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Weisz Moves Into The Big League

3rd October 2003

RACHEL WEISZ is set to become one of Britain's highest paid actresses after signing a deal to star alongside Hollywood hunk KEANU REEVES in a new blockbuster. The ABOUT A BOY star will appear...

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Keanu Reeves To Quit Movies?

28th September 2003

Pals of movie superstar KEANU REEVES fear he may end up quitting Hollywood, following the return of his sister's leukaemia. The MATRIX star is devastated by the news that KIM's cancer is back because...

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Smallville Star Made A Brilliant Woman

28th September 2003

Actor MICHAEL ROSENBAUM knew he was doing well as a drag queen - when other men on set tried to pick him up. The SMALLVILLE actor had to play a gender-bender opposite KEANU REEVES...

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Sharon Osbourne Eyes Eminem

24th September 2003

SHARON OSBOURNE is desperate to land an interview with controversial rapper EMINEM on her new chat show. The outspoken rock matriarch, wife of OZZY OSBOURNE, debuted THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW in America earlier this...

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Keanu's Beloved Boots

18th September 2003

THE MATRIX star KEANU REEVES is so in love with a battered old pair of boots, he's stick them together with tape rather than toss them away. The Lebanon-born actor, who's earned a reported...

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Keanu Spends Birthday Alone

15th September 2003

Movie hunk KEANU REEVES turned down six gorgeous glamour models who offered to help him celebrate his 39th birthday - in favour of dining alone. The MATRIX actor preferred his own company as...

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Sharon Books The Stars For Her Chat Show Debut

12th September 2003

OZZY OSBOURNE's wife SHARON is following ELLEN DEGENERES' example in a bid to become a chat show queen - book JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for her first week. Sharon's self-titled show, which launches on...

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Halle Voted Hollywood's Most Accident-prone Celebrity

2nd September 2003

OSCAR-winning actress HALLE BERRY has been handed an unwanted award - Hollywood's most accident-prone celebrity. The MONSTER'S BALL beauty, 37, has incurred a vast array of injuries while making movies and going about her...

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Rachel Weisz Could Join Keanu On Occult Movie

21st August 2003

THE MUMMY star RACHEL WEISZ is in talks to team up with KEANU REEVES in a new movie about the occult world. The British actress may join the cast of CONSTANTINE, which will feature...

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Oscar Conundrum For Matrix And Kill Bill

18th August 2003

Film bosses have been left scratching their heads after ACADEMY AWARDS rules banned the entry of MATRIX RELOADED and MATRIX REVOLUTIONS as one contender. WARNERS, the studio behind the sci-fi franchise, face an identical...

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Keanu Refuses To Lighten Up

1st August 2003

THE MATRIX hero KEANU REEVES is refusing to bleach his hair blond for an upcoming movie role. The naturally dark-haired actor has been urged by producers of CONSTANTINE to go lighter, but he is...

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Kutcher Voted Hottest Bachelor

3rd July 2003

LATEST: Actor ASHTON KUTCHER's hunk status has been confirmed - after he narrowly beat Britain's PRINCE WILLIAM to top PEOPLE magazine's hottest bachelor poll. The JUST MARRIED star, 25, who's been at the centre...

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Connery Tops Worst Accent Poll

30th June 2003

Former JAMES BOND legend SIR SEAN CONNERY is responsible for the "worst movie accent of all time" - according to film magazine EMPIRE. The Scottish-born movie veteran's attempt at an Irish lilt in gangster...

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Keanu Spends $4.8 Million On Hospital For Dying Sister

29th June 2003

Caring movie star KEANU REEVES has spent $4.8 million (GBP3 million) converting a Los Angeles mansion into a custom built hospital for his dying sister. THE MATRIX RELOADED star will move sister KIM, 37,...

