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Zack Snyder 'Excited' About Amy Adams As Lois Lane

31st March 2011

Zack Snyder took "a little while" to cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. The director - who recently announced Amy would be joining the movie alongside Henry Cavill as the...

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Amy Adams To Play Lois Lane In Zack Synder's Superman

28th March 2011

Amy Adams has landed the coveted role of 'Lois Lane' in Zack Synder's forthcoming 'Superman' movie.Amy Adams, the Oscar nominated actress and star of 'The Fighter', will play Clark Kent's love interest in the new...

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Amy Adams To Play Lois Lane In Superman: Man Of Steel

28th March 2011

Amy Adams will portray Lois Lane in the new 'Superman' movie.The Oscar-nominated actress has signed up to star alongside Henry Cavill in 'Superman: Man of Steel', playing the hero's love interest.Director Zack Snyder told the...

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Kevin Costner Confirmed For Superman

18th March 2011

Director Zack Snyder has confirmed reports Kevin Costner has signed up to star in a reboot of the Superman franchise.The Bodyguard actor was rumoured to be taking on the role of Clark Kent's father opposite...

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Channing Tatum For Bodyguard Role?

11th March 2011

Channing Tatum would love to work on 'The Bodyguard' remake. The update of the 1992 hit movie - which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston - is rumoured to have Rihanna in the lead role...

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Diane Lane Lands Superman Role

3rd March 2011

Diane Lane is set to play Martha Kent in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. Studio Warner Bros. have confirmed the 46-year-old actress will play the adoptive mother of the caped crusader - played by British actor...

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Kevin Costner Happy To Fail

27th February 2011

Kevin Costner isn't afraid of failure.The 55-year-old actor has starred in several flop movies, including 'Waterworld' and 'The Postman' but insists he doesn't care about their poor performance as he hasn't enjoyed success.He said: "I'm...

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Kevin Costner Faces Losing $4 Million Sculpture

25th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER faces losing a $4 million (£2.7 million) bronze sculpture which has been housed at his own museum, after its creator called for the actor to liquidate the model.The Bodyguard star commissioned the bison...

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The Bodyguard To Be Remade

24th February 2011

'The Bodyguard' is set to be remade.The 1992 hit movie - which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston and took $411 million at the worldwide box office - is being given a 2011 makeover by...

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Costner Starring As Superman's Dad?

22nd February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER has reportedly signed up to star in the new SUPERMAN movie as the Man of Steel's earthbound father.Director Zack Snyder has cast the Dances With Wolves star in the role of Jonathan Kent,...

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Kevin Costner Set For Superman Role

22nd February 2011

Kevin Costner is being lined up for a role in 'Superman: Man of Steel'.The US actor is reportedly the first choice for director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan to play Clark Kent's adoptive father...

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Costner Wants Baldwin's Lawsuit Dismissed

15th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER has asked a federal judge to dismiss a multi-million dollar lawsuit accusing him of duping STEPHEN BALDWIN into giving up his shares in a pioneering oil-cleaning technology.Baldwin sued the Dances With Wolves star...

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Kevin Costner Denounces Filmmakers For Laziness

7th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER says 'western' movies are often "not done well" and blames filmmakers for being 'lazy'.KEVIN COSTNER, the American OSCAR winning actor, says 'western' movies are often 'not done well' but noted that the genre...

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Stephen Baldwin To Sue Kevin Costner Over Bp Oil Spil

24th December 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN, the 44-year-old Hollywood actor and star of the cult movie 'The Usual Suspects' has filed a lawsuit against fellow actor KEVIN COSTNER, claiming that he was tricked by 'The Untouchables' actor into selling...

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Baldwin Sues Costner Over Bp Deal

23rd December 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN is suing KEVIN COSTNER for allegedly duping him into selling his shares in a pioneering oil separating process.The Dances With Wolves star and his inventor brother were among the saviours of the BP...

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Gia Mantegna Named Miss Golden Globe

10th December 2010

Gia Mantegna has been named Miss Golden Globe 2011.The 20-year-old actress - who is the daughter of former award nominee Joe Mantegna and his restaurateur wife Arlene - feels "honoured" to have been awarded the...

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Costner Planning Cartoon Project

2nd December 2010

Movie star KEVIN COSTNER is drawing up plans to launch his own animated TV series.The Bodyguard actor has developed a cartoon with a group of pals and is currently trying to find a backer to...

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The Things They Say 19150

22nd November 2010

"I watched Field of Dreams again the other day. When he says, 'You wanna have a catch?' I could remedy a drought." RYAN REYNOLDS is always moved to tears watching the KEVIN COSTNER baseball film.

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Costner Testifies At Oil Spill Hearings

22nd September 2010

KEVIN COSTNER has returned to Washington, D.C. to urge top U.S. politicians to ensure there will never be another oil disaster like the one that destroyed wildlife and shorelines in the Gulf of Mexico.The BP...

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Sean Connery Vows Never To Act Again

25th August 2010

SEAN CONNERY, who turns 80 today, has said that his acting days are over. The James Bond actor and star of 'The Untouchables' told Scotland's Daily Record, "I don't think I'll ever act again. I...

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Punk Singer Releasing Unseen Costner Film

9th August 2010

Punk singer EXENE CERVENKA is set to release a never-before-seen film featuring a comedic performance by KEVIN COSTNER - almost 25 years after it was filmed.Cervenka, from the band X, and music video director Modi...

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Costner Helps Save Unwanted Dogs

4th August 2010

Animal-loving actor KEVIN COSTNER has thrown his support behind a charity operation which rescues unwanted dogs from death row.The Bodyguard star has given his backing to the Orange Dog organisation which saves homeless pets from...

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Costner's Lawsuit Against Music Promoter Dropped

22nd July 2010

Actor-turned-singer KEVIN COSTNER has dropped a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a music promoter he accused of reneging on a deal to book shows for his band.The Bodyguard star fronts the Kevin Costner Band in between...

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Costner Wants Oil Clean-up To Be His Legacy

23rd June 2010

KEVIN COSTNER hopes he eventually becomes best-known for his part in the oil spill clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico - because he would rather be recognised for his environmental work than his movie career.The...

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Bp Bosses Buy Costner Equipment To Filter Oil

15th June 2010

Technology invented by KEVIN COSTNER's brother is to be used in an effort to mop up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.British Petroleum bosses have bought 32 filtration machines manufactured by the movie...

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Costner Promotes Oil Spill Technology Before Congress

9th June 2010

British Petroleum bosses are planning to use KEVIN COSTNER's pioneering oil clean-up technology in a bid to halt the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico again after an initial experiment failed.The oil experts used the...

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Costner To Pitch Oil Vacuum To U.s. Congress

9th June 2010

U.S. government officials are taking KEVIN COSTNER's oil vacuum invention seriously - the actor has been selected as part of an expert panel on cleanup technology and will pitch his idea to Congress on Wednesday...

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Kevin Costner A Dad Again

3rd June 2010

Kevin Costner is celebrating the birth of his seventh child.The 'Company Men' actor - who has three children with ex-wife Cinday Silva and a son produced after a brief relationship with heiress Bridget Rooney -...

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Costner Welcomes Seventh Child

3rd June 2010

Hollywood superstar KEVIN COSTNER is a dad for the seventh time - his wife gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday (02Jun10).The Bodyguard star married German model Christine Baumgartner in 2004 and they are...

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Oil Bosses Testing Costner's Gadget

20th May 2010

KEVIN COSTNER's dreams of saving the Louisiana coastline from a mass oil spillage have moved a step closer - BP bosses have agreed to test out his water-oil separation device.The Bodyguard star jetted into the...

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