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Suge Knight Arrested, Faces 30 Years In Prison

By Michael West | 30th October 2014

The former CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, has been arrested with comedian Micah "Katt" Williams in Beverly Hills after allegedly stealing a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills last month. Knight, 49,...

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Suge Knight And Katt Williams Arrested For Robbery

By Ed Biggs | 30th October 2014

Rap promoter and record label owner Suge Knight and stand-up comedian Katt Williams have been arrested and charged with robbery, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.Rap impresario Suge Knight could be facing...

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Is Katt Williams' Community Service The First Step In His Reformation?

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th April 2013

This past Thursday saw comedian Katt Williams sentenced to 90 days of community service for misdemeanor evading an officer. Well, at least he got away without any jail time. The funnyman was originally charged with...

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Katt Williams Arrested For Missed Court Date - Claims It Was For His Kids

By Lorna Greville  | 9th January 2013

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested last year for reckless driving which lead to a police car chase. He then missed his arraigned court date earlier this week, which lead the judge to put a warrant...

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Katt Williams Arrested After Failing To Show Up For Court

By Michael West | 9th January 2013

Another day, another Katt Williams arrest. This time, the comedian was apprehended by cops after he failed to appear in court for a hearing related to his November 25, 2012 run-in with the California Highway...

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Another Arrest For Katt Williams – Child Endangerment And Possession Of Stolen Gun

By Hayley Avron | 31st December 2012

Another celebrity making a last ditch attempt to climb up our 2012 ‘fallen from grace’ list is the comedian Katt Williams. Adding to his list of recent misdemeanours, the controversial comic has now been arrested...

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Tis The Season For Katt Williams To Get In Trouble With The Law (Again)

By Victoria Pavlova | 30th December 2012

Katt Williams is keeping busy, but not in a good way, unfortunately. The comedian's most recent stunt was getting into a massive fight outside a Hollywood nightclub on Friday night, mere hours after he had...

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Katt Williams Arrested For Child Endangerment, Asks: "How Do You Keep Kids Safe Without Guns?"

By Joe Wilde | 29th December 2012

Comedian and one of 2012's tabloid darlings Katt Williams is at it again, this time getting into trouble with the law for child endangerment. Still, the comedian has a defence (or something like it), announcing...

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Katt Williams Handcuffed At Subway Restaurant As Suge Knight Gets A Manicure?

By Michael West | 21st December 2012

Well, Katt Williams life is just getting more bizarre by the day. The comedian - who has found himself on the wrong side of the law numerous times over the past couple of months -...

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Katt Williams Slap Victim Used The 'N-word' On The Comedian Before Attack

By Joe Wilde | 20th December 2012

The Target employee that was filmed receiving a slap from troubled comedian Katt Williams provoked the attack by using the 'N-word' - at least thats what Katt is saying anyway.According to a video obtained by...

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Fallen From Grace: 2012'S Ten Most Spectacular Celebrity Meltdowns

By Hayley Avron | 20th December 2012

Ahh… 2012... how fondly we will look back on it. The Olympics. The end of the Twilight Saga…um… loads of celebrities going utterly bonkers, losing the plot, mixing their drugs with their anxiety problems, mixing...

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A Week In News: Tom Cruise Reaches New Heights, Justin Bieber' Manager's Rant, Lindsay Lohan Found Wanting

By Contributor | 12th December 2012

Cruise Has The Reach For Action Film: Eyebrows were raised when the 5 foot 7 Tom Cruise was cast to play Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in the action thriller adaptation of the novel. Why? Because...

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Katt Williams Whips Audience Member With Microphone As Bizarre Behavior Continues

By Contributor | 10th December 2012

Katt Williams' troubling behavior caused another baffling incident over the weekend after the comedian and rapper whipped an audience member with his microphone!LA Weekly reported that Williams 90-date tour has been cancelled after a series...

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Katt Williams Arrested, Yet Again

By Joe Wilde | 9th December 2012

Don't pretent your surprised, because Katt Williams has been arrested once again in only a short period of time since his last run in with the law. This time round, he was put in cuffs...

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Katt Williams Arrested, Again, In California?

By Joe Wilde | 8th December 2012

Katt Williams has yet another legal issue to contend with after the controversial comic was arrest for the umpteenth time in only a few weeks after being pulled up on an outstanding warrant whilst in...

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Katt Williams Wanted By Police After Prompting Chase

By Joe Wilde | 8th December 2012

Comedian Katt Williams may not have a whole lot to laugh about given the slew of legal trouble coming his way, with the comic's erratic behaviour of late seemingly getting all the more out of...

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Katt Williams No Show For Hearing, But Only Joking About Quitting Comedy

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th December 2012

The comedian Katt Williams, who has been in trouble with the police recently after a series of violent and odd run-ins, was a no show at an arraignment hearing in Seattle to face assault charges,...

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Should Katt Williams Retire From Stand-up Comedy?

By Michael West | 5th December 2012

Katt Williams says he's drawing the curtain on his stand-up comedy career after his recent problems with the law that culminated in his latest arrest on Monday (December 3, 2012). Williams - whose comedic style...

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Katt Williams Quits Stand Up Comedy, Plans To Move Onto A Ferry

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th December 2012

We're confused; first Katt Williams states he's going to quit comedy, but in the same interview, he divulges his plans to buy a massive ferry to live on. Now, that's pretty funny, if you ask...

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A Sad End: Katt Williams Announces His Retirement From Comedy

By Michael West | 4th December 2012

Katt Williams has announced his retirement from the entertainment business after a troubling couple of weeks. On Monday (December 3, 2012), the comedian and actor said he was ordered to leave a Seattle hotel just...

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Katt Williams' Slap On Target Employee Caught On Camera (Video)

By Michael West | 3rd December 2012

Katt Williams' slap on a Target employee has been caught on camera. The incident occurred on Sunday (December 2, 2012), just moments after the comedian led cops on a three-wheeled chase through the streets of...

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Katt Williams Arrest Infuriates Him As He Threatens To Cancel Show

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th November 2012

When comedian Katt Williams was arrested after a man told Oakland police that the entertainer hit him over the head with a bottle, he didn't go down quietly, rather, he threatened to cancel his show.TMZ...

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Katt Williams Arrested In Relation To Club Fight

By Contributor | 15th November 2012

Katt Williams has been arrested by poice in Oakland after he was rumored to have been connected with a fight down at a club in the area.The 41 year-old rapper is best known for his...

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