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Hudson Hails Russell's Influence

23rd November 2005

Hollywood actress KATE HUDSON insists her step-father KURT RUSSELL had as much influence on her growing up as her mother GOLDIE HAWN. The HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS star, who was...

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Hudson Considering Quitting Acting

22nd November 2005

Hollywood stunner KATE HUDSON is considering giving up her acting career to become a full time mum. The ALMOST FAMOUS star, who has 22-month-old son RYDER with her THE BLACK CROWES rocker husband CHRIS...

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Garner, Hudson + Lohan Lead Jeannie Race

17th November 2005

LATEST: JENNIFER GARNER, KATE HUDSON and LINDSAY LOHAN have emerged as the front runners in the race to land the coveted role of JEANNIE in the upcoming movie adaptation of TV series I DREAM OF...

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Richards Tops Hollywood Mums List

17th November 2005

Former BOND girl DENISE RICHARDS has topped a new list of hot Hollywood mothers, beating off competition from REESE WITHERSPOON and ANGELINA JOLIE. Richards, who recently saved her marriage to CHARLIE SHEEN after the...

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Hudson Takes Legal Action Over Photographs

8th November 2005

KATE HUDSON is taking legal action against five publications which published photographs the actress claims falsely imply she has an eating disorder. The ALMOST FAMOUS star, 26, is furious over the images which she...

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The Things They Say 434

20th October 2005

"I was a big, jolly pregnant lady. Put a beard on me and I could've been a Santa Claus." KATE HUDSON has an unflattering image of herself when she was pregnant with her baby son...

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Farrell's Paparazzi Pursuits Inspire T-shirts

15th October 2005

A crew member on the set of COLIN FARRELL's upcoming movie MIAMI VICE is so fed up with the paparazzi constantly hounding him, she's created a new line of "Leave Colin Alone" T-shirts. ANGIE...

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Crowe Desperate For Dunst

10th October 2005

Movie-maker CAMERON CROWE was thrilled to cast KIRSTEN DUNST as his heroine in new movie ELIZABETHTOWN, because he regretted rejecting her for the starring role in ALMOST FAMOUS. The part of PENNY LANE went...

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Hudson Bought Her Childhood Home

5th October 2005

The Malibu, California home KATE HUDSON bought as a family holiday getaway when she was pregnant with baby RYDER is the same one her mother GOLDIE HAWN bought when she was pregnant with Kate....

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Hudson Shows Off Her Home

4th October 2005

Movie star KATE HUDSON and husband CHRIS ROBINSON have opened up their Bohemian Pacific Palisades home for US style magazine W. ALMOST FAMOUS star Hudson took magazine snapper ALEXIA S on a tour through...

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Britney Voted Biggest 'Fashion Sinner' Yet Again

1st September 2005

Pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS' dress sense has earned her the undesirable title of top "fashion sinner" for the second year in a row in a magazine poll. But unlike last year (05), pregnant Spears...

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Hudson's Vertigo Hell

31st August 2005

Actress KATE HUDSON nearly quit filming LE DIVORCE in 2003, because she suffered a terrifying attack of vertigo while making her way up the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The 26-year-old screen star was...

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Alba To Dream Of Jeannie

23rd August 2005

SIN CITY star JESSICA ALBA has beaten a host of Hollywood stars to land the coveted lead in the I DREAM OF JEANNIE movie. The actress will join funnyman JIMMY FALLON for the latest...

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Carell's Virgin Lures Fans

22nd August 2005

STEVE CARELL's maiden voyage as a leading man has proved to be fruitful, with his new film THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN opening at the top of the US box office with $20.6 million (GBP11.4 million)....

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Hudson's Dark Lullabies For Son

18th August 2005

KATE HUDSON and her rocker husband CHRIS ROBINSON have an unusual choice of songs for rocking their 18-month-old son RYDER to sleep - depressing blues ballads. ALMOST FAMOUS star Hudson blames her musical options...

