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Gary Oldman Wanted English Role

10th December 2011

Gary Oldman signed up to 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' so he could be an "Englishman". The British actor - best known for his eccentric roles including Sirius Black in the 'Harry Potter' series and Commissioner...

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Wright Desperate To Cast Burke In Film

11th February 2008

ATONEMENT director JOE WRIGHT is desperate to cast British actress KATHY BURKE in one of his films - because she is responsible for his success in the showbiz industry. The filmmaker was working as an...

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Burke 'Almost Died' After Contracting Hospital Bug

10th January 2008

British actress KATHY BURKE almost died after contracting a deadly superbug in a London hospital last year (07). The Nil By Mouth star contracted Clostridium difficle - which thrives in unhygienic conditions - while being...

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Kathy Burke Battling Mystery Illness

31st January 2007

British actress KATHY BURKE is in hospital suffering a mystery stomach illness. The ELIZABETH actress, 42, was hurried to the Royal London Hospital yesterday (30JAN07) after complaining of crippling pains. Doctors are reportedly undergoing tests...

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Winstone Terrified Of Tough Burke

17th October 2006

British screen hardman RAY WINSTONE is only scared of one person - his NIL BY MOUTH co-star and pal KATHY BURKE. Actress-turned-director Burke admits being able to keep the SEXY BEAST tough guy in line...

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Burke Struck By Level-headed London

22nd July 2005

KATHY BURKE was deeply touched to witness the defiant spirit of Londoners after the bombings in the English capital earlier this month (07JUL05). The NIL BY MOUTH actress, born and bred in the metropolis,...

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Burke: 'Clash Autograph Was Always Mine'

22nd July 2005

Actress KATHY BURKE gets furious when friends assume she bought her vintage copy of NME signed by punk legends THE CLASH at an auction - as she approached them herself at the age of 15....

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Burke's Rotten Snub Impresses Pistol

22nd July 2005

British actress KATHY BURKE's proudest moment was when she told SEX PISTOLS frontman JOHNNY ROTTEN to "f**k off". The NIL BY MOUTH star was a huge fan of the punk pioneers, and knew an...

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Eminem Left Bemused By Burke

5th November 2004

Rap superstar EMINEM was left bemused when confronted by British comedienne KATHY BURKE backstage at a TV show - because she was dressed up as a male teenager and called him 'Eminemenimemem'. Burke was...

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