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Buffy Makes Women Bigger Sci-fi Fans Than Men

30th October 2005

TV shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER have given rise to a new breed of sci-fi fans - women. British digital television channel Sci Fi UK claims that girls now outnumber male fans, due...

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Fascinating Fact 411

24th October 2005

Oscar winner AL PACINO received the 20th annual American Cinematheque Award on Friday (21OCT05) in Los Angeles, with several of his fellow actors paying tribute to him. Among those singing his praises were KEANU REEVES,...

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Fascinating Fact 381

19th October 2005

French actor JEAN-PIERRE MICHAEL makes 10,000 Euros per picture for dubbing BRAD PITT, KEANU REEVES, JUDE LAW and BEN AFFLECK's films into his native tongue....

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Swinton Backs Reeves

21st September 2005

Scottish actress TILDA SWINTON has blasted criticism of Hollywood heart-throb KEANU REEVES, insisting he is a "great film star". The MATRIX star is often teased by critics who claim he is a lightweight actor....

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The Things They Say 218

16th September 2005

"When I was a teenager it sounded fun - all the plotting and planning, the danger, the treasure. I also wanted to live in a whale. It'd be a safe place, all the pressure would...

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Stone Hits Out At Zeta-jones Casting

30th August 2005

SHARON STONE is furious CATHERINE ZETA-JONES will play LANA TURNER in a new biopic, because she was the screen legend's first choice. THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE actress met Stone before she died...

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Downey Jr Weds Levin

28th August 2005

Hollywood star ROBERT DOWNEY JR married his film producer girlfriend SUSAN LEVIN at a secret New York location late last night (27AUG05). The happy couple have been dating since 2002 and exchanged nuptials in...

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Zeta-jones And Reeves Eye Turner-stompanado Story

25th August 2005

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is in talks to play LANA TURNER alongside KEANU REEVES in a film about her tumultuous romance with bodyguard JOHNNY STOMPANADO. The movie will follow the infamous Hollywood relationship between Stompanado (Reeves),...

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Reeves And Collins Split For Keaton

23rd August 2005

Hollywood star KEANU REEVES has dumped 28-year-old actress LYNN COLLINS - and is reportedly dating DIANE KEATON. THE MATRIX actor dated Collins for three months after meeting her on the set of new movie...

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Mcgregor: 'I Would Have Loved Matrix Role'

5th July 2005

EWAN McGREGOR is furious about rumours he turned down the lead role in the MATRIX movies - because he would have leaped at the chance to star in them. The Scottish actor was reportedly...

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Reeves Slams Wedding Rumours

10th June 2005

Hollywood hunk KEANU REEVES has hit out at reports he secretly married his ex-girlfriend AUTUMN MACINTOSH last month (MAY05) in Los Angeles. This week (begs06JUN05) several British newspapers claimed the MATRIX actor had a...

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Kilmer Backs Arsenal

9th June 2005

Hollywood star VAL KILMER is settling into British life with ease as he stars on London's West End stage - he's a keen supporter of top London soccer club ARSENAL. Kilmer, who is currently...

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Reeves Finds Love On Movie Set

26th May 2005

THE MATRIX star KEANU REEVES has an extra reason to celebrate taking on his role in the upcoming movie IL MARE - he recently met his new girlfriend on the set. Reeves, who is...

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Downey Jr: 'Reeves Is Rock 'N' Roll'

16th May 2005

Troubled actor ROBERT DOWNEY JR has become a huge fan of Hollywood heart-throb KEANU REEVES after seeing his superhero performance in CONSTANTINE The CHAPLIN star is convinced Reeves' blend of action hero and sensitivity...

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Bullock And Reeves' Environmentally Friendly Movie

18th April 2005

KEANU REEVES and SANDRA BULLOCK's latest movie collaboration has thrilled environmentalists - because the romantic drama has prompted movie giant WARNER BROTHERS to restore a popular US lake and plant trees. The SPEED co-stars...

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Jet, Djimon And Hayden To Set Sail With Sinbad?

