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So, What Can Kevin Smith Tell Us About His Visit To Star Wars Land?

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th July 2014

We know a few things from Kevin Smith’s trip to the Star Wars Episode VII set. He cried, we saw that in the selfie, and he gave a strong hint that Stormtroopers would make a...

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Mark Wahlberg For The Six Million Dollar Man?

7th July 2014

Mark Wahlberg will reportedly star in a film remake of 'The Six Million Dollar Man'. The 43-year-old actor is said to be in talks with Universal Pictures to take on the lead role in a...

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Kevin Smith's Star Wars Episode Vii Set Visit: We Now Know About Stormtroopers

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd July 2014

While Star Wars: Episode VII without Stormtroopers would have been difficult to stomach; Kevin Smith’s recent visit to the set has all but confirmed their existence in the new movie.Smith posted a selfie in which...

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Kevin Smith In Tears During Star Wars Set Visit

1st July 2014

Actor/director Kevin Smith broke down in tears during a visit to the set of the new Star Wars movie in Britain.The funnyman jetted to London this week (beg30Jun14) to perform a number of shows with...

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No 'Star Wars Episode Vii' News Means Kevin Smith Takes Centre Stage

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st July 2014

Star Wars Episode VII has done a pretty good job of churning out fairly newsworthy stuff since it was announced following Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and everything related to a galaxy far, far away.Yes, ‘this...

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Jason Mewes Wants To Direct A Horror Movie

2nd June 2014

Jason Mewes is planning to direct a horror film.The 'Jay and Silent Bob' star - who is currently preparing for his and his co-star Kevin Smith's 'Hollywood Babble-On' tour - has admitted he would like...

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The Batman Suit Pic? Forget It, Kevin Smith Says It's Blue And Grey.

By Michael West | 21st May 2014

Remember the picture that Zack Synder tweeted of Ben Affleck in full Capred Crusader regalia? Well, forget that, because filmmaker Kevin Smith says the batsuit intended for Affleck that he saw was blue, not black.Kevin...

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Kevin Smith Developing Late-night Talk Show

27th March 2014

Director Kevin Smith is in talks to host his own talk show on America's Amc network.The Clerks star could soon add another title to his resume with a new project titled Hollywood Babble-On, a series...

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Sandra Bullock Says Goodbye To Jay Leno In Tearful Homage [Video]

By Lauren James | 6th February 2014

Sandra Bullock has expressed her sincere gratitude towards Jay Leno for his long-standing support over the years, even when she may not have necessarily deserved it. The outgoing host of The Tonight Show welcomed the...

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Teary-eyed Sandra Bullock And Her Ever-changing Hair Guest On Leno Farewell Show

By Victoria Pavlova | 6th February 2014

Jay Leno is leaving The Tonight Show after his final show on Thursday to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, but Leno’s farewell week has been a non-stop treat so far. Last night (Wednesday) saw an...

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Ben Affleck Testing Batman Voice On Wife

9th September 2013

Ben Affleck has been testing out his Batman voice on Jennifer Garner.The star has been cast as The Caped Crusader alongside Superman in the sequel to 'Man of Steel' and has been perfecting his superhero...

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Affleck Started Building Batcave

28th August 2013

Ben Affleck once started to build a Batcave in his house. The star - who was announced last week as the latest actor to portray the iconic superhero - was so obsessed with the character...

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The Things They Say: 3662387

14th May 2013

"It Is Accomplished! Clerks Iii, First Draft! At 137 pages, it plays like The Empire Strikes Back of what's now become the Clerks Trilogy." Director Kevin Smith has finished working on the first script for...

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Kevin Smith Has Finished The First Draft Of Clerks 3!

By Joe Wilde | 13th May 2013

The trilogy has almost come to a close, as Kevin Smith has revealed that he has completed work on the first draft of Clerks 3, posting a photo of the front of a completed screenplay...

