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Louis Tomlinson Mourning Loss Of Grandmother

6th January 2014

Louis Tomlinson is in mourning over the death of his grandmother, Margaret.The One Direction singer has been left upset after his stepfather Mark's mother passed away earlier this week. Confirming the sad news, Mark wrote...

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Lily Allen Throws 'Pretty Weird' Party For Her Dad

2nd September 2013

Lily Allen threw her dad a party which got ''pretty weird'' on Saturday night (31.08.13).The 'Not Fair' singer threw a celebration for her actor father, Keith - who recently turned 60 - which saw some...

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Allen's Fright Over Dad's Festival Fight

12th April 2010

LILY ALLEN was sent into a panic on Sunday night (11Apr10) after hearing her actor father KEITH had allegedly been embroiled in a fight at a literary festival.The British pop star received a post on...

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Allen Helping Haiti With Curry Night

22nd February 2010

LILY ALLEN is putting her culinary efforts to the test - she's reportedly agreed to cook curry with her father KEITH to raise money for the Haiti aid appeal.The actor auctioned off his chef skills...

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The Things They Say 14184

16th November 2009

"All he wanted to know was how my dad was. I said, 'Yeah, he's alright,' and that was about it. He said he liked my album and I said I was a bit of a...

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Allen Trashes Bin Men's Pay Cuts

7th October 2009

Pop star LILY ALLEN's actor dad KEITH has thrown his support behind Britain's garbage collectors - he's planning a gig to campaign against pay cuts.The Shallow Grave star is backing a planned strike by refuse...

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The Things They Say 12571

11th June 2009

"I think my dad made it hard for the rest of BLUR because he was out getting f**ked with ALEX (JAMES) and I think that probably annoyed them." LILY ALLEN thinks her actor dad KEITH...

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The Things They Say 11425

26th February 2009

"There were a lot of 4am talks in hotel rooms with KEITH (FLINT), working through certain issues we had. After that it was sorted , never spoken of again." THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT on...

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Allen Urges Pop Star Daughter To 'Shut Up'

22nd January 2009

LILY ALLEN's actor dad KEITH has urged his daughter to "shut up" in a new magazine tribute piece. The British tough guy was asked to comment on his pop star daughter's wild life for a...

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The Things They Say 10820

19th January 2009

"Waking up on a Sunday at boarding school and my dad and DAMIEN HURST and ALEX JAMES from BLUR were on the cover of a magazine, naked. On a hill. With sheep. That was the...

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The Things They Say 10613

24th December 2008

"I've got the house all decorated with lights. KEITH (URBAN) drove up the driveway the other day and he just burst out laughing. He said, 'It's like Disneyland'... Our little baby just loves lights. She...

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The Things They Say 10343

25th November 2008

"Most of the time she was making out with KEITH (URBAN) while we were on the set." Actor HUGH JACKMAN was far from surprised when his AUSTRALIA co-star NICOLE KIDMAN fell pregnant during shooting....

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Allen Uses Dad When Feeling Blue

17th November 2008

British singer LILY ALLEN calls on her actor father KEITH to cheer her up when she's feeling down in the dumps. Keith Allen admits his daughter hardly ever gets in touch with him - unless...

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The Things They Say 2339

24th June 2006

"It kind of makes sense to me. I'm more than confident that KEITH (RICHARDS) is gonna probably just arrive and blow us all of the screen." JOHNNY DEPP insists he's not intimidated to work with...

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Gilmour Urges Stones To Quit

30th May 2006

PINK FLOYD star DAVE GILMOUR has told THE ROLLING STONES to quit touring and "get a life". Gilmour, 60, insists the veteran stadium rockers aren't interested in music, they are simply obsessed with the adulation...

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Bon Jovi: 'I Won't Be Like The Stones'

29th May 2006

Rocker JON BON JOVI finds the aging ROLLING STONES a musical embarrassment and vows to retire at the right age. The KEEP THE FAITH singer wants to grow old gracefully away from the stage and...

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Wood: 'Sobriety Is Dull'

28th September 2005

ROLLING STONES guitarist RONNIE WOOD is struggling to kick his alcohol habit, because he finds life without booze is "boring". The veteran rocker is determined to beat his longterm addiction - but admits he...

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Live 8 Becomes 10 As Pet Shop Boys Head For Moscow

28th June 2005

The organiser's of this weekend's (02JUL05) Live 8 global concerts have added another show to the impressive line-up in Moscow, Russia. The PET SHOP BOYS will headline this concert - the 10th Live 8...

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Pearl Jam Are Stones Groupies

23rd May 2005

PEARL JAM jumped at the chance to support THE ROLLING STONES on their upcoming tour, because they are massive fans and it could be the last time the legendary rockers hit the road. The...

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Yoakam Receives Honorary Degree In Ohio

10th May 2005

Country star DWIGHT YOAKAM received an honorary doctorate from Ohio Valley College on Saturday (07MAY05), which was declared Dwight Yoakam Day in his honour. Yoakam was invited to give the commencement address by the...

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Geldof: 'The Clash Were S**T'

4th March 2005

Irish rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has accused his former contemporaries THE CLASH of being a s**t band who faked their punk image. The ex-BOOMTOWN RATS star is still bitter the SHOULD I STAY OR...

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Mcgraw Leads Country Nominations

3rd March 2005

TIM McGRAW reigns supreme in the country world after landing six nominations for the 40th annual ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS (ACM). The singer leads the nominees with his haul, which includes nods for...

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Jerry Lee Calls On His Famous Pals

15th February 2005

Rock 'n' roller JERRY LEE LEWIS is following in late pal RAY CHARLES' footsteps by bringing his famous friends together for a new album. The GREAT BALLS OF FIRE singer has invited SIR MICK...

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Faithfull Regrets Not Telling Keith She Loved Him

27th December 2004

Sixties icon MARIANNE FAITHFULL is still madly in love with exlover KEITH RICHARDS - and wishes she had told him she loved him when he suggested she sleep with ROLLING STONES bandmate MICK JAGGER....

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Was Stunned By Stones At Secret Session

10th December 2004

Rock legends THE ROLLING STONES have wrapped up initial work on their latest album after a secret session with top producer DON WAS in Paris, France. Was tells BILLBOARD magazine the new Rolling Stones...

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Busted Star Lands Deal For Side Project

6th October 2004

BUSTED hunk CHARLIE SIMPSON has signed a new record deal with the label that launched COLDPLAY and KEANE. FIERCE PANDA have agreed to launch the debut EP of Simpson's new band FIGHTSTAR, but this...

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The B-52'S Plan Comeback Album

7th September 2004

Pop eccentrics THE B-52'S are reuniting to record a new album in Atlanta, Georgia. The LOVE SHACK hitmakers have put off working on a new record because all four members live all over...

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Ryder Wants Happy Mondays To Be Remembered

23rd August 2004

Former HAPPY MONDAYS frontman SHAUN RYDER is furious people remember the band's famous drug-habit rather than their music. The singer complains the STEP ON group doesn't receive the recognition they deserve, while rival...

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Prodigy Snub Successful Single

13th August 2004

THE PRODIGY star LIAM HOWLETT is deeply ashamed of the band's last single, which he dismisses as "a f**king load of sh*t". The group released BABY'S GOT A TEMPER in 2002 as a stop-gap...

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Strummer Honoured With Karaoke Clash Song

19th July 2004

British punk group THE CLASH's ROCK THE CASBAH has been performed at a karaoke event to raise money for a charity named after the band's late singer JOE STRUMMER. The 1982 hit was...

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