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Mary J. Blige Gave Up Alcohol After Whitney's Death

29th November 2013

Whitney Houston's death made Mary J. Blige quit alcohol.The 'Be Without You' songstress says her close pal's death in February 2012 had such a profound effect on her she began contemplating her own mortality and...

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Mary J. Blige: God Made Me Beautiful

4th May 2012

Mary J. Blige says God made her feel beautiful.The 41-year-old singer has grown to realise that people will only find her attractive when she felt happy with herself and insists she noticed a change in...

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The Things They Say 21522

5th May 2011

"On our rest days we rest. My thing is I don't want to hear anything about any business at all, but that's easier said than done! That way we can just really relax or watch...

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Mary J. Blige Always Honest For Fans

2nd November 2010

Mary J. Blige feels she owes it to her fans to always be open and honest in her songs. The 'Family Affair' singer said she sings about her turbulent past - which saw her grow...

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Blige's Rep Denies Marriage Trouble

24th December 2009

A representative for MARY J. BLIGE has dismissed speculation her marriage is in trouble, following reports of a public bust-up with husband KENDU ISAACS during a night out in New York City.The No More Drama...

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Blige Slams Pregnancy Reports

3rd November 2009

R&B singer MARY J. BLIGE has slammed rumours she is pregnant by her music executive husband KENDU ISAACS.Online reports suggested the Family Affair hitmaker was expecting her first child, following speculation earlier this year (Sep09)...

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Fascinating Fact 6643

14th January 2009

MARY J. BLIGE was thrown a surprise party by her manager husband KENDU ISAACS at the weekend (10Jan09) in honour of her 38th birthday. Seventy guests, including JAY-Z, BEYONCE, rap mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS and rapper...

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Blige Stopped Abuse After Gun Scare

6th February 2007

R+B star MARY J BLIGE decided to seek help for her drug and alcohol problems after an abusive boyfriend put a gun to her head. The singer turned to drugs to cope with issues from...

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Blige's Husband Helped Turn Her Life Around

2nd February 2007

MARY J BLIGE credits her husband with giving her the motivation to turn her life around after years of addiction and abuse. The BE WITHOUT YOU STAR was in a downward spiral when she met...

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Blige Celebrates Birthday In Style

18th January 2007

R+B star MARY J BLIGE started off the new year right with a surprise birthday bash at Beverly Hills hotspot Mr Chow last week (ends14JAN07). The star's husband, KENDU ISAACS, arranged all the details for...

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Blige Blames Disgruntled Employees For Spreading Split Stories

18th January 2007

MARY J BLIGE has slammed former employees who are out to break-up her happy marriage by circulating rumours the romance is on the rocks. The FAMILY AFFAIR singer had to face questions about the state...

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Producer Blasts Blige Divorce Rumours

2nd November 2006

MARY J BLIGE's producer pal BRYAN MICHAEL COX has defended the R+B star amid reports she is on the verge of splitting from her husband KENDU ISAACS. The FAMILY AFFAIR singer has publicly heaped praise...

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Blige Shares K-ci Engagement Heartbreak In Video

3rd April 2006

R+B superstar MARY J BLIGE is reliving an embarrassing TV incident concerning her ex-boyfriend CEDRIC 'K-CI' HAILEY in the forthcoming promo for her new single ENOUGH CRYIN'. The NO MORE DRAMA hitmaker, 36, and former...

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Tour Sponsors Almost Killed Blige With Booze Gifts

17th March 2006

MARY J BLIGE almost drank herself to death thanks to one of her tour sponsors. The R+B star's 1999 tour was sponsored by alcohol giants Seagram - and the boozy singer made sure the company's...

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Blige Thanks Husband For Making Her Love Men

13th January 2006

MARY J BLIGE credits her husband KENDU ISAACS with restoring her faith in men, insisting it was his love which inspired her to write new song THE FATHER IN YOU. The 35-year-old singer, who...

