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Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton To Lead The Hatfields & The Mccoys Epic

17th August 2011

Movie cowboys Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton are to play rivals in a new TV mini-series about feuding post-American Civil War families the Hatfields and the MCCoys.Tombstone star Paxton will play Randall MCCoy in the...

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Henry Cavill's 'Superman' Finally Revealed

4th August 2011

Henry Cavill fans got their first look at the British actor in full 'Superman' attire after Warner Bros released an official shot for the upcoming 'Man of Steel' movie on Thursday (4th July 2011). The...

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Laurence Fishburne Joins Superman: Man Of Steel

3rd August 2011

Laurence Fishburne will play Perry White in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. The 'CSI' actor has joined an all-star line-up including Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Kevin Costner in the movie, and will play the boss...

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Kevin Costner Set For Role In Tarantino's Django Unchained

19th July 2011

Kevin Costner is set for a role in Quentin Tarantino's new western 'Django Unchained'.The director is reportedly in negotiations with the 56-year-old actor for the role of Ace Woody - a sadistic trainer of slaves...

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Kevin Costner Continues Comeback With Quentin Tarantino's Django

19th July 2011

Kevin Costner is to play a brutal villain in Quentin Tarantino's highly anticipated western Django Unchained.The Bodyguard star is set to make his blockbuster return to play Superman's dad in Man of Steel next year...

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Taylor Lautner Pokes Fun At Football Crisis In Spoof Field Of Dreams Sequel Trailer

6th July 2011

Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner has shot a spoof remake of Kevin Costner's 1989 baseball drama Field Of Dreams, poking fun at the ongoing American football lockout.The joke trailer, which has been posted on the

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Kevin Costner Wins Court Battle With Artist

1st July 2011

Actor Kevin Costner has won a legal battle with an artist, which will allow him to keep sculptures of Native Americans hunting bison at his South Dakota museum.The Dances With Wolves star commissioned artist Peggy...

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Julia Ormond In Superman Talks

24th June 2011

Julia Ormond is in talks to play Superman's mother.The 'My Week With Marilyn' actress is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder to portray Lara Lor-Van, the Kryptonian parent of the titular...

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Russell Crowe To Play Superman's Dad?

15th June 2011

Russell Crowe is in discussions to play Superman's dad in 'Man of Steel'.The Hollywood tough guy is in negotiations to portray Jor-El - the superhero's father on Krypton - in the upcoming reboot of the...

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Laura Ziskin 'Pretty Woman' Producer Dies Aged 61

13th June 2011

Laura Ziskin, the American producer, studio executive and charity campaigner, has died aged 61. Laura Ziskin, best known for producing 'Pretty Woman' and the 'Spider-Man' movies, lost her battle with breast cancer after first being...

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Kevin Costner To Go To Trial With Stephen Baldwin Over Lawsuit

8th June 2011

Kevin Costner has been forced to go to trial over a multi-million dollar lawsuit which accuses him of duping Stephen Baldwin into giving up his shares in a pioneering oil-cleaning technology.The Usual Suspects star sued...

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D.j. Caruso No Romantic Comedy Fan

23rd May 2011

D.J. Caruso confesses that he can't find a bond with comedies.The 'I Am Number Four' director admits that as a filmmaker he finds it difficult to relate to romantic comedies compared to other genres because...

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Whitney Houston Returning To Film After 15 Years

9th May 2011

Whitney Houston is to return to the big screen for the first time in 15 years.The 47-year-old singer-and-actress - who has battled alcohol and cocaine addictions in the past - will be reuniting with her...

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Jackie Cooper Passes Away As Superman Gets Engaged

5th May 2011

Jackie Cooper, the American actor best known for playing 'Daily Planet' editor 'Perry White' in the 'Superman' movies, has passed away at the age of 88, reports Bbc News. Jackie Cooper died at his home...

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Diane Lane Was Locked In Room With Superman Script

14th April 2011

Diane Lane - The 46-year-old American actress Diane Lane has revealed that she was locked in a room with the new 'Superman' script and had only three hours to look over the screenplay, reports E!...

