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Kelly Lebrock Charged For Drunk Driving

By Steven Williams | 26th December 2013

After being arrested last year in November, 2013, actress Kelly Lebrock has officially been charged with DUI, or 'Driving Under the Influence'. The actress, known for her appearance in 'Weird Science', is 53-years-old and was...

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Kelly Lebrock Arrested For Dui

17th December 2013

Model/actress Kelly Lebrock is facing allegations of driving under the influence (Dui) following an arrest last month (Nov13).Steven Seagal's ex-wife, 53, was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol officer on 30 November (13) near...

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Kelly Lebrock: 'Steven Seagal Divorce Turned Me Into A Hermit'

30th August 2013

One-time movie pin-up Kelly Lebrock retreated to Santa Barbara, California after her 10-year marriage to Steven Seagal fell apart in the mid-1990s and has lived like a hermit ever since.The forgotten model-turned-actress, who starred in...

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Lebrock To Write Tell-all Book

20th April 2010

STEVEN SEAGAL's ex-wife KELLY LEBROCK is planning to lift the lid on her life with the star in a new tell-all book.The Weird Science actress was married to the Hollywood tough guy for nine years...

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