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Justin Long's Agent Tried To Warn Him Off Kevin Smith's 'Tusk'

By Michael West | 18th September 2014

The idea for Kevin Smith's new horror movie Tusk starring Justin Long was born from a podcast and most critics agree that it should have remained in its infancy. Long plays a podcast who is...

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Everything You Need To Know About Kevin Smith's And Johnny Depp's Film Yoga Hosers

By George Percival | 26th August 2014

After a run of poorly received films that have dented Johnny Depp’s reputation as a box-office magnet, the Hollywood superstar must be keen to move onto pastures anew. For his newest venture, Depp has teamed...

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Kevin Smith And Johnny Depp Working With Their Own Daughters In Upcoming Film

By Stephen Caswell | 20th August 2014

Kevin Smith is in the process of directing the second film in his new trilogy set in rural Canada. The film is a loose sequel to 'Tusk' (making its first appearance at the Toronto Film...

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Upcoming Kevin Smith Movie "Yoga Hosers" Looks Cool. And Very, Very Weird.

By Victoria Pavlova | 20th August 2014

So Kevin Smith is collaborating with Johnny Depp on a movie. Beware, this could get very, very weird. So, Yoga Hosers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, principal photography begins today on what has been described...

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A Week In Movies: Get On Up Premieres, Cooper Cooks In London, Trailers For Tusk, Mockingjay, The Hobbit And Mad Max

By Rich Cline | 1st August 2014

The stars came out for the New York premiere this week of Get on Up, starring Chadwick Boseman as Godfather of Soul James Brown. He was joined on the red carpet by costars Dan Aykroyd...

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Tusk Is The Latest Brilliant Idea From The Brain Of Kevin Smith [Trailer + Poster]

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th July 2014

The new trailer for ‘Tusk’ has arrived, and Kevin Smith’s goofy yet terrifying horror movie bears all the hallmarks of a director in tune with the very zeitgeist he is part of. Our protagonist is...

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So, What Can Kevin Smith Tell Us About His Visit To Star Wars Land?

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th July 2014

We know a few things from Kevin Smith’s trip to the Star Wars Episode VII set. He cried, we saw that in the selfie, and he gave a strong hint that Stormtroopers would make a...

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Kevin Smith's Star Wars Episode Vii Set Visit: We Now Know About Stormtroopers

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd July 2014

While Star Wars: Episode VII without Stormtroopers would have been difficult to stomach; Kevin Smith’s recent visit to the set has all but confirmed their existence in the new movie.Smith posted a selfie in which...

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No 'Star Wars Episode Vii' News Means Kevin Smith Takes Centre Stage

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st July 2014

Star Wars Episode VII has done a pretty good job of churning out fairly newsworthy stuff since it was announced following Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and everything related to a galaxy far, far away.Yes, ‘this...

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The Batman Suit Pic? Forget It, Kevin Smith Says It's Blue And Grey.

By Michael West | 21st May 2014

Remember the picture that Zack Synder tweeted of Ben Affleck in full Capred Crusader regalia? Well, forget that, because filmmaker Kevin Smith says the batsuit intended for Affleck that he saw was blue, not black.Kevin...

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Sandra Bullock Says Goodbye To Jay Leno In Tearful Homage [Video]

By Lauren James | 6th February 2014

Sandra Bullock has expressed her sincere gratitude towards Jay Leno for his long-standing support over the years, even when she may not have necessarily deserved it. The outgoing host of The Tonight Show welcomed the...

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Teary-eyed Sandra Bullock And Her Ever-changing Hair Guest On Leno Farewell Show

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th February 2014

Jay Leno is leaving The Tonight Show after his final show on Thursday to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, but Leno’s farewell week has been a non-stop treat so far. Last night (Wednesday) saw an...

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Kevin Smith Has Finished The First Draft Of Clerks 3!

By Joe Wilde | 13th May 2013

The trilogy has almost come to a close, as Kevin Smith has revealed that he has completed work on the first draft of Clerks 3, posting a photo of the front of a completed screenplay...

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