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Nicki Minaj Announced As Host For 2014 Mtv Europe Music Awards In Glasgow

By Stephanie Chase | 30th September 2014

Fresh off hitting the UK number one spot this past weekend, Nicki Minaj has been unveiled as the host for this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. The ceremony, which will take place in Glasgow on...

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'We Let Them Have That One': Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Laugh Off Feud Rumours

By Holly Williams | 13th September 2014

As the press speculate over Taylor Swift's alleged feud with Katy Perry after a recent comment she made regarding a new song, the 'Shake It Off' star is quick to brush off rumours that she's...

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Who's Katy Perry's Human Punching Bag?

By Hannah Woodhead | 11th September 2014

How does a pop princess blow off steam? With a human punching bag, of course! Well, that's according to Katy Perry.Perry gives a candid interview with the magazineIn her new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Katy...

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Is Katy Perry The Inspiration Behind Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'?

By Nick Hill | 9th September 2014

Taylor Swift recently opened up about the track 'Bad Blood,' from her fifth studio album '1989,' and revealed that a unknown "enemy" celebrity was the inspiration behind it. Although the 24 year-old singer didn't name...

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Nfl Asks Super Bowl Half Time Acts To 'Pay To Play'

By Ed Biggs | 20th August 2014

The National Football League has taken the unprecedented step of asking potential performers at the Super Bowl Half Time show to ‘pay to play’. Traditionally, the NFL doesn’t pay those it selects for the highly...

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Katy Perry Posts Graphic Nose Piercing Video

By Stephen Caswell | 18th August 2014

One of the biggest problems with being able to post pictures and videos straight to the internet to be seen by armies of fans is that sometimes, those videos can be cringe-inducingly vile. Case in...

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Katy Perry Has A Stud Now (Of The Nose Variety)

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th August 2014

Just throwing out a little warning here – if you’re afraid/grossed out/have a phobia of anything relating to needles and piercings, this probably isn’t a great read for you. Cool? Cool. Proceed at your own...

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Ariana Grande's New Video For "Break Free" Features Aliens, Space, A Lazer Gun And A Rocket-launching Bra

By Victoria Pavlova | 13th August 2014

Looks like Ariana Grande was taking some cues from an E.T. era Katy Perry when making her new video for Break Free. And maybe even a little bit of Xenon? The pop culture references are...

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Katy Perry Prefers To Date Famous Men, But Finds Fame "Disgusting"

By Nick Hill | 7th August 2014

As well as being one of the most successful pop stars in the world, Katy Perry is also one of the most beautiful so there is no doubt that many men can only dream about...

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Katy Perry Slapped With Plagiarism Charges And Possibly A Witch Hunt

By Victoria Pavlova | 4th July 2014

Katy Perry is no stranger to controversy, but she has managed to stay away from legal copyright disputes so far. Well, not anymore. The singer is being sued over her catchy single Dark Horse, which...

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Katy Perry Tops Riaa's Digital Artist List - Who's Behind Her?

By Joe DeAndrea | 27th June 2014

It only took three records for Katy Perry to cement herself as one of the biggest names in pop music history. Of course, one could argue that the superstar held that title well before the...

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An Alliance Is Forged As Katy Perry Offers To Pen Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Song

By Victoria Pavlova | 25th June 2014

Hillary Clinton might be hitting the 2016 campaign trail soon and she’s got an unlikely ally along the way. Katy Perry, songstress, label boss and cupcake enthusiast has offered to pen a campaign song for...

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Katy Perry Launches Metamorphosis Music - What It Means For Her First Signee, Ferras

By Joe DeAndrea | 18th June 2014

Forget “Orange.” Having your own record label is the new black, at least if you’re already an established artist. First it was Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, whose label 222 Records recently signed a partnership deal...

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Katy Perry Takes Charge, Launches Own Record Label With Ferras As First Artist

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th June 2014

Don’t be fooled by Katy Perry’s green hair and vaguely cartoonish dress sense – she may just turn out to be a savvy entrepreneur. This past Tuesday, the singer unveiled her biggest business venture to...

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Katy Perry Launches Own Record Label And Introduces First Signed Artist

By Nick Hill | 17th June 2014

Katy Perry is now the owner of a record label.The 29 year-old songstress announced on Tuesday (June 17th), as well as launching Metamorphosis Music, she has already signed her very first artist.Perry's new label is...