15th April 2005

JET LI, DJIMON HOUNSOU and STAR WARS star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN will set sail with KEANU REEVES in the updated SINBAD movie if director ROB COHEN gets his way. The XXX movie maker is hoping...

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Interpol Flattered By Celebrity Fans

14th April 2005

INTERPOL drummer SAM FOGARINO was left embarrassed when ASHLEE SIMPSON went backstage to congratulate him after a raucous gig - because he had no idea who she was. The New York cult rocker is...

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Schwimmer Joins A-list Arsenal Supporters

12th April 2005

Former FRIENDS star DAVID SCHWIMMER is the latest celebrity to pledge his support for top London soccer club ARSENAL. The actor is starring opposite TROY beauty SAFFRON BURROWS and comedienne CATHERINE TATE in a...

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Bullock's Special Star Request

1st April 2005

Actress SANDRA BULLOCK had a strict requirement when she was offered a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - it had to be near KEANU REEVES' pavement honour. The 40-year-old brunette received her...

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Reeves Hatred For Rossdale

20th March 2005

KEANU REEVES "hated" co-star GAVIN ROSSDALE when they played on-screen enemies in CONSTANTINE, according to the rocker. The BUSH frontman needed to create the right tension in order to convince cinema-goers the two characters...

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Reeves Targetted By Spooky Warner Bros Ghosts

16th March 2005

KEANU REEVES and director FRANCIS LAWRENCE were overcome with fear when supernatural forces disrupted shooting on a vital CONSTANTINE scene. The cast and crew had gathered in sound stage 16 at WARNER BROS' Hollywood...

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40th Birthday Plunges Keanu Into Depression

16th March 2005

Hollywood hunk KEANU REEVES found turning 40 so tough last year (04) - he plummeted into a dark period of depression. The MATRIX star says the months since his birthday last September have been...

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Reeves Hated Punching Blanchett In Film

15th March 2005

KEANU REEVES was reduced to a terrified wreck prior to shooting a violent scene with his THE GIFT co-star CATE BLANCHETT, because he had to punch her in the stomach. Reeves hesitated over how...

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Keanu: 'Fighting Is Getting Harder'

12th March 2005

KEANU REEVES is finding that action movies are taking their toll on him physically as he hits middle-age. The MATRIX star, 40, has incurred dramatic injuries whilst filming fight scenes, and admits that tussling...

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Keanu's New Role Persuades Him To Quit Smoking

12th March 2005

Hollywood hunk KEANU REEVES's chain-smoking character in new movie CONSTANTINE helped inspire the actor to quit cigarettes. Reeves, 40, admits he already smokes too much, but playing demon-busting JOHN CONSTANTINE required him to smoke...

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Keanu To Play Sinbad

12th March 2005

KEANU REEVES is set to sail as Arabian hero SINBAD in new adventure THE 8TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD. XXX director ROB COHEN will take charge of the movie, which will be the first Hollywood...

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Smith Has No Matrix Regrets

28th February 2005

WILL SMITH harbours no regrets over his decision to turn down the role of NEO in THE MATRIX trilogy - because KEANU REEVES was "born" to play the part. The INDEPENDENCE DAY heart-throb is...

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Reeves' Encounter With The Devil

27th February 2005

Hollywood KEANU REEVES' most terrifying real-life motorbike experience occurred when he pulled up alongside a car - and noticed a Satan-like figure in the driver's seat. The actor - who has confronted the supernatural...

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Shia Caught Up In Knife Attack Shocker

25th February 2005

KEANU REEVES' latest co-star SHIA LaBEOUF has been caught up in a legal mess after allegedly challenging his neighbour with a kitchen knife. HOLES star LaBeouf was arrested by police in Los Angeles earlier...

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Reeves Will Defend Matrix Films To The Death

21st February 2005

KEANU REEVES has staunchly defended the poorly-received sequels to THE MATRIX, insisting he'll praise them until he dies. Although THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS were unpopular with critics, who deemed them feeble...

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