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Deneuve Honoured In Cannes

13th May 2005

French actress CATHERINE DENEUVE has been presented with an honorary award at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, in recognition of her life's work and "legendary" status. The prestigious festival's president GILLES JACOB singled out "the...

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Fonda Struggled With Golden Pond

26th April 2005

JANE FONDA almost gave up on making film classic ON GOLDEN POND because no one wanted to make a family film starring her ailing father HENRY FONDA. The actress teamed up with BRUCE GILBERT...

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Actress Ruth Hussey Dies

23rd April 2005

Actress RUTH HUSSEY has died from complications from an appendectomy. She was 93. The actress, who received an OSCAR nomination for her role alongside JAMES STEWART and KATHARINE HEPBURN in 1940's THE PHILADELPHIA STORY,...

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Smith Praises Grant's Violence Towards Women

18th March 2005

WILL SMITH has sparked controversy by praising movie legend CARY GRANT's on-screen violence towards women. Smith has advised fellow actors to study the NORTH BY NORTHWEST star's movie performances, because he admires Grant's ability...

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Blanchett Pays Tribute To Hepburn Relatives

28th February 2005

Australian actress CATE BLANCHETT paid tribute to KATHARINE HEPBURN's relatives for their generosity, after winning an OSCAR for her portrayal of the late actress in THE AVIATOR. The blonde star was named Best Supporting...

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Blanchett Shuns Hollywood's Finest Designers

27th February 2005

OSCAR-nominee CATE BLANCHETT has shunned the services of Hollywood's finest dress designers for tonight's (27FEB05) ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony. The laid-back Australian beauty has rejected the free help offered by 80 stylists and life coaches...

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Blanchett Seeks Out Dress Ideas On The Net

24th February 2005

Actress CATE BLANCHETT is picking up style ideas for the upcoming ACADEMY AWARDS from an unusual source - the internet. The 35-year-old screen star has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for...

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Cate Chooses Versatility Over Vanity

14th February 2005

Australian screen beauty CATE BLANCHETT admits to being vain, but feels having a chameleon-like appearance is more important when it comes to acting. Playing characters as diverse as QUEEN ELIZABETH I (young and old)...

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Bacall Unimpressed By Beckinsale's Avaitor Performance

6th February 2005

KATE BECKINSALE failed to capture AVA GARDNER's "ravishing" quality in THE AVIATOR, according to Hollywood legend LAUREN BACALL. The 80-year-old Bacall was more convinced by CATE BLANCHETT's performance of her close friend KATHARINE HEPBURN...

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Blanchett's Oscars Dress Fears

1st February 2005

Aussie actress CATE BLANCHETT is terrified of trying on any of the designer gowns she's been offered for the OSCARS because she fears her baby ROMAN will ruin it. THE AVIATOR star has been...

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Linney To Fill Hepburn's Shoes?

21st January 2005

Actress LAURA LINNEY is the favourite to reprise the role immortalised by Hollywood great KATHARINE HEPBURN in a stage adaptation of PHILIP BARRY's play THE PHILADELPHIA STORY. Hepburn starred as socialite TRACY LORD on...

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Blanchett A 'Genius Chameleon'

21st December 2004

CATE BLANCHETT is an acting "genius", according to her THE AVIATOR co-star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO. DiCaprio was hugely impressed with the way Blanchett became her famous character KATHARINE HEPBURN in the movie - qualities he...

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Cate Reveals Hepburn's Imperfections

16th December 2004

Australian movie star CATE BLANCHETT has discovered silver screen icon KATHARINE HEPBURN is less than perfect - she alleges the legend was "freckly" and "sweaty". Blanchett, who plays Hepburn in new movie THE...

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Blanchett Begs Academy To Give Scorsese Oscar

7th December 2004

Actress CATE BLANCHETT is urging the ACADEMY AWARDS board to finally honour MARTIN SCORSESE with an OSCAR. The Australian star plays KATHARINE HEPBURN in Scorsese's HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR, and she's calling on...