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Robert Pattinson Flirts With Katy Perry Whilst Living With Kristen Stewart?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th June 2014

Robert Pattinson may be "homeless" but he still has the time to admire his close "friend" Katy Perry. However, as he is rumoured to be temporarily living with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, how likely is...

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Katy Perry Supports And Celebrates Teachers With 'Make Roar Happen'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 13th June 2014

Thursday (12th June) saw the launch of Katy Perry's latest philanthropic venture in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old appeared at the Nokia Theater in L.A. and launched her Make Roar Happen campaign in collaboration with Staples....

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Are You John Mayer's Ex? He Dares You To Write A Song About Him

By Lauren James | 4th June 2014

John Mayer has addressed the news that his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry is planning on writing songs inspired by their relationship. The singer songwriter is usually pretty guarded about his personal life but for some reason...

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Is Avril Lavigne's New Music Video A Crime Against Music? [Video]

By Lauren James | 23rd April 2014

Avril Lavigne has dropped the music video for her sugary new single, 'Hello Kitty' from new album, Avril Lavigne. The rock and dubstep fusion track will be a surprise to say the least for fans...

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Lily Allen Unleashes "Sheezus" Music Video, And A Wave Of Confusion On The World

By Victoria Pavlova | 23rd April 2014

Lily Allen really wants you to know she’s over pop culture – or some parts of it anyway. In her new single and video, Sheezus, she name checks everyone from Lorde to Beyonce and even...

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Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Fuel Romance Rumors In Coachella Reunion

By Nick Hill | 16th April 2014

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are both single, but are they destined to become an item? The 29 year-old songstress reunited with the 27 year-old actor this past weekend when they both attended the Coachella...

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Are Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Dating? Rumour Rises Yet Again After Coachella

By Lauren James | 15th April 2014

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson could be dating, if their recent appearance at the Coachella Festival is anything to go by. The pair were spotted hanging out in the VIP area of the California bash....

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These Celebrity DoppelgäNgers Prove The Existence Of A Celebrity Factory

By Sophie Miskiw | 9th April 2014

We’re starting to suspect that there’s only a handful of famous people, but that they each just have a few different aliases. We’ve never been able to put our finger on it until recently, but...

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50 Cent And Bette Midler? Our Favorite Celebrity Bffs

By Sophie Miskiw | 7th April 2014

Unlike Jennifer Lawrence and her rather normal best friend, Laura Simpson, celebs often pick other famous people to have as their BFFs. They all probably bump into each other at so many events that it’s...

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Lorde Calls Out Airbrushing On Her Own Photo: "Remember Flaws Are Ok"

By Lauren James | 1st April 2014

Today, Lorde has tried to prove to her fans that Photoshop perfection is not something to aspire to and that "flaws are ok" in selfies and photos. To illustrate her point, the singer posted two...

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'5 Seconds Of Summer' Heat Up The UK Charts With No. 1 In Sight [Video]

By Lauren James | 26th March 2014

5 Seconds of Summer are on target to claim a number one single in the UK this week, with their hit track 'She Looks So Perfect.' The Australian boyband's catchy new single is selling extremely...

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Poor Katy Perry! Feminists Vs. Female Celebrities

By Sophie Miskiw | 20th March 2014

Female celebrities just can’t get it right these days. Not only are they meant to pursue their own careers as actresses, singers or whatever else their profession may be, now they’re expected to be political...

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John Mayer Suing Over Fake Vintage Rolex Watches Sold By Charlie Sheen's Friend

By Lauren James | 20th March 2014

John Mayer is taking legal action after it emerged that what he thought were vintage Rolex watches were fakes in a scam that has affected celebrities all over Hollywood. The singer-songwriter is reportedly suing jewellery...

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The Full List Of Taylor Swift's Instagram Bffs, Including Karlie Kloss

By Stephanie Chase | 7th March 2014

Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss went on a road trip together, how do we know this? Through looking at Taylor’s Instagram page, of course! Ms Swift’s Instagram is fast become the most star studded...

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Is The Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry Twitter Feud For Real?

By Sophie Miskiw | 7th March 2014

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have known each other for years. The pair have been photographed together at events since long before Miley was the peroxide party girl that she is today. That’s why we...

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