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Zack Snyder 'Excited' About Amy Adams As Lois Lane

31st March 2011

Zack Snyder took "a little while" to cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. The director - who recently announced Amy would be joining the movie alongside Henry Cavill as the...

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Amy Adams To Play Lois Lane In Zack Synder's Superman

28th March 2011

Amy Adams has landed the coveted role of 'Lois Lane' in Zack Synder's forthcoming 'Superman' movie.Amy Adams, the Oscar nominated actress and star of 'The Fighter', will play Clark Kent's love interest in the new...

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Amy Adams To Play Lois Lane In Superman: Man Of Steel

28th March 2011

Amy Adams will portray Lois Lane in the new 'Superman' movie.The Oscar-nominated actress has signed up to star alongside Henry Cavill in 'Superman: Man of Steel', playing the hero's love interest.Director Zack Snyder told the...

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Kevin Costner Confirmed For Superman

18th March 2011

Director Zack Snyder has confirmed reports Kevin Costner has signed up to star in a reboot of the Superman franchise.The Bodyguard actor was rumoured to be taking on the role of Clark Kent's father opposite...

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Channing Tatum For Bodyguard Role?

11th March 2011

Channing Tatum would love to work on 'The Bodyguard' remake. The update of the 1992 hit movie - which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston - is rumoured to have Rihanna in the lead role...

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Diane Lane Lands Superman Role

3rd March 2011

Diane Lane is set to play Martha Kent in 'Superman: Man of Steel'. Studio Warner Bros. have confirmed the 46-year-old actress will play the adoptive mother of the caped crusader - played by British actor...

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Kevin Costner Happy To Fail

27th February 2011

Kevin Costner isn't afraid of failure.The 55-year-old actor has starred in several flop movies, including 'Waterworld' and 'The Postman' but insists he doesn't care about their poor performance as he hasn't enjoyed success.He said: "I'm...

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Kevin Costner Faces Losing $4 Million Sculpture

25th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER faces losing a $4 million (£2.7 million) bronze sculpture which has been housed at his own museum, after its creator called for the actor to liquidate the model.The Bodyguard star commissioned the bison...

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The Bodyguard To Be Remade

24th February 2011

'The Bodyguard' is set to be remade.The 1992 hit movie - which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston and took $411 million at the worldwide box office - is being given a 2011 makeover by...

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Costner Starring As Superman's Dad?

22nd February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER has reportedly signed up to star in the new SUPERMAN movie as the Man of Steel's earthbound father.Director Zack Snyder has cast the Dances With Wolves star in the role of Jonathan Kent,...

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Kevin Costner Set For Superman Role

22nd February 2011

Kevin Costner is being lined up for a role in 'Superman: Man of Steel'.The US actor is reportedly the first choice for director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan to play Clark Kent's adoptive father...

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Costner Wants Baldwin's Lawsuit Dismissed

15th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER has asked a federal judge to dismiss a multi-million dollar lawsuit accusing him of duping STEPHEN BALDWIN into giving up his shares in a pioneering oil-cleaning technology.Baldwin sued the Dances With Wolves star...

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Kevin Costner Denounces Filmmakers For Laziness

7th February 2011

KEVIN COSTNER says 'western' movies are often "not done well" and blames filmmakers for being 'lazy'.KEVIN COSTNER, the American OSCAR winning actor, says 'western' movies are often 'not done well' but noted that the genre...

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Stephen Baldwin To Sue Kevin Costner Over Bp Oil Spil

24th December 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN, the 44-year-old Hollywood actor and star of the cult movie 'The Usual Suspects' has filed a lawsuit against fellow actor KEVIN COSTNER, claiming that he was tricked by 'The Untouchables' actor into selling...

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Baldwin Sues Costner Over Bp Deal

23rd December 2010

STEPHEN BALDWIN is suing KEVIN COSTNER for allegedly duping him into selling his shares in a pioneering oil separating process.The Dances With Wolves star and his inventor brother were among the saviours of the BP...

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