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Kevin Smith Didn't 'Give A F**K' During Red State

9th April 2013

Kevin Smith didn't ''give a f**k'' when he was making 'Red State'.The 41-year-old actor-and-filmmaker is set to retire from the movie business when he creates his ''farewell film'' 'Hit Somebody' next year, so he didn't...

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Kevin Smith Axes Comedy Show To Support His Daughter

23rd January 2013

Funnyman Kevin Smith has cancelled an upcoming comedy event in Canada so he can support his teenage daughter in a talent show.The director/actor was due to host a 'SMorgy podcast' at the Spatz Theatre in...

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Kevin Smith Pays Tribute To David R. Ellis

8th January 2013

Director Kevin Smith has paid tribute to fellow moviemaker David R. Ellis following his death on Monday (07Jan13), hailing him as "one of the most interesting people" he has ever met.Ellis passed away in Johannesburg,...

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The Things They Tweet 2969

26th July 2012

"Dear Rob, My heart goes out to you, sir. Fat boys get cheated on all the time so I know the feeling. If you wanna get high & cry, I'm here." Moviemaker Kevin Smith reaches...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Sherman Hemsley

25th July 2012

Josh Duhamel, Kevin Smith, Denise Richards and Lenny Kravitz are among the stars who have paid tribute to Sherman Hemsley following his death on Tuesday (24Jul12).The actor, who passed away at his home in El...

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Andy Griffith Gets Tribute From Kings Of Leon, Lady Antebellum

4th July 2012

Andy Griffith, the iconic singer, actor and comedian, has been receiving tributes from the world of entertainment following his death on Tuesday (July 3, 2012). Though rising to stardom in the 1950s with hits like...

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Kevin Smith Teams Up With Hulu For New Show 'Spoilers'

21st May 2012

Balshy film maker Kevin Smith has been talking about his new show, 'Spoilers,' which'll see the director lose none of his outspokenness and brash humor, which he made truly famous with the film 'Clerks.' The...

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Kevin Smith's Hell Over Plane Shame

2nd April 2012

Heavyweight filmmaker Kevin Smith was plunged into a deep depression after he was thrown off a plane because he was too fat.The Clerks director was left fuming after he was ordered to evacuate a Southwest...

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Smith Wants To Take Clerks To Broadway

29th March 2012

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is planning to revive Clerks - on Broadway.The director wants to make a third installment to follow up his cult movies Clerk and Clerks II, but only if he can launch it...

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Kevin Smith Bored Of Action Films

25th March 2012

Kevin Smith thinks shooting action films is ''f**king boring''. The director - who has previously made 'Red State' and 'Cop Out' - claims he is now bored of creating the dramatic films and would rather...

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The Things They Say 24676

20th March 2012

"I don't mind her reading about how I rock her mother's world. I'm sure she walks around the house trying to figure out why someone who looks like (my wife) Jen would be (with) a...

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The Things They Say 24677

20th March 2012

"Film is cool and wonderful, but I've made all my dreams come true." Filmmaker Kevin Smith has confirmed reports he is planning to retire from directing after the release of his next movie Hit Somebody.

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Kevin Smith Fuels Bruce Willis Feud

15th March 2012

Outspoken filmmaker Kevin Smith has reignited his feud with his one-time leading man Bruce Willis, branding him the toughest person he's ever worked with.Smith directed Willis on 2009 comedy Cop Out, but claimed soon after...

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Kevin Smith States That New 'Comic Book Men' Is An "Ode To Nerds"

11th February 2012

Kevin Smith has revealed that his new AMC show 'Comic Book Men' is a celebration of being nerdy. Talking to Fox News, he stated that the show was designed to put a focus on comic...

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Kevin Smith Launching Tv Series About His Comic Book Store

9th February 2012

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is launching a new reality series based on his comic book shop in New Jersey.The Clerks director purchased Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Red Bank back in 1997 and he's...

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The Things They Tweet 2227

9th January 2012

"Tough night for our oldest dog, Scully. Thought we'd lost her but she's come back somewhat. Whole family's an emotional wreck right now..." Moviemaker Kevin Smith is upset after his elderly pet pooch had a...

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