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Costner's Ex Speaks Out Over Masseuse Scandal

30th April 2006

KEVIN COSTNER's former girlfriend BIRGIT CUNNINGHAM has leaped to the star's defence after hearing allegations the actor performed a lewd sex act in front of a masseuse while honeymooning in Scotland in 2004. The blonde...

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Pitt And Sandler Slam Vanity Fair Piece

28th April 2006

LATEST: Actors BRAD PITT and ADAM SANDLER are slamming VANITY FAIR magazine's expose on Hollywood detective ANTHONY PELLICANO, insisting allegations of their involvement in the scandal are untrue. The actors, along with Paramount studio head...

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Jackson Linked With Pellicano Case

28th April 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON hired jailed private investigation ANTHONY PELLICANO during his child abuse case, according to Vanity Fair magazine. Pellicano is currently awaiting trial on charges he illegally wiretapped the phones of a number of stars...

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Costner Named In Masseuse 'Sex Pest' Case

26th April 2006

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER has been officially named at the actor accused of performing a lewd sex act in front of a masseuse while honeymooning in Scotland in 2004. The 34-year-old woman, who worked at...

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Fascinating Fact 1341

7th April 2006

AMERICAN IDOL host RYAN SEACREST has beaten GWEN STEFANI to KEVIN COSTNER's former Hollywood Hills home. The US TV and radio star reportedly paid $11 million (GBP6.3 million) for the property.

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Costner's Wedding Hairdresser Admits Theft

4th April 2006

KEVIN COSTNER's wedding hairdresser has pleaded guilty in a Colorado court to stealing the actor's laptop computer containing personal photos of the ceremony and after-party. PASCAL BENSIMON, 45, was employed at the Aspen event to...

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Costner's Fury At Link To Lewd Case

22nd March 2006

KEVIN COSTNER has angrily rubbished reports he is the mystery star who performed a sexual act on himself during a massage at a spa in Fife, Scotland. The revelations are part of a British court...

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Moore Joins Costner And Hurt On Mr Brooks

17th March 2006

DEMI MOORE is set to star in psychological thriller MR BROOKS alongside KEVIN COSTNER and WILLIAM HURT. The INDECENT PROPOSAL actress will play a detective who attracts the attentions of the serial killer she is...

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Costner Putts Out

9th February 2006

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER will showcase his new band and display his golfing skills at a charity game in South Carolina in April (06). The UNTOUCHABLES actor, 51, and four bandmembers will perform as...

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Fun With Dick And Jane Beats Oscar Nominees To UK Box Office Chart

1st February 2006

FUN WITH DICK AND JANE has beat off competition from STEVEN SPIELBERG's Oscar-nominated movie MUNICH to maintain the top spot in the UK box office chart. The JIM CARREY comedy took GBP1.38 million ($2.5...

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Damon To Play Ness?

21st January 2006

MATT DAMON is set to recreate KEVIN COSTNER's THE UNTOUCHABLES character, ELLIOT NESS, in toymaker TODD McFARLANE's new comic book adaptation. McFarlane wants THE BOURNE IDENTITY star to play the man who jailed mob...

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Aniston Says No To Dating Older Men

17th December 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON has ruled out ever dating an older man because she has done it once and admits she felt really awkward. Unlike her character in new film RUMOR HAS IT, who dates KEVIN...

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Costner's Hairstylist Accused Of Photo Theft

16th December 2005

International hair guru PASCAL BENSIMON has been accused of stealing KEVIN COSTNER's laptop computer, which included private photographs of the actor's 2004 wedding. Bensimon, 44, surrendered to Aspen, Colorado police this week (ends16DEC05) after...

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The Things They Say 843

13th December 2005

"That man's still got it. Women just love him." JENNIFER ANISTON on her kissing scenes with KEVIN COSTNER in new movie RUMOR HAS IT....

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Costner In Film Company Court Battle

30th November 2005

KEVIN COSTNER is suing a film production company for allegedly breaking their contract over a movie he starred in which was never completed. The DANCES WITH WOLVES actor claims that Ascendant Pictures owes him...