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Simpson's Dukes Booted From Top By Wahlberg's Brothers

15th August 2005

MARK WAHLBERG's new movie FOUR BROTHERS has booted JESSICA SIMPSON's THE DUKES OF HAZZARD from the top of the American box office. The action film, which also stars ANDRE '3000' BENJAMIN, TYRESE and GARRETT...

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Hudson's Cries 'All The Time'

12th August 2005

ALMOST FAMOUS star KATE HUDSON is so emotional, she once wept while watching HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. The 26-year-old actress admits that many things make her cry, and the 1989 RICK MORANIS...

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Hudson Gave Up Soccer For The Sake Of Her Legs

10th August 2005

ALMOST FAMOUS star KATE HUDSON ditched her plans to embark on a career as a soccer player, after realising the sport was making her legs too muscular. The Hollywood actress, daughter of GOLDIE HAWN,...

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Hudson Wears Her Husband's Clothes

9th August 2005

Actress KATE HUDSON has a useful back-up plan whenever she doesn't like anything in her own wardrobe - she wears her husband CHRIS ROBINSON's clothes. The ALMOST FAMOUS star admits that both her rocker...

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The Things They Say 3

9th August 2005

"If you can't wear high boots over your jeans - if you don't have the legs for it - just don't do it." Actress KATE HUDSON reveals a bohemian style no-no....

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Hudson's Happy Marriage Down To Flirting

8th August 2005

Hollywood beauty KATE HUDSON does all she can to keep her marriage to rocker CHRIS ROBINSON from becoming routine, and constantly flirting is her favourite method. The ALMOST FAMOUS actress has been married to...

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Hudson's Ouija Tradition

5th August 2005

KATE HUDSON's new supernatural movie SKELETON KEY was familiar territory for the actress because she grew up summoning the dead using Ouija boards. Hudson, mother GOLDIE HAWN and step-dad KURT RUSSELL frequently tried the...

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Hudson Baby Wants To Be A Crowe

4th August 2005

BLACK CROWES rocker CHRIS ROBINSON's 18-month-old baby son RYDER is a rock star in the making and already desperate to join his dad on stage. The singer's wife, actress KATE HUDSON is terrified about...

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Hudson Hits Out At British Journalist

4th August 2005

ALMOST FAMOUS star KATE HUDSON has slammed a British journalist for writing a less than flattering article about her recently. The 26-year-old actress had travelled to London to promote her new thrilled THE SKELETON...

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Hudson Scared Of Negative Hollywood Karma

29th July 2005

Movie star KATE HUDSON is obsessed with splashing water over herself to protect her from her "negative" Hollywood peers. The ALMOST FAMOUS actress, who is married to THE BLACK CROWES frontman CHRIS ROBINSON, is...

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Hudson Bored Of Romantic Comedies

28th July 2005

KATE HUDSON was thrilled when she first read the script for new movie THE SKELETON KEY, as it was a far cry from the usual romantic comedies she stars in. The 26-year-old actress is...

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Hudson Admits: 'Mother Knows Best'

24th July 2005

Screen beauty KATE HUDSON credits her movie star mother GOLDIE HAWN with saving her marriage to BLACK CROWES rocker CHRIS ROBINSON. The ALMOST FAMOUS actress was urged by Hawn to take time out from...

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Hudson Warns Fans: 'Think Of The Kids'

24th July 2005

KATE HUDSON warns autograph hunters to back off when they see their favourite celebrity spending time with their family, as over-zealous admirers often rob children of valuable time with their superstar parents. The 26-year-old...

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Hudson Proud Of Her War Wounds

22nd July 2005

Screen beauty KATE HUDSON insisted on doing her own stunts in new thriller THE SKELETON KEY - and she wanted the scars to prove it. The ALMOST FAMOUS actress was thrilled to have the...

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Lohan Packs Trunks For European Visit

18th July 2005

MEAN GIRLS star LINDSAY LOHAN is so intent on looking good during a two week promotional trip to Europe, she is taking 10 trunks full of clothes. The 19-year-old actress will be touring the...

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