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Kelly Preston Gave Up Drinking To Be A Better Mum

11th May 2012

Kelly Preston says she gave up drinking to become a better mother. The 49-year-old actress - who has two kids, Ella, 12, and 18-month-old Benjamin with husband John Travolta - admits she is ''so much...

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John Travolta Proves He Did Not Sexually Assault Masseur?

10th May 2012

'Grease' star John Travolta has brought evidence forward that proves he did not sexually assault the first unnamed masseur that is attempting to sue the actor for damages. Masseur number one recently claimed that Travolta...

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John Travolta Denies Sexually Assaulting Masseur

8th May 2012

John Travolta has denied claims that he sexually assaulted an unidentified masseur in January 2012, Bbc News reports today (May 8, 2012). According to the report, a spokesman for Travolta has stated that the allegations...

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The Things They Say 24986

19th April 2012

"When I stop, it's going to be really hard on me. I love nursing so much. I love the closeness and knowing that I'm giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies. And...

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Kelly Preston Doesn't Want To Stop Breastfeeding

18th April 2012

Kelly Preston doesn't want to stop breastfeeding her son. The actress has 16-month-old Benjamin with husband John Travolta, and although the time will soon come to wean him onto a fully solid diet, she will...

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Kelly Preston, Elisabeth Rohm And Elfman To Host Toxin Awareness Parties

4th April 2012

Celebrity mothers Kelly Preston, Elisabeth Rohm and Jenna Elfman have joined forces with a children's charity to host kids' parties aimed at raising awareness about the toxic chemicals used in household products.The actresses, along with...

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John Travolta Donates Jet In Son's Memory

3rd February 2012

John Travolta has donated a jet plane to a museum in Georgia in honour of his late son. The aviation enthusiast - who is a qualified pilot - and his wife Kelly Preston were left...

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Travolta And Preston Host At-home Bake-offs

26th January 2012

Kelly Preston and her husband John Travolta spice up their home life by hosting bake-offs in their kitchen.Travolta and the actress recently started a family game, based on their favourite U.S. cooking shows Cupcake Wars...

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Kelly Preston Raves About Kirstie Alley's Diet Plan

9th December 2011

Kelly Preston has heaped praise on Kirstie Alley's "brilliant" new diet plan after revealing she's living proof of the programme's success.John Travolta's actress wife has shed 39 pounds (17.7 kilograms) since giving birth to their...

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Kelly Preston Sheds 39lbs On 'Genius' Kirstie Alley Diet

30th November 2011

Kelly Preston has lost a phenomenal 39lbs in weight by using the Organic Liaison weight-loss program created by her close friend Kirstie Alley, who herself has lost 100lbs. Kelly and husband John Travolta welcomed their...

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Kelly Preston Sheds 39 Pounds Of Baby Weight

29th November 2011

Kelly Preston has lost 39 pounds (17.7 kilograms) after giving birth to her son.The actress, who is married to Hollywood star John Travolta, feared she would struggle to get back into shape again after falling...

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Kelly Preston Loses 39 Lbs

28th November 2011

Kelly Preston has lost 39lbs to regain her stunning pre-pregnancy figure. The 49-year-old actress - who gave birth to son Benjamin, her third child with husband John Travolta, just over a year ago - revealed...

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John Travolta Jokes About Car Theft

20th September 2011

John Travolta joked "at least it wasn't a jet" which was stolen from him this weekend. The 'Saturday Night Fever' actor compared the theft of his vintage 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL to something out of a...

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John Travolta & Kelly Preston Take Up Tennis

24th August 2011

Celebrity couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston have taken up tennis to get fit.New mum Preston admits she has some catching up to do because her husband kept playing while she was pregnant with their...

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Preston Recalls Magical Moment She Knew She Was Pregnant

23rd August 2011

Actress Kelly Preston woke her husband John Travolta up with her baby news after sneaking out of bed for an early morning pregnancy test.The Jerry Maguire star fell pregnant last year (10) and gave birth...

