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Kevin Mckidd Climbs U.k.'S Tallest Mountain For Charity

9th May 2014

Scottish actor Kevin Mckidd is trekking up Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, to raise money for charity.The Grey's Anatomy star has swapped the Hollywood Hills for the Scottish Highlands to take on the hiking challenge...

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Stormy Weather Continues On 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10 Premiere

By Elinor Cosgrave | 27th September 2013

The premiere of season 10 of Grey's Anatomy aired last night (Thursday 26th September). Last season ended with a storm and this season's premiere continued with it still blustering in the background.Ellen Pompeo at a...

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Sandra Oh Is Departing 'Grey's Anatomy' After Ten Seasons As Dr Cristina Yang

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th August 2013

Sandra Oh has announced she will be leaving Grey's Anatomy. Season ten of the show will air in September of this year and Oh will be leaving the medical drama at the end of the...

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Kevin Mckidd Missed Out On Harry Potter Movie Role

6th February 2013

Scottish actor Kevin Mckidd has revealed he was forced to turn down a role in the Harry Potter movie franchise.The Grey's Anatomy star was approached to portray a villainous werewolf in the boy wizard series...

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Kevin Mckidd's Folk Album Is Tribute To Grandfather

3rd June 2012

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin Mckidd has dedicated his new folk album to his late grandfather, who taught him the traditional Scottish songs featured on the release.The Trainspotting actor is making his musical debut with The...

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Kevin Mckidd Making A Move Into Music

3rd January 2012

Kevin Mckidd is swapping acting for singing to record a folk album.The Trainspotting star has headed back to his native Scotland to work on the material with local musicians. On his page, he writes,...

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The Things They Say 22871

18th September 2011

"It was really tough. I remember I pulled a muscle I didn't even know that I had in my groin on my right leg and could hardly walk for about two weeks." Scottish star Kevin...

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Kevin Mckidd Fasts For Charity

9th August 2011

Scottish actor Kevin Mckidd signed up for a 24-hour fast on Monday (08Aug11) in a bid raise money to help starving African children.The kind-hearted Grey's Anatomy hunk took part in the sponsored Fast-A-Thon for Save...

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Kevin Mckidd Eyes Return To Scotland

19th April 2011

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin Mckidd has been pining for his native Scotland since moving to America, so the actor plans to return to his homeland soon to shoot three movies.The Scottish actor has been based...

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Fascinating Fact 10317

11th November 2010

Scottish actor KEVIN MCKIDD is to jump behind the camera to direct an upcoming episode of his hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY. MCKidd plays Dr. Owen Hunt in the series.

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Mckidd Ready For More Rome

5th March 2010

GREY'S ANATOMY star KEVIN MCKIDD has confirmed he's planning to take another trip back to ancient Rome when his hit TV epic is adapted for the big screen.The Scottish actor's Rome was a big hit...

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Mckidd's Childhood Theft Shame

9th February 2010

Scottish actor KEVIN MCKIDD has shameful memories of his school days - he was once reduced to tears after teachers unmasked him as a thief in front of his classmates.The Grey's Anatomy star was caught...

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The Things They Say 15369

9th February 2010

"I was at a party where Steven Spielberg was stood behind me, and his films are what made me want to be an actor, so it was pretty mind-blowing being in the same air space...

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Mckidd's Children Persuaded Him To Join Percy Jackson

9th February 2010

Scottish actor KEVIN MCKIDD signed up for the big screen adaptation of the PERCY JACKSON children's books, after his son insisted he took the job.The Grey's Anatomy star plays Poseidon in upcoming movie Percy Jackson...

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The Things They Say 15338

6th February 2010

"My wife has banned Valentine's Day. She wants me to be romantic every day of the year but she doesn't want to be sitting in a restaurant with all these other couples on Valentine's Day."...

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The Things They Say 14115

11th November 2009

"I think that's one of the reasons I got the part, actually - they needed to record in L.A., I've got a work permit there, I'm Scottish and Gerard Butler wasn't available." GREY'S ANATOMY star...

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Mckidd Proud Of War Veteran Storyline

11th November 2009

GREY'S ANATOMY star KEVIN MCKIDD is proud to have landed a role as a traumatised military medic on the hit TV drama - because the storyline has resonated with real-life war veterans.The Scottish actor plays...

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The Things They Say 10674

6th January 2009

"The biggest celebrity you could become in Scotland is a dentist... People just thought I was nuts." TRAINSPOTTING star KEVIN MCKIDD's family didn't like the idea of him becoming an actor....

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Mckidd Blames Bad Organisation For Dogs' Puppies

6th January 2009

TRAINSPOTTING star KEVIN MCKIDD and his wife JANE have pledged to be more organised in 2009 after waiting too long to neuter their pet dogs. The actor admits he's terrible at paying bills on time...

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Mckidd To Play Thor?

4th December 2008

TRAINSPOTTING star KEVIN MCKIDD has emerged as the favourite to play action hero THOR in a new Marvel movie. The Scottish actor, who has found TV success in America on Grey's Anatomy and Rome, is...

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The Things They Say 10386

30th November 2008

"If I get invited to the Emmys I'll wear one." New GREY'S ANATOMY castmate KEVIN MCKIDD, a Scot, threatens to wear one of his two kilts....

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The Things They Say 10321

25th November 2008

"We did a lot of crazy stuff like getting naked, covering ourselves with paint and doing expressive dance." New GREY'S ANATOMY star KEVIN MCKIDD on his time with experimental British theatre company Bedlam....

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Mckidd 'Too Old' To Play Thor

10th September 2007

ROME star KEVIN MCKIDD is devastated after studio bosses on forthcoming movie THOR told him he was "too old" for the lead role. The 34-year-old Scottish star was eager to play the superhero in the...

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'Forgotten' Trainspotting Star Ready For Public Eye

4th October 2005

TRAINSPOTTING actor KEVIN McKIDD is finally ready for fame, after spending the past nine years keeping a low profile. The Scot, who played gentle giant TOMMY in the cult DANNY BOYLE film, admits he...

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Ulliel Beats Off Culkin To Play Young Lecter

7th September 2005

A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT star GASPARD ULLIEL is set to become the third actor to step into the twisted mind of sick movie cannibal HANNIBAL LECTER in another SILENCE OF THE LAMBS prequel. The...

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Carlyle Furious At Foreign Shoot

8th March 2004

ROBERT CARLYLE's latest role as JAMES VI of Scotland has left him raging - because the drama was filmed in Romania and not in his Scottish homeland. The patriotic 42-year-old actor plays the last...

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Mckellen Handed Independent Film Accolade

24th September 2003

Acting legend SIR IAN McKELLEN will be honoured at this year's BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS (03) with the Variety UK Personality Award. The LORD OF THE RINGS star has been singled out for his...

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Mcgregor Film Scoops Top Award

25th August 2003

Scottish star EWAN McGREGOR's controversial movie has scored an early success at the EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in his native country - by bagging a Best Picture gong. YOUNG ADAM, which has been slammed...

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Sean Connery To Appear At Edinburgh Film Festival

20th August 2003

SIR SEAN CONNERY will make an appearance at the EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL tomorrow night (21AUG03). The LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN legend is the Festival's patron, and will support his Scottish countrymen by going...

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