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Stars Stand Up To Cancer

6th September 2008

US stars who have battled cancer including actors Christina Applegate and Patrick Swayze have taken part in a charity telethon.The hour-long Stand Up to Cancer event was broadcast simultaneously on three networks and starred more...

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Howard Stern To Remake Ramones Movie

1st August 2008

Shock Jock Howard Stern has signed up to produce a remake of the 1979 RAMONES movie Rock N Roll High School.The original movies starred the members of the band as they teamed up with a...

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Reeves Wins Privacy Battle In Court Case

9th July 2008

Movie hunk KEANU REEVES has won his battle to keep his deposition in an upcoming assault trial from going public. A paparazzo is suing The Matrix star, alleging the actor hit him with his Porsche...

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Reeves' Girlfriend Goes Topless In Cannes

18th June 2008

KEANU REEVES' new girlfriend showed exactly what the movie hunk sees in her when she stripped for a day at the beach in Cannes, France. Actress China Chow, the daughter of Mr. Chow restaurant boss...

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Stars Stand Up To Cancer

29th May 2008

TOBEY MAGUIRE, CASEY AFFLECK, KEANU REEVES and SUSAN SARANDON are among the stars taking a stand for cancer research as part of a new U.S. TV special. The celebrities appear in a new TV ad...

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21 Has The Cards To Beat Treasure And Belgium To Number One

22nd April 2008

Gambling movie 21 has held off the challenge of buried treasure and a Belgian holiday to keep the number one spot at the UK box office.New releases Fool's Gold and In Bruges had been expected...

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Reeves And Winter Confused For 'Fat Lookalikes'

14th April 2008

BILL + TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE co-stars KEANU REEVES and ALEX WINTER were recently mistaken for "fat" lookalikes of their movie characters by a fan who spotted them together in New York. Despite vastly differing career...

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The Game Insisted On Movie Realism

14th April 2008

Rapper-turned-actor THE GAME forced movie co-star KEANU REEVES to beat him with a real phonebook, so scenes in their new movie STREET KINGS would look real. Reeves, who plays a cop chasing The Games' bad...

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Theaters Celebrate Prom Night

14th April 2008

After months of frightful box-office performances by horror flicks, Sony/Screen Gems's Prom Night debuted with $22.7 million over the weekend at the high end of analysts' predictions. It was the best debut for a horror...

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Prom Night Crowns Lucrative Debut At Us Box Office

14th April 2008

Horror movie Prom Night has been crowned king of the US box office after earning $22.7 million in its first three days of release.Featuring Hairspray star Brittany Snow and Jonathon Schaech, the Sony Screen Gems...

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Movie Reviews: Street Kings

11th April 2008

Street Kings, based on a novel by James Ellroy -- Ellroy also receives credit for contributing to the screenplay -- is not the kind of film that will win much applause from the law-and-order crowd....

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Reeves Won't Star In Bill + Ted Remake

7th April 2008

LATEST: KEANU REEVES won't be reprising his role as time traveller BILL S. PRESTON ESQ. in a remake of 1989 cult comedy BILL + TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. Reeves found fame starring alongside Alex Winter in...

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Bill + Ted Remake Planned

3rd April 2008

KEANU REEVES and ALEX WINTER's cult comedy BILL + TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE is set for a remake, according to internet reports. This time around, the hapless duo's rock band is called Atomic Gorillas, not Wyld...

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Reeves Attorneys Seek Mediation

26th March 2008

Hollywood star KEANU REEVES' attorneys are stepping up their bid to reach a settlement with the paparazzo who's accusing the actor of knocking him down with his car. Snapper Alison Silva filed suit against Reeves...

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Corbett + Reeves Terrified By Car Stunt

22nd March 2008

Actors JOHN CORBETT and KEANU REEVES were left battered, bruised and bloody after a hairy car chase scene in their new movie STREET KINGS. The two tough guys were sent rolling around inside a made-for-the-movie...

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Labeouf Thanks Reeves And Smith For A-list Lessons

3rd March 2008

Hollywood star SHIA LaBEOUF credits KEANU REEVES and WILL SMITH with teaching him how to deal with the high-pressure workload which comes with spearheading a movie. LaBeouf has heavily criticised his performances alongside Smith and...

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Fascinating Fact 4646

15th January 2008

WILL SMITH's nine-year-old son JADEN has landed a role in the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. The young star is the latest addition to a cast which already includes JENNIFER CONNELLY, KEANU...

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Jolie Tops 100 Sexiest List

6th December 2007

Angelina Jolie has been named the sexiest movie star ever in a new vote carried out by Tomb Raider star defeated V For Vendetta actress Natalie Portman to take the number one spot -...

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Connelly And Keanu Stand Still

6th November 2007

Jennifer Connelly is to appear alongside Keanu Reeves in 20th Century Fox's upcoming remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, according to Variety.The Labyrinth actress is to portray Helen Benson, the role interpreted by...

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Reeves Sued By Paparazzo

6th November 2007

A paparazzo is suing Hollywood actor KEANU REEVES for allegedly mowing him down with his Porsche. Alison Silva has accused the Matrix star of using the vehicle to strike his knee during an incident outside...

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Reeves Dating Director's Daughter?

2nd November 2007

Movie hunk KEANU REEVES has reportedly fallen for the daughter of his SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE director NANCY MEYER. The Point Break star was spotted kissing and cuddling pretty Hallie Meyers-Shyer after lunching with her recently...

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Fascinating Fact 3831

28th August 2007

KEANU REEVES has signed up to star in a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL....

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Federline Fired Before Showing Up For Work

15th August 2007

Dancer/rapper Kevin ("K-Fed") Federline, who got his 15 minutes of fame while he was married to Britney Spears, was turned away from the set of the Keanu Reeves movie The Night Watchman when he arrived...

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Federline Dropped From Reeves' Movie?

13th August 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS' former husband KEVIN FEDERLINE has been dropped from a role in KEANU REEVES' new movie, according to reports. The dancer-turned-actor was due to appear in The Night Watchman - with rumours abounding Federline...

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Bill + Ted Sequel To Go Ahead Without Reeves Or Winter

11th July 2007

The long-awaited sequel to the BILL + TED movies is set to go into production this year (07) - without the franchise's original stars KEANU REEVES or ALEX WINTER. Bill + Ted's Excellent Adventure, a...

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Federline 'Too Busy' For Night Watch

10th June 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS' estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE has dismissed reports he is to star alongside KEANU REEVES and FOREST WHITAKER in a new movie - he is "too busy" to take on the role. The wannabe...

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Federline Lands Movie Role Opposite Reeves

30th May 2007

BRITNEY SPEARS' ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE is embarking on a movie career after landing a part in KEANU REEVES' new film. The dancer/rapper will play a "small but notable" role in the thriller Night Watch, opposite...

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Fascinating Fact 3215

8th May 2007

Rapper/actor COMMON has signed up to star alongside ANGELINA JOLIE in comic book adaptation Wanted, and KEANU REEVES and FOREST WHITAKER in THE NIGHT WATCHMAN....

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Matrix Star In Paparazzo Car Collision

21st March 2007

Keanu Reeves was caught up in an incident involving his Porsche and an injured celebrity photographer earlier this week, police in Los Angeles have said.The Matrix star grazed an unnamed paparazzo in the way of...

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Photographer: 'Reeves Ran Me Down Then Tried To Flee'

21st March 2007

LATEST: KEANU REEVES was handcuffed by police after allegedly running over a photographer attempting to flee the scene. The 42-year-old MATRIX star has been accused of hitting Brazilian male paparazzo ALISON SILVA with his Porsche...

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