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Willem Dafoe To Star In John Wick

13th September 2013

Willem Dafoe has joined the cast of 'John Wick'.The 'Spider Man' actor - who is a two-time Oscar Nominee - is set to star as hitman Marcus in the new thriller, which will see his...

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Is Keanu Reeves' '47 Ronin' The Riskiest Movie In Hollywood? [Trailer + Poster]

By Michael West | 25th July 2013

Keanu Reeves has made an explosive return to Hollywood in the action-adventure 47 Ronin, directed by The Gift's Carl Rinsch. The movie follows the story of 47 strong team of fearless samurai who seek vengeance...

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Reese Witherspoon And Sofia Vergara For Don't Mess With Texas

10th June 2013

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are set to star in 'Don't Mess with Texas'.The 'Mud' actress and 'Modern Family' star are being lined up to star in the comedy flick, which Universal Pictures have now...

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Cloud Atlas Debuts At No. 1 In Home-video Sales

23rd May 2013

It was a disappointment at the domestic box office, where it earned just $27 million despite generally enthusiastic reviews, but Warner Bros.' Cloud Atlas could redeem itself on home video. Last week the film, which...

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Fascinating Fact: 3679434

22nd May 2013

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has made a big splurge at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (21May13), picking up the U.S. rights to Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon's new sci-fi romance Passengers. Developed by Reeves...

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Crime Spree Cannes – Yet Another Burglary At Film Festival

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th May 2013

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is taking the movies a little too far; first we had the jewellery theft – that was right out of a film, then we had the crazed faux gunman, who...

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Keanu Reeves Film Executive Targeted By Thieves In Cannes

20th May 2013

A top Chinese movie executive involved in Keanu Reeves' directorial debut has fallen victim to thieves after his luggage was stolen from a French hotel during the Cannes Film Festival.Zhang Qiang, vice president of the...

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'Point Break' Remake Seats Ericson Core In Director's Chair

By Hayley Avron | 11th April 2013

The remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s classic movie Point Break has now got a director on board. According to Empire Online, Alcon Entertainment, who have been developing this one for some years now, have announced that...

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Roger Ebert Dies Aged 70: The Five Movies He Hated The Most

By Michael West | 5th April 2013

Roger Ebert, the esteemed American journalist, movie critic and screenwriter, has died aged 70 after a long battle with cancer. Ebert worked as a critic for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 right up until his...

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Wachowskis Sued Over The Matrix Sequels

4th March 2013

The Wachowskis are being sued over 'The Matrix' sequels.The 'Cloud Atlas' filmmakers have been hit by a $300 million lawsuit by Thomas Althouse, who claims they stole ideas from his own script, 'The Immortals', to...

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Snakes On A Plane Director David R. Ellis Dies

8th January 2013

'Snakes On A Plane' director David R. Ellis has died aged 60.The filmmaker passed away yesterday (07.01.13) in his hotel room in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was gearing up to shoot upcoming Samuel L....

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The Things They Say: 3303422

27th September 2012

"I know movie kung fu. It's different. Real kung fu can kill you, movie kung fu, no." Keanu Reeves on making his new martial arts movie Men of Tai Chi. The actor directed the film...

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Keanu Reeves' 47 Ronin In Jeopardy

21st September 2012

Keanu Reeves' new film is in jeopardy after its director has been pulled off the project. Samurai adventure '47 Ronin' has cost more than $225 million to produce so far, causing Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley...

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Director Punished For Omitting Keanu Reeves From ‘47 Ronin’ Scenes

By Michael West | 21st September 2012

Carl Rinsch, the director of 47 Ronin, starring Keanu Reeves, has been made to relinquish his editing duties following a disagreement regarding some important scenes and budget concerns, reports The Guardian. Bizarrely, arguably the...

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Keanu Reeves: Side By Side Is Personal

27th August 2012

Keanu Reeves thinks making 'Side By Side' was a deeply personal experience.The 'Matrix' actor - who made his producing debut alongside Chris Kenneally - says his new documentary, which tackles the debate between traditional and...

