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Butler Nervous Over Heigl Sex Scenes

21st July 2009

GERARD BUTLER was so nervous while filming sex scenes with KATHERINE HEIGL in THE UGLY TRUTH, he repeatedly forgot his lines.The Scottish hunk plays a cocky ladies man in the film - but his confidence...

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Clean Freak Katherine Heigl

20th July 2009

Katherine Heigl is obsessed with cleaning.The 'Ugly Truth' actress - who is married to musician Josh Kelley - claims she suffers from mild OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) when it comes to tidiness in the home...

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Katherine Heigl In Bomb Scare

19th July 2009

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler had to evacuate a hotel following a bomb scare.The two actors were at Los Angeles' Four Seasons Hotel promoting their new movie 'The Ugly Truth' on Saturday (18.07.09) when they...

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Heigl & Butler In Bomb Scare

19th July 2009

KATHERINE HEIGL and GERARD BUTLER were left fearing for their lives after a bomb scare at a Los Angeles hotel on Saturday (18Jul09).The Hollywood stars were inside the Four Seasons Hotel to promote their upcoming...

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Katherine Heigl's Love Discovery

14th July 2009

Katherine Heigl only discovered her true self after she found love.The 'Grey's Anatomy' actress - who began dating singer Josh Kelley in 2005 - always tried to change herself to please a man but soon...

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The Things They Say 12868

10th July 2009

"I joke with my family and friends that I'm still too vain to get caught looking bad and then ending up on a 'What Not to Wear' page of a magazine.'" GREY'S ANATOMY actress KATHERINE...

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Confident Katherine Heigl

4th July 2009

Katherine Heigl always thinks she looks good.The 'Knocked Up' actress - who is often voted one of the world's most beautiful women - is confident with her appearance whenever she goes out but soon changes...

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Heigl Rep Shoots Down Salary Demand Rumours

27th May 2009

KATHERINE HEIGL's representative has lashed out at reports she was dropped from an upcoming A-list movie ensemble due to her extortionate salary demands.The Grey's Anatomy star, who broke into movies with 2007 comedy hit Knocked...

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Heigl Unsure About Her Future On Grey's Anatomy

28th March 2009

KATHERINE HEIGL has no idea what lies ahead for her on hit U.S. TV show GREY'S ANATOMY - because no one will tell her what is planned for her character. The actress has been at the...

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Fascinating Fact 7004

17th March 2009

KATHERINE HEIGL's husband JOSH KELLEY and ASHLEE SIMPSON's ex-boyfriend RYAN CABRERA are to tour together next month (Apr09)....

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Dempsey Dismisses Heigl & Knight's Tv Departure

11th March 2009

GREY'S ANATOMY actor PATRICK DEMPSEY has dismissed reports his co-stars T.R. KNIGHT and KATHERINE HEIGL are leaving the series. Castmember James Pickens Jr. 'revealed' the pair had quit the show last month (Feb09), prompting series creator...

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Kelley Misses Heigl During Tour

23rd February 2009

Rocker JOSH KELLEY dreads hitting the road to tour - because he misses his actress wife KATHERINE HEIGL during his treks. The romantic singer-songwriter often feels lonely performing in different cities and pines for Grey's Anatomy...

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Heigl & Knight Staying On Grey's Anatomy

13th February 2009

GREY'S ANATOMY creator SHONDA RHIMES has denied reports KATHERINE HEIGL and T.R. KNIGHT will be leaving the hit U.S. hospital drama - insisting both stars will continue to work on the show. The pair has played...

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Heigl & Knight Leave U.s. Medical Show

10th February 2009

GREY'S ANATOMY stars KATHERINE HEIGL and T.R. KNIGHT are leaving the hit U.S. hospital drama, a castmate has confirmed.The pair has played doctors Izzie Stevens and George O'Malley in the medical drama since it first...

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Heigl Wins An 'Oscar' In Mexico

4th February 2009

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL already has an Oscar - and she's not even nominated this year (09). The Knocked Up star and her husband Josh Kelley have taken in a stray pup after finding him dumped in...

