Karolina Korkova likes to flaunt her imperfections.

The former Victoria's Secret model says it's important for women to feel comfortable with themselves and they shouldn't be afraid to show off their most dominant features.

She said: ''I want people to know that it's okay to be different and that you have to flaunt your imperfections. If you have big teeth like me, smile a lot and if you have long legs don't be afraid to wear long dresses!''

Karolina is taking part in Naomi Campbell's reality television series, 'The Face', and says she decided to get involved so she could help girls improve their insecurities.

She told vogue.co.uk: ''The show is all about possibility and I love to mentor these girls because so many of them don't have the confidence yet and I remember feeling that way before I was a model, when people made fun of the way I looked. It sounds superficial, but having someone to give you that confidence and tell you that you're beautiful makes a huge difference and makes you work harder.''