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The Who To Release New Material For 50th Anniversary

17th April 2014

The Who are releasing new material to mark their 50th anniversary.The legendary band are planning to record new tracks to coincide with their landmark achievement and their upcoming world tour, which stars in the...

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John Lennon's A Matter Of Pee Sells For £53,000

30th March 2014

A letter written by the late John Lennon to producer Phil Spector has sold at auction for £53,000.The Beatles star penned 'A Matter Of Pee' in the 70s to complain about Keith Moon of The...

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John Lennon's Complaint Letter Fetches $84,000 At Auction

30th March 2014

A letter written by John Lennon complaining about his rock star friends Keith Moon and Harry Nilsson fetched $84,000 (£53,000) at auction in London.The former Beatles star wrote the letter titled 'A matter of pee'...

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John Lennon's Complaint Letter To Go Up For Auction

20th March 2014

A note written by John Lennon complaining about his rock star pals Keith Moon and Harry Nilsson is set to go under the hammer on Friday (21Mar14)Lennon was working with a group of musicians during...

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The Things They Say: 4087490

27th February 2014

"People don't realise that he was a Shakespearean character. Yes, he was a genius on drums, but he was also a very troubled man. The things we find funny about him weren't really funny at...

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The Who To Record New Album

30th January 2014

The Who could soon reunite to release a new album. Frontman Roger Daltrey claims guitarist Pete Townshend has ''about 90 songs'' for a new record and he wants to stick to the band's iconic sound.Roger...

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Keith Moon Biopic From Roger Daltrey Back On

11th November 2013

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has rebooted plans to develop a biopic about the band's late drummer Keith Moon.The rocker is collaborating with executives at Exclusive Media and Da Vinci Media Ventures to bring the...

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The Who To Quit Touring

25th October 2013

The Who are planning to quit touring.The band - who formed in 1964 - will play one final set of gigs to mark their 50th anniversary in 2015 and are hoping to perform in places...

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Roger Daltrey: 'Nobody Can Compare To The Who'

16th June 2013

Roger Daltrey doesn't think any band could compare to The Who during their heyday. The group's frontman is confident the British rockers had the best sound around in the 1970s and insists people only preferred...

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Pete Townshend: 'Keith Moon Lost His Mind Over Fears His Wife Would Leave'

30th October 2012

Legendary rocker Pete Townshend has claimed his The Who bandmate Keith Moon over medicated because he was so paranoid his wife would leave him for one of his peers.Moon fatally overdosed on sedative Clomethiazole in...

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Pete Townshend Feels Ghosts Of Dead Bandmates

11th October 2012

Pete Townshend can still ''feel the ghosts'' of his dead bandmates when he plays.The Who guitarist can sense the presence of drummer Keith Moon - who died of an overdose of prescription medicine in 1978...

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The Who Struggle To Capture Old Sound

11th October 2012

The Who ''feel the ghosts'' of Keith Moon and John Entwistle.The group's guitarist Pete Townshend admits he and bandmate Roger Daltrey find it difficult to capture the essence of the band without the late members,...

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Roger Daltrey Reveals Keith Moon Olympics Invite Was For Real

5th May 2012

The Who rocker Roger Daltrey has poked fun at the organisers of the 2012 London Olympics after they emailed the band and requested the presence of late drummer Keith Moon at the summer event's opening...

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Organisers Slammed For 'Duran Duran' Olympics Booking

1st May 2012

Duran Duran will headline the London Olympics opening concert, but their booking has promoted bemusement from some music fans and celebrities. The 80's chart-topping group will headline the July 27, 2012 show, which will also...

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Duran Duran Announced For Olympics Gig, To General Disappointment

1st May 2012

Duran Duran have been announced to headline the forthcoming London Olympics concert. It's been a bit of a farce from day one, and with the Olympic organisers at one point attempting to ask The Who...