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Bacall Helps Blanchett Form Hepburn Role

7th December 2004

Actress CATE BLANCHETT credits LAUREN BACALL with helping her create an accurate portrayal of late movie legend KATHARINE HEPBURN in HOWARD HUGHES biopic THE AVIATOR. The Australian beauty thoroughly researched Hepburn's life and achievements...

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Joan Collins: 'Glamour Is Dead'

4th November 2004

British actress JOAN COLLINS is disappointed with the current crop of young actresses, claiming they lack the style of old Hollywood icons such as KATHARINE HEPBURN. The former DYNASTY diva is appalled by the...

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Hepburn Telegram Collection Goes On Show

8th October 2004

Late actress KATHARINE HEPBURN's letters, scripts and telegrams from legends including CARY GRANT and JANE FONDA are to go on show. The trove of mementoes collected by the OSCAR-winning beauty have been left...

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Dicaprio Shares Hughes' Passion For Privacy

7th October 2004

Actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO learned he had great similarities with HOWARD HUGHES while portraying him in upcoming movie THE AVIATOR - because of their passion for privacy. The big-budget biopic, which debuts in America on...

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Hepburn Items Donated To Library

9th September 2004

A trove of items from late actress KATHARINE HEPBURN's estate have been donated to the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES' MARGARET HERRICK LIBRARY. The collection, which includes thousands of photographs and six...

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Hepburn's Home Sold

5th August 2004

Screen icon KATHARINE HEPBURN's waterfront home in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, has been sold to an architect who plans to renovate the property. The large home sits on 3.3 acres (1.33 hectares) of land and...

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Tv Star Stanford Dies

13th July 2004

Beloved American TV star ISABEL STANFORD has died at a Los Angeles hospital. She was 86. The actress, who won legions of fans as WEEZIE in long-running sitcom THE JEFFERSONS, died this morning (12JUL04)...

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Rose Pays $25,000 For Hepburn Art

24th June 2004

Wild rocker MARILYN MANSON's ex-girlfriend ROSE McGOWAN is the new owner of an original art piece by late screen legend KATHARINE HEPBURN. The SCREAM star paid $25,200 (GBP14,000) for the landscape at a...

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Hepburn Auction Surpasses Expectations

14th June 2004

Late screen legend KATHARINE HEPBURN's possessions have been sold for $5.8 million (GBP3.3 million) over the course of a two-day auction - exceeding organisers' predictions. Items belonging to the ACADEMY AWARD winner - including...

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Hepburn's Extraordinary Auction Success

11th June 2004

Late four-time ACADEMY AWARD winner KATHARINE HEPBURN's possessions raised an extraordinary $1.8 million (GBP1 million) on the first day of the controversial auction (10JUN04) - surpassing the $1 million (GBP555,000) prediction total. More...

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Friend Attacks Hepburn Auction

30th May 2004

Late film legend KATHARINE HEPBURN's chosen biographer A SCOTT BERG has furiously attacked a decision to break up an archive of documents by auctioning many of her most intimate possessions. The actress's close friend...

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Hepburn's House Sold

26th May 2004

Late screen legend KATHARINE HEPBURN's Manhattan house has sold for a reported $3.9 million (GBP2.16 million). The BRINGING UP BABY actress - who died aged 96 last June (03) - bought the New York...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Pam Can't Wait To Grow Old - Just Like Hepburn

19th March 2004

PAMELA ANDERSON is looking forward to old age because she's quite taken with the idea of being a toothless crone. The former BAYWATCH babe has been inspired about her autumn years by watching HENRY...

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Hepburn Auction Expected To Raise Over A Million

18th March 2004

An auction of KATHARINE HEPBURN's possessions is expected to raise over $1 million (GBP600,000) - and reveal many of the late Hollywood great's secrets. Items including love notes from tycoon HOWARD HUGHES, address books...

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