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Michael Stipe Hits Back At Ageist Comments

24th June 2003

REM vocalist MICHAEL STIPE is sick of the music industry's ageist attitude towards musicians - because actors don't get the same treatment. The MAN ON THE MOON singer, 43, points out he is close...

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Moore's Man Is Top Bachelor?

19th June 2003

DEMI MOORE might be keen to come clean about her romance with ASHTON KUTCHER after discovering he has topped a new list of hot bachelors. American magazine PEOPLE aren't convinced that Demi and Ashton...

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Keanu Reeves Too Busy For Love

18th June 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED hero KEANU REEVES is struggling to find love - because his high-profile movie career is leaving him too busy for romance. The handsome actor devotes so much time to filming blockbusters...

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Matrix's Big In Britain

17th June 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED was such a huge hit in Britain it marked a massive surge in cinema bookings. The sci-fi sequel - starring KEANU REEVES and LAURENCE FISHBURNE - took $31 million (GBP20.7 million)...

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Keanu Wows With New Band

10th June 2003

Just weeks after scoring a record-breaking smash at the box office with THE MATRIX RELOADED, KEANU REEVES has got Hollywood all abuzz again - with a new pop band. Reeves' weekend shows with hobby...

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Tom Cruise Tops High Earner List

1st June 2003

Sexy TOM CRUISE is heading a list of the highest earning movie stars. The short actor, who won the heart of the world with his role in TOP GUN, calls in around $58 million...

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Keanu Cashes In

1st June 2003

His role as NEO in the two MATRIX sequels will make KEANU REEVES the highest paid actor in Hollywood as he commands a staggering $206 million (GBP125 million) for the movies. Keanu's deal...

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Keanu Reeves Becomes Spider-man's New Neighbour

29th May 2003

SPIDER-MAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE has a new neighbour - fellow screen super hero KEANU REEVES. THE MATRIX RELOADED star has just bought a gated estate three doors down from Maguire's Hollywood home for $5...

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Keanu's Multi-million Giveaway

28th May 2003

MATRIX RELOADED star KEANU REEVES has pledged to give away $75 million (GBP50 million) in profits from the hit film to crew members. The benevolent hunk decided to distribute the money amongst the 29...

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Keanu Heads For The Hills

26th May 2003

Following the phenomenal success of his movie THE MATRIX RELOADED, actor KEANU REEVES has splashed out on a new home in the Hollywood Hills. The $5 million (GBP3.3 million) gated estate has three bedrooms...

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Sick Dad Pleads To Reeves

25th May 2003

KEANU REEVES's drug-addicted dad has issued a desperate appeal for the MATRIX RELOADED hero to re-establish contact with him before it is too late. SAMUEL REEVES, a convicted criminal, walked out on his actor...

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Reeves Rejects Neo Persona

23rd May 2003

MATRIX RELOADED star KEANU REEVES is nothing like his sci-fi trilogy character NEO - especially when it comes to fighting. The hunky actor trained hard to convince audiences as the gravity-defying action hero -...

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Keanu's $22.5 Million Payday

23rd May 2003

MATRIX: RELOADED star KEANU REEVES is set to earn a staggering $22.5 million (GBP15 million) in the first week of the film's release - after negotiating a 15 per cent cut of box office profits....

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The Matrix Reloaded Continues To Break Records

22nd May 2003

THE MATRIX RELOADED has etched another new entry in the box office record books - staking its claim as the film with the biggest first-week gross. By last Tuesday (13MAY03), the action sequel, starring...

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Keanu: 'So What If People Say I'm Gay?'

22nd May 2003

MATRIX RELOADED star KEANU REEVES refuses to deny gossip that he's gay because it would make a judgement about homosexuality. The handsome star was at one time rumoured to have married music industry...

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Keanu's Fight Night

22nd May 2003

MATRIX RELOADED star KEANU REEVES was forced to flee a London nightclub last night (22MAY03), after a fight broke out. Keanu decided not to intervene using martial arts skills he learned in the hit...

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