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'Lost' Keith Moon Comedy Album Unearthed

28th March 2012

A 'lost' comedy album recorded by The Who drummer Keith Moon three years before his death has been discovered in a producer's vault.Moon spent two days in 1975 performing skits at a Bbc studio for...

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Roger Daltrey Unsure If The Who Will Tour Again

18th July 2011

Roger Daltrey isn't sure if he will ever tour with Pete Townshend again as The Who.The 67-year-old singer is currently performing his 'Tommy Reborn' show - which features songs from the band's acclaimed rock opera...

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Alice Cooper Hates Golf

12th June 2011

Alice Cooper hates golf. The legendary 'School's Out' rocker - real name Vincent Furnier - is famed for his skills with a driver and a nine iron in his leisure time, but his onstage alter...

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Keith Moon Partied Too Hard For Alice Cooper

9th June 2011

Alice Cooper used to hide from Keith Moon because he couldn't handle how hard he partied.The 'School's Out' rocker used to be a member of a drinking club called the Hollywood Vampires, which saw him...

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Alice Cooper Hid From Wildman Keith Moon

8th June 2011

Alice Cooper was so scared of partying with hellraising rocker Keith Moon he hid away at a secret location whenever the drummer was in the same city.Cooper was part of a gang of musicians, including...

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Mike Myers' Wife Kelly Tisdale Is Pregnant

13th May 2011

Mike Myers, the Hollywood actor and comedian, is to become a dad for the first time at the age of 47. Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale are expecting their first child, due this...

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Moon Film Stalled Over Script

1st May 2011

The Who rocker Roger Daltrey has confirmed a film about his late bandmate Keith Moon has stalled over problems with the script.The musician has spent years working on the project, tentatively titled See Me Feel...

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Pete Townshend Wishes He Didn't Join The Who

24th March 2011

Pete Townshend wishes he had never joined The Who.Despite the band being considered one of the greatest rock groups of all-time, the guitarist believes he could have been just as successful as a solo performer.'My...

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Pete Townshend Wanted To Destroy The Who

20th March 2011

Pete Townshend used to think The Who should "literally destroy themselves" to make an impact on the music industry.The 65-year-old rocker - who was the guitarist and songwriter in the band -was keen to adopt...

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Ronnie Wood's Mum Impressed By 'Polite' Keith Moon

2nd March 2011

Legendary rock wildman Keith Moon tamed his infamous behaviour whenever he visited pal Ronnie Wood's family home in a bid to impress the Rolling Stones star's mother.The musicians were close friends, and Wood has named...

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Daltrey: 'Gallagher Is A Sweetheart Compared To Moon'

16th February 2011

ROGER DALTREY can't understand why rocker LIAM GALLAGHER is labelled "difficult" - insisting he's a pleasure to deal with in comparison to his late THE WHO bandmate KEITH MOON.The musician has signed up Gallagher's new...

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Connie Hamzy Speaks About Rock Star Relationships On Howard Stern

8th December 2010

CONNIE HAMZY, the American woman from Arkansas who is best known as being a prominent 'groupie' and who claims to have had sexual relations with some of the world's biggest rock-stars, appeared on Howard Stern's...

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Moon Caused Havoc On Tommy Set

17th August 2010

Legendary rock wildman KEITH MOON's bad boy behaviour was almost too much for maverick moviemaker KEN RUSSELL on the set of THE WHO's the band's movie musical TOMMY - after the rocker threw a TV...

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Ronnie Wood Taught Slash To Rock

20th April 2010

Ronnie Wood used to teach Slash how to play guitar.The Rolling Stones guitarist gave playing tips to the legendary axeman - who played in seminal 80s band Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver and is...

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Roger Daltrey Penning Moon Movie

29th March 2010

Roger Daltrey is planning to write a film about his late Who bandmate Keith Moon.The singer has been approached numerous times to make a film about the hellraiser drummer but he's never been satisfied with...

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