex symbol. But he admits he would have had a problem if Jennifer...

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Rock Mockumentary Wins At Edinburgh

30th August 2006

Brothers of the Head, a mockumentary about conjoined twins who become rock stars in the 1970s, has won the top award at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The film was writing by science fiction writer Brian...

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Smith Plans Horror Movie

10th August 2006

Comedy director KEVIN SMITH is planning an abrupt change in direction with his next movie - he is making a horror film. The CLERKS film-maker has built his name with a series of funny movies,...

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Leno Sits In For Ebert

28th July 2006

TONIGHT SHOW host JAY LENO will be the first replacement co-host on the TV series EBERT + ROEPER as film critic ROGER EBERT recovers from cancer surgery. Leno's episode will air on 5 August...

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Kevin Smith Takes On Another Writer

27th July 2006

Kevin Smith has another film commentator in his sights. After taking aim at critic Joel Siegel, who walked out of a screening of his Clerks II, Smith has laid into L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke,...

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Fascinating Fact 1854

27th July 2006

CLERKS II director KEVIN SMITH will fill in for recovering US film critic ROGER EBERT on his movie review TV show, EBERT AND ROEPER, next week (begs31JUL06). Ebert is recovering from complications he suffered during...

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Kevin Smith Named Guest Critic On Ebert And Roeper

26th July 2006

Writer-director-actor Kevin Smith, who famously tangled last week with ABC-TV critic Joel Siegel after Siegel showily walked out on a screening of Smith's Clerks II, is set to become a film critic himself next week....

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Smith's 10,000 Credits Assailed

26th July 2006

Kevin Smith's marketing gimmick to give an end-credit to the first 10,000 people on who linked their "friends list" to the Clerks II website, has been roundly criticized by award-winning L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki...

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Scrubs Duo Take On Fletch

26th July 2006

ZACH BRAFF is to step into comedy legend CHEVY CHASE's shoes and star in a new prequel of the 1980s movie franchise FLETCH. BILL LAWRENCE, the creator of TV comedy SCRUBS, has been signed up...

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Dawson Left Red-faced At Comic-con

26th July 2006

SIN CITY star ROSARIO DAWSON was left feeling like "a total dork" at Sunday's (23JUL06) Comic-Con comic book convention in California when she was called upon to fill-in for an absent KEVIN SMITH. The actress...

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