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Kelly Preston: "Scientology Saved My Life"

19th August 2011

Kelly Preston, the actress and wife of John Travolta, has claimed in an interview with Health magazine that her devotion to the controversial tenets of Scientology helped her overcome the sudden death or her son...

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The Things They Say 22595

18th August 2011

"There was this fallacy in Hawaii, where I grew up, that pot's not addictive, and that it's natural, and all this other B.S... (Today) I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I've...

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The Things They Say 22594

18th August 2011

"I'll be sitting there doing something really normal with the kids and then all of a sudden I hear, 'Whoosh!' and see the lights of the airplane and he's like, 'Honey, I'm home!'" Actress Kelly...

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Preston: 'I Was Saved By Scientology After Son's Death'

18th August 2011

John Travolta's actress wife Kelly Preston has credited the couple's faith in Scientology for helping her cope with the grief following the death of her son Jett.The 16 year old suffered a seizure and died...

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Kelly Preston's Scientology Help

17th August 2011

Kelly Preston counts Scientology as the main reason for overcoming the shock death of her son Jett.The actress - who has been a Scientologist along with husband John Travolta for more than two decades -...

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Ben Foster To Play John Gotti Jr

3rd August 2011

Ben Foster has been cast as John Gotti Jr. in forthcoming 'Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father'. The 'Messenger' star will play John Travolta's son in the forthcoming biopic about the life of the...

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Joe Pesci Sues Producers For $3 Million After Weight Gain

28th July 2011

The veteran Hollywood actor Joe Pesci is suing production company Fiore Films for $3 million, claiming they reneged on their pledges concerning the highly anticipated mobster film 'Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father', reports...

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Dominic Cooper Set To Star In Gotti

28th July 2011

Dominic Cooper is set to star in 'Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father' after "blowing away" bosses.Barry Levinson - director of the Mafia film, which is set to star John Travolta and Al Palcino...

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John Travolta's Foundation Donates Cash To Scientology

12th July 2011

A foundation set up by John Travolta donated 10 per cent of its revenue to Scientology last year.The Jett Travolta Foundation was created when the actor's 16-year-old son Jett died after hitting his head during...

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Barry Levinson 'Wouldn't Do Gotti Movie Without Permission'

13th June 2011

Barry Levinson would never have agreed to make 'Gotti: Three Generations' if he hadn't got the approval of John Gotti Jr.Levinson wrote the script for the highly-anticipated project about the late mafia boss John Gotti...

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John Travolta Is Easygoing Parent

13th May 2011

John Travolta is a "pushover" when it comes to his kids. The 57-year-old actor has two children, Ella, 11, and six-month-old Benjamin, with his wife Kelly Preston, and he admits he has a laid back...

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Al Pacino Joins Gotti: Three Generations

10th May 2011

Al Pacino has joined the cast of 'Gotti: Three Generations'. The legendary actor will star alongside John Travolta, Kelly Preston and troubled actress Lindsey Lohan in the project about the mafia family, directed by Marc...

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Al Pacino Joins Travolta In Cast Of 'Gotti'

10th May 2011

Al Pacino, the Academy Award winning actor, has joined the cast of crime movie 'Gotti: Three Generations', according to the Washington Post. Al Pacino will play the Gambino crime family underboss 'Neil Dellacroce', an associate...

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Kirstie Alley Takes Break From Dancing Schedule

7th May 2011

Kirstie Alley has been seen socialising on a girls' night out, according to The Daily Mail. The 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant took a break from her intense dance schedule to let her hair down.The...

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Kelly Preston To Play John Travolta's Wife In Gotti Film

4th May 2011

John Travolta's upcoming Gotti family biopic has turned into a real family affair - Kelly Preston has signed on to play his onscreen wife.Preston, who wed the Pulp Fiction star in 1991, will portray Victoria...

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