Kellen Lutz is once again been forced to address rumours that he and Miley Cyrus are showbiz's hottest new couple.

The answer is still no.

The 28 year-old has been speculated to be Miley' new man since they were caught partying together in Las Vegas after Britney Spears' debut residency show last month, (December).

Lutz, who is starring in the upcoming 'Legend of Hercules', recently spoke to E!News while promoting the 3D epic.

The 'Twilight' actor revealed when it comes to gossip, he is not interested in the slightest.

"I stay out of the tabloids," he said. "I don't care to be in the magazines, I don't look myself up."

Lutz also commented on the 'Wrecking Ball' singer and their relationship status, "For Miley, I've been friends with her for six years now and we run in the same circle," he revealed.

"It's always interesting when two public figures who might be single are seen together. Oh let's start a rumor that they might be together.I just laugh it off."

Kellen praised Cyrus a lot but did put to bed any dating speculation once again.

"She's an amazing girl and she has a great head on her shoulders. I love hanging out with her because she is who she is and she's such a shining star," he explained. "I'm just focused on work but I'm happy to be friends with her."

Lutz also reiterated his stance on been just friends with the 21 year-old to Extra, but admitted he is "very single."

"There's assumptions when people are in photographs together, and the photographer edits it out so it looks like only two of them are on a romantic vacation or hanging out in Las Vegas, as Miley and I were, but there were a lot of friends there as well." Kellen repeated.

"I'm just happy to be home with friends. I've been in Bulgaria for seven months, so anytime I can see our close group of friends, I love it. It's really quality time that I'm after."

Miley Cyrus
Miley and Kellen are "just friends"