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Fascinating Fact 3037

26th March 2007

It's a busy time for the HEIGL family - GREY'S ANATOMY star KATHERINE is planning her upcoming nuptials with boyfriend JOSH KELLEY while sister MEG will wed her fiance in October (07)....

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Nanny Bars Jackson's Father From Seeing Grandchildren

1st February 2007

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE has been barred from seeing his grandchildren at their new home in Las Vegas, according to US media reports. The Jackson family patriarch has attempted to visit his three grandchildren -...

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Michael Taught Janet About The Birds And The Bees

4th August 2006

Superstar JANET JACKSON was taught the facts of life by her older brother MICHAEL JACKSON. The singer turned to Michael for an explanation after walking in on their parents JOE and KATHERINE having sex. She...

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Turturro's Breast Blunder

26th March 2006

ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES director JOHN TURTURRO was mortified when he groped a stranger in a New York bar after mistaking the woman for his wife KATHERINE. The 49-year-old film-maker admits the embarrassing incident has taught...

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Jermaine Jackson Attacks 'Abusive' Father Joe

7th March 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE's abusive behaviour towards his children would have landed him in jail if he hadn't had the protection of his wife KATHERINE, according to a book proposal JERMAINE JACKSON put forward in...

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Joe Jackson: 'Katherine Whipped Michael More Than I Did'

3rd November 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE has rubbished claims he physically abused the singer during his childhood, insisting his wife KATHERINE was responsible for whipping the child star. THRILLER star MICHAEL, has often spoken of his...

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Jackson 'Undergoing Major Make-over'

5th September 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's appearance is undergoing a major revamp as he hides away from the American press in Bahrain and prepares to relaunch his career, according to an American author. MICHAEL C LUCKMAN, who wrote...

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Richard Unveiled As Blairs' Secret Host

31st August 2005

Veteran rocker SIR CLIFF RICHARD loaned British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR his holiday home in Barbados so the premier could vacation with his family. British newspapers discovered Blair, his wife CHERIE and children, EUAN,...

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Jackson Jurors 'Involved In Misconduct', Says Author

5th August 2005

A former family friend of MICHAEL JACKSON has claimed the singer's recent child molestation trial was marred by a number of illegal jury activities, including a video tape of US show Court TV being smuggled...

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Newton Disputes Claims He Owes Big Money In Taxes

4th August 2005

Veteran performer WAYNE NEWTON is fighting claims that he and his wife owe $1.8 million (GBP1 million) in taxes and penalties. Officials at America's Inland Revenue Service (IRS) claim the DANKE SCHOEN singer and...

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Prinze Jr's Chef Role Thrills Mother

2nd August 2005

FREDDIE PRINZE JR's new TV role as a chef has thrilled his mother KATHERINE - because she urged him to train in the profession before he became an actor. In his upcoming show FREDDIE,...

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Jackson Will Stay At Neverland

28th June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has changed his mind about leaving America and is determined to "bounce back", following his acquittal on child molestation charges. The pop superstar contemplated selling his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara during...

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Arnie's Kids Take Off To Help Others Master English

27th June 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is upset with his teenage daughters because they chose to help others perfect their English instead of assist their Austrian-born dad. KATHERINE, 15, and CHRISTINA, 14, have given up their summer vacation...

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Jackson Mother Wants Neverland Kid Ban

22nd June 2005

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON's mother KATHERINE has begged the troubled superstar to ban children from his California Neverland Ranch. Teenage cancer sufferer GAVIN ARVIZO accused Jackson of molesting him in the plush ranch in 2003,...

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Jackson Defended By His Mother

22nd June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's mother KATHERINE has hit back at critics who are cynical about her son's acquittal on child molestation charges - she insists he is innocent of all the charges brought against him. The...

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Michael Jackson Skips Celebration Party

20th June 2005

Family members, friends and fans of MICHAEL JACKSON gathered to celebrate his court victory on Friday night (17JUN05) - but the pop star was nowhere to be seen. The THRILLER singer, 46, has not...

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Networks Snub Jackson Reality Show

16th June 2005

LATEST: Plans by MICHAEL JACKSON's family to air a reality TV show have hit a stumbling block - US networks have rejected it. According to the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, as the jury was still deliberating...

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Joe Jackson: 'I Wasn't A Bad Dad'

2nd June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's father is still forgiving his son after the pop superstar revealed the extent of the family patriarch's tough love in controversial documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON. JOE JACKSON, who has been by...

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Jackson Arrest Warrant Issued

12th March 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON risks forfeiting his $3 million (GBP1.6 million) bail and spending the rest of his child molestation trial in custody after arriving at court over one hour late today (10MAR04). JUDGE RODNEY MELVILLE...

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Jackson Advised Not To 'Showboat' At Trial

1st February 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has been advised not to showboat outside his Santa Maria, California, child molestation trial - by his own family. The singer's mother KATHERINE feels her son's decision to dance on top of...

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Joe Jackson Slams 'Racist Americans'

28th January 2005

LATEST: The parents of beleaguered singer MICHAEL JACKSON have blamed "racist Americans" for the superstar's negative press surrounding his upcoming child molestation trial. The troubled THRILLER hitmaker's trial on charges of child molestation, conspiracy...

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Jackson's Mother Says Timberlake Should Have Been Blamed Too

28th January 2005

JANET JACKSON's mother KATHERINE believes JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE should take some of the heat for her daughter's infamous SUPER BOWL "wardrobe malfunction". Last year (04) Janet sparked furore and prompted new clampdowns by America's FEDERAL...

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Jackson's Mother Stresses Over Trial

27th January 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's imminent child molestation trial is proving so distressing for his mother KATHERINE, she's suffering endless sleepless nights. The 46-year-old BAD singer, whose trial begins on Monday (31JAN05), has pleaded not guilty to...

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Jackson 'Has Half-sister'

1st November 2004

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has a secret half-sister who is 16 years his junior, reports a British newspaper. JOH'VONNIE JACKSON, 30, previously worked as an airport baggage handler and is thought to have never...

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Jackson Back In Court To Face Accuser's Mum

17th September 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON is back in court in Santa Maria, California, after showing up with members of his family for a face-to-face with the mother of the boy he is accused of molesting. Dressed...

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Jackson And Sneddon Face Off

16th August 2004

LATEST: MICHAEL JACKSON arrived at court today (16AUG04) with his family in tow - on a double-decker tour bus. Wearing a white suit with a mustard yellow armband, the BAD singer entered the court...

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Jackson Prepares For Courtroom Showdown

16th August 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON's courtroom appearance for his child molestation battle today (16AUG04) is expected to be a fierce showdown between him and longtime nemesis District Attorney TOM SNEDDON. The BAD singer's parents JOE and KATHERINE...

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Jacksons To 'Attend Court Monday'

13th August 2004

Troubled singer MICHAEL JACKSON and his famous family is reportedly set to attend court on Monday (16AUG04) to hear the testimony of the man accusing him of child molestation charges. The BAD hitmaker's parents...

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Jackson To Sue Memorabilia Seller

20th April 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON is vowing to sue the man who has sold some of the pop star's belongings for $1.4 million (GBP792,000), after a court ruled the memorabilia should not be available for sale. HENRY...

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Jackson Sues Over Sale Of Property On Web

24th March 2004

MICHAEL JACKSON has sued a businessman for more than $10 million (GBP5.5 million), claiming he's illegally selling private property belonging to the pop star and his family on the internet. The lawsuit claims that...

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