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The Things They Say 495

26th October 2005

"Costner is not in my league physically as an actor, or as a player." KURT RUSSELL hits back at a poll that rates KEVIN COSTNER ahead of him as the best athletic movie star. Russell...

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Usher Revamps The Bodyguard

26th October 2005

R+B star USHER's new movie IN THE MIX is a new take on classic movie THE BODYGUARD. In the film, the YEAH! hitmaker is hired to protect a Mafia boss's daughter, played by EMMANUELLE...

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Costner And Gibson Gear Up For Jr Ewing Battle

28th September 2005

KEVIN COSTNER, TOMMY LEE JONES and MEL GIBSON have now joined the list of names scrambling to play JR EWING in an upcoming movie version of classic TV show DALLAS. While the producer insists...

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Keaton And Swank Abandon Films Following Katrina

31st August 2005

LATEST: Hollywood stars MICHAEL KEATON and HILARY SWANK were forced to abandon filming on their latest movies this week, when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana. Hundreds of people are feared dead following the widespread devastation...

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Costner Wants Simpson For Bodyguard Ii

4th August 2005

KEVIN COSTNER has written a sequel to 1992 movie THE BODYGUARD - and he wants JESSICA SIMPSON to star alongside him. Costner - who played minder to the stars FRANK FARMER in the first...

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Swank And Costner To Narrate 9/11 Film

20th July 2005

Oscar-winning actress HILARY SWANK is teaming up with KEVIN COSTNER to narrate the upcoming film ON NATIVE SOIL: THE DOCUMENTARY OF THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT. The silver screen stars will share voice-over duties for...

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Costner Plans A Musical

24th May 2005

KEVIN COSTNER is set to show off his song and dance talents after signing up to star in his first musical - a remake of 1949 classic ON THE TOWN. The DANCES WITH WOLVES...

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Kutcher And Costner Team Up

13th May 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER is taking to the water with KEVIN COSTNER in his first ever starring role in an action movie. The JUST MARRIED star will play the protege of Costner's coastguard character in sea-rescue...

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Witt's Bizarre Cat Experience In London

25th April 2005

American actress ALICIA WITT had a rough start to her trip to London when she arrived to shoot her movie THE UPSIDE OF ANGER - a cat landed on her face while she was enjoying...

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Costner's Teen Daughter Helped With Proposal

24th March 2005

KEVIN COSTNER's credits his teenage daughter LILY for coordinating his successful marriage proposal to wife CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER. The DANCES WITH WOLVES star, who walked down the aisle with Baumgartner in September (04), admits he...

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Costner Kids Jealous Of New Wife

4th March 2005

Actor KEVIN COSTNER's grown-up children find it hard to accept his new wife CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER into the family. The DANCES WITH WOLVES star hopes to have a child with his model wife, who he...

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Costner Plans Robin Hood Sequel

6th February 2005

Hollywood hunk KEVIN COSTNER is planning a sequel to his hit 1991 movie ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES. The 50-year-old OSCAR-winner is hoping to cash in on the success of the film by producing...

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Costner Uses Dvd Release To Refuel Bodyguard Sequel

26th January 2005

KEVIN COSTNER is using next week's (01FEB05) special DVD release of THE BODYGUARD to refuel talk about a sequel. The new special edition DVD, which features never-seen-before-behind-the-scenes footage, has given Costner renewed energy in...

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Electra And Mccarthy Go Behind The Bar

21st January 2005

CARMEN ELECTRA and JENNY McCARTHY have signed up to perform duties at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - as bartenders. The beauties will serve drinks at tomorrow's (22JAN05) ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY party, which is expected to...

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Costner Wins Restraining Order

31st December 2004

KEVIN COSTNER has won a restraining order against a woman who claims she's the mother of his daughter ANNE. ROMANA MEDINA, 42, insists she's the mother of the 20-year-old - one of Costner's three...

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