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The Things They Say 10710

9th January 2009

"I indulged over the holidays and I tried on some of the slinky, short, sexy dresses and I just thought, 'Y'know, I'd much rather be covered and not have to suck it in all night."...

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Heigl's Happy Meal Birthday

18th November 2008

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL isn't ashamed of her fast food habit - she satisfied her greasy cravings after a glamorous birthday celebration by chowing down on a hamburger. The svelte Knocked Up star got all glammed...

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Heigl And Kelley To Adopt A Korean Baby?

18th October 2008

KNOCKED UP star KATHERINE HEIGL and her husband JOSH KELLEY are planning to adopt a child from South Korea within the next year, according to reports. The couple has reportedly chosen South Korea because Heigl's...

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The Things They Say 9534

17th September 2008

"I'll stay on GREY'S ANATOMY as long as they'll have me - I'm just grateful to have a steady job." KATHERINE HEIGL has no plans to leave the hit U.S. medical drama....

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Stars Congratulate Degeneres + De Rossi

19th August 2008

Stars including KATHERINE HEIGL, AMERICA FERRERA and T.R. KNIGHT have all offered their congratulations to newlyweds ELLEN DeGENERES and PORTIA DE ROSSI. The talk show queen, 50, wed her longtime girlfriend, 35, in an intimate...

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The Things They Say 9140

10th August 2008

"I've just got very lazy about it. I satisfy my vices instead of fighting them. If I start going back to church, I'd have to stop the smoking and drinking." Actress KATHERINE HEIGL on why...

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Heigl 'Too Busy' For Children

31st July 2008

KATHERINE HEIGL has no plans to start a family with husband JOSH KELLEY just yet - because the pair is "too busy" to consider parenthood. The Grey's Anatomy star married singer/songwriter Kelley in December last...

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Rhimes 'Surprised' At Heigl's Emmy Row

18th July 2008

GREY'S ANATOMY creator SHONDA RHIMES was surprised at KATHERINE HEIGL's refusal to submit her name for this year's (08) Emmy Awards - but didn't feel insulted by the snub. The actress claimed writers on the...

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Rhimes: No Plan To Kill Off Izzie

12th July 2008

GREY'S ANATOMY creator SHONDA RHIMES has denied KATHERINE HEIGL's character in the series is to be "killed off" following a row over this year's (08) Emmy Awards. The actress, who plays Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens,...

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Wilson Comes To Heigl's Defence Over Emmys

9th July 2008

LATEST: GREY'S ANATOMY actress CHANDRA WILSON has defended her co-star KATHERINE HEIGL's decision to pull herself out of the list of 2008 Emmy Award contenders, insisting the topic had been "blown out of proportion". Heigl,...

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Heigl Upsets Grey's Staff With Emmy Snub

13th June 2008

LATEST: KATHERINE HEIGL has upset staff on the set of GREY'S ANATOMY after withdrawing from the Emmy awards as part of a protest about her character's development on the hit show. The actress insisted her...

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Heigl To Star In Sect Movie

12th June 2008

Actress KATHERINE HEIGL has signed to star in and produce ESCAPE, a new movie about the American polygamous sect founded by WARREN JEFFS. The movie will be based on the memoir of Carolyn Jessop, whose...

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Grey's Anatomy Star Blasts Scripts

12th June 2008

Grey's Anatomy cast member Katherine Heigl is so unhappy with the quality of the scripts for this year's episodes that she has taken the extraordinary step of requesting that she not be considered for an...

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Heigl Withdraws From Emmy Race Over Poor Material

11th June 2008

GREY'S ANATOMY star KATHERINE HEIGL pulled herself out of the list of Emmy Award contenders as part of a protest about her character's development on the medical drama. The actress, who won the Best Supporting...

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Superbad Leading The Pack In Mtv Movie Awards Nominations

7th May 2008

Teen comedy Superbad is the favourite to sweep the board at the MTV Movie awards next month with five nominations, it has been announced.The film's leading men, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, are up for...

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