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Not only the executives of AEG have to pay for their responsability in the murder of Michael Jackson but also: 1) the mafia of Sony, since both companies had plotted this crime together for then profiting from Michael's legacy after his death through a forged will; 2) John Branca and John McClain, the present executors of MJ Estate who are also associated to AEG and Sony and who, through a forged will, are illegaly running MJ Estate to benefit the interests of those two corrupt companies and those of their accomplices in the Government 3) All the corrupt members of the Police, System of Justice, Corporate Media, and Government who, at the moment of Michael's death and afterwards, covered up the crime by deleting all evidence (such as the footage of the surveillance cameras in Carolwood , thing which was never investigated), by distorting the reality of the facts, and by smearing and defaming Michael and his family. The whole world is aware of all the atrocities this big network of criminals committed against Michael and his family and thus, all the people throughout the world who stand by Justice and so stand by Michael and his family, will go on waiting until ALL OF THESE CRIMINALS BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, CONVICTED, AND PUNISHED WITH ALL THE WEIGHT OF THE LAW!

1 year 9 months ago
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Thank you Ms. Katherine for going after these people because MJ deserves to get total justice. My question is if MJ was so much in debt which is suppose to be the reason for all of these concerts, then how would he have been able to pay Murray $150,000/mo. Kenny O. himself stated that AEG was paying Murray and that MJ was not 100% physically able to do this tremendous about of performances. If I am wrong will someone please correct me.

1 year 9 months ago
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