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Boozy Blige Kicked The Drink And Won Her Man

28th December 2005

Soul queen MARY J BLIGE owes her rock solid marriage with manager KENDU ISAACS to a sobering epiphany she had backstage at a show. The I'M GOING DOWN singer was preparing to perform at...

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Blige Fears Isaacs Would Cheat

22nd December 2005

R+B star MARY J BLIGE finds married life just as stressful as being single, because she constantly fears her husband will cheat on her. The 34-year-old singer has struggled to relax after her 2003...

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Blige Pens Thank You Track For Husband

18th December 2005

R+B star MARY J BLIGE wrote a song for husband KENDU ISAACS on her forthcoming album THE BREAKTHROUGH, to personally thank him for saving her life. The EVERYTHING hitmaker credits Isaacs - whom she...

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Jealousy Wrecked Blige's Perfect Valentine's Day

4th February 2004

MARY J BLIGE was so suspicious of her husband KENDU ISAACS when they first started dating she thought his first Valentine's Day (14FEB) surprise was a sign he was cheating. The R+B superstar and...

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Diddy Takes Mary Cruising

5th January 2004

Rap star SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has launched a special wedding gift for his pal MARY J BLIGE - he's whisked her and new husband KENDU ISAACS off on a lavish cruise. The hip-hop...

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Mary J Blige Weds At Home

12th December 2003

MARY J BLIGE has shown JENNIFER LOPEZ how to keep a wedding secret by marrying her longtime boyfriend KENDU ISAACS at the weekend (07DEC03). The NO MORE DRAMA hip-hop superstar and her producer beau...

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Mary J Blige To Wed On Friday

25th November 2003

R+B star MARY J BLIGE will marry fiance KENDU ISAACS on Friday (28NOV03). The LOVE @ 1ST SIGHT singer, 32 - who credits 35-year-old Isaacs with helping her win her battles with alcohol and...

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Mary J's Nightmare Memories

4th November 2003

It took a leap of faith for MARY J BLIGE to trust her fiance KENDU ISAACS after a series of horrific childhood experiences left her wary of men. The FAMILY AFFAIR singer watched her...

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Blige's Ultimatum

30th October 2003

Soul diva MARY J BLIGE kicked her addiction to alcohol after boyfriend KENDU ISAACS issued the ultimatum, 'Me or the drink'. The troubled LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT singer had been fighting a losing battle...

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Mary J Blige Moves On

3rd October 2003

R+B diva MARY J BLIGE is so delighted she's finally found happiness, she's prepared to give up all the fans who oppose her new optimistic musical direction. The soulful singer first shot to fame...

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Mary J Blige Plans Beach Wedding

4th September 2003

R+B singer MARY J BLIGE is planning to wed her fiance KENDU ISAACS at a small beach ceremony. The LOVE @ 1ST SIGHT singer, 32, and her 35-year-old beau have yet to decide when...

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Mary J's Man Saved Her Life

24th August 2003

MARY J BLIGE is convinced her fiance KENDU ISAACS is an angel sent from God to save her from killing herself. Isaacs, QUEEN LATIFAH's former musical director, helped the soul diva to overcome the...

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Mary J Blige Gets Late Romance Lesson

20th August 2003

R+B singer MARY J BLIGE is learning all about romance for the first time in her life, thanks to her fiance KENDU ISAACS. The NO MORE DRAMA singer, who claims she's making her beau...

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Blige Promises To Be A Good Mum

20th August 2003

Hip-hop and soul queen MARY J BLIGE is looking forward to motherhood, it means she can dish out all the love she never got. The singer, who is engaged to music executive KENDU ISAACS,...

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Mary J Blige: Happy To Wait For Sex

4th August 2003

Religious R+B sensation MARY J BLIGE is making her fiance KENDU ISAACS wait until they're married before making love to him. The NO MORE DRAMA singer, who found religion in recent years after battling...

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