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Keanu Reeves: Film Is Now "On Life Support"

22nd August 2012

Keanu Reeves has issued a damning statement on the condition of film opposed to digital film production reports The Telegraph. The Matrix star was talking to the U.K newspaper about his upcoming documentary, Side by...

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Bill & Ted Sequel Gets Director

14th August 2012

Keanu Reeves' long-awaited Bill & Ted sequel is moving forward with filmmaker Dean Parisot as director.The Matrix star confirmed in March (12) that another installment of the comedy franchise is in the works, revealing he...

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Keanu Reeves Pleased With Bill And Ted 3

14th August 2012

Keanu Reeves is pleased with how 'Bill & Ted 3' is coming along.The actor is reprising his role as Ted Logan in the follow-up to 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure' and 'Bill & Ted's Bogus...

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Robert Pattinson Phones Agent Over 'Hunger Games' Rumor

29th May 2012

Robert Pattinson was forced to phone his agent to check whether or not he'd been cast in the forthcoming Hunger Games sequel 'Catching Fire'. An internet rumor swept social networking sites last week, suggesting Pattinson...

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Keanu Reeves: 3d Technology Can Ruin Movies

29th April 2012

Keanu Reeves thinks 3D technology can ruin movies. 3D is more prevalent than ever in filmmaking but the 'Matrix' star believes there are some occasions when it doesn't add to the movie-going experience but instead...

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Keanu Reeves Helped Dandy Warhols Star Develop Graphic Novel

25th April 2012

The Dandy Warhols rocker Courtney Taylor-taylor had an unlikely adviser to help him with his graphic novel One Model Nation - actor Keanu Reeves.The musician was pleasantly surprised to discover Reeves was a big fan...

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Angelina Jolie Oblivious To Oscars 'Leg' Craze

26th March 2012

Angelina Jolie claims she didn't pay attention to the internet craze that emerged following her appearance at this year's Oscars in February. The Hollywood star caused an online storm by wearing a black velvet Atelier...

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Fascinating Fact 13085

20th March 2012

Keanu Reeves was honoured for his movie career at the Power of Film Gala in Hong Kong on Sunday (18Mar12). The charity event, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, also feted Hong Kong-based documentary filmmaker...

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Keanu Reeves Awaiting A Start Date For Excellent New Bill & Ted Movie

6th March 2012

Keanu Reeves has confirmed a new Bill & Ted movie is planned and the script is 'bodacious'.The movie star tells The Independent he's just waiting for a start date. He says, "We have a script....

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Keanu Reeves' Bill And Ted Sequel Delight

2nd March 2012

Keanu Reeves is thrilled with the script for a third 'Bill and Ted' movie. The 'Matrix' actor - who starred as Ted Logan in 1989's 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures' and its follow-up 'Bill and...

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Keanu Reeves' Midlife 'Meltdown'

2nd March 2012

Keanu Reeves suffered a meltdown when he turned 40. The 47-year-old actor found it difficult to adjust when he reached the milestone age and admitted he is embarrassed by how he reacted at the time....

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Keanu Reeves' Film About Film Lands Distribution Deal Days Before Berlin Premiere

13th February 2012

Keanu Reeves has been given a big boost as a movie producer - his latest project has been picked up for U.S. distribution days before its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany.Side...

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Kate Beckinsale's Underworld Takes A Bite Out Of Box Office Competition

23rd January 2012

Despite receiving a lukewarm critical response, Kate Beckinsale 's latest Underworld movie - Underworld: Awakening - has topped the U.S. Box office charts. According to Bbc News today (January 23, 2012), the film grossed $25.4...

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Keanu Reeves' Directorial Project Picked Up

15th December 2011

Keanu Reeves' directorial debut has been picked up by Universal Pictures.The 'Speed' actor will helm 'Man of Tai Chi', which will be shot in China and co-financed by Universal, Village Roadshow Pictures Asia, China Film...

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Taylor Lautner And Gus Van Sant For Unlikely Indie Flick

3rd November 2011

Taylor Lautner, the American actor best known for playing Jacob Black in the blockbuster Twilight franchise, is turning his attention to the indie scene after joining Gus Van Sant's as-yet-untitled low budget movie.According to the...

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