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Steven Spielberg Wants Lucas To Sort Out Indiana Jones 5 Script

20th September 2012

Steven Spielberg has urged George Lucas to get the 'Indiana Jones 5' script ''organised''. The Hollywood director - who helmed the first four movies in the franchise - is desperate to make a fifth film...

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The Things They Say 26082

5th September 2012

"If he comes up with a story and if he wants to go forward and do another one, Steven (Spielberg) says he's completely on board and wants to do it. I certainly would want to...

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Fascinating Fact 13964

20th August 2012

Raiders Of The Lost Ark star Karen Allen is heading to New York to star in upcoming Off-Broadway production A Summer Day. The actress will take the stage at the Cherry Lane Theatre for her...

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Timberlake Confesses Crush On Allen

11th June 2008

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made INDIANA JONES star KAREN ALLEN blush on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO on Tuesday (10Jun08) - when he confessed his childhood crush on her. Leno forced the singer to recount a...

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The Things They Say 8370

20th May 2008

"I've been promised a scarf." HARRISON FORD is looking forward to his winter treat from INDIANA JONES + THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL co-star KAREN ALLEN, who runs a knitwear business in Massachusetts when...

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Allen Shocked By Indiana Jones Comeback

20th May 2008

INDIANA JONES actress KAREN ALLEN was stunned when STEVEN SPIELBERG phoned her to offer her a role in the new swashbuckling sequel - because she had been "semi-retired" for decades. Allen played heroine Marion Ravenwood...

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The Things They Say 8325

16th May 2008

"Anybody who saw RAIDERS (OF THE LOST ARK) is in love with KAREN ALLEN. I feel that way, my dad feels that way, a lot of the crew feels that way. You come to the...

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Allen Hopes Indiana Jones Will Help Her Love Life

16th May 2008

Actress KAREN ALLEN hopes her role in the fourth INDIANA JONES movie wins her a new life partner, but she's reconciled to the fact she might live alone for the rest of her life. The...

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The Things They Say 8321

15th May 2008

"His wife, KATE CAPSHAW, had just bought a lot of my knitwear for Christmas presents. I thought he was going to tell me he loved the presents!" Actress KAREN ALLEN thought STEVEN SPIELBERG's INDIANA JONES...

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Raiders Star Allen Shocked By Spielberg Call

4th December 2007

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK star KAREN ALLEN was stunned when STEVEN SPIELBERG phoned her and asked her to be part of the new INDIANA JONES movie - because she was just a sweater shop...

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Allen To Return To Indiana Jones Franchise

22nd May 2007

Actress KAREN ALLEN is reportedly set to return to the INDIANA JONES franchise for the much-anticipated fourth film - as the mother of the movie adventurer's sidekick. Allen played Harrison Ford's love interest, Marion Ravenwood,...

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Portman To Play Indiana Jones' Daughter?

10th July 2006

NATALIE PORTMAN is being lined up to play INDIANA JONES' daughter in the fourth and final movie adventure to star HARRISON FORD as the daredevil archaeologist. THE PERFECT STORM star KAREN ALLEN, who is expected...

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Ferrell's Old School Boozer Celebrated In Drinking Poll

21st February 2006

WILL FERRELL's party-loving OLD SCHOOL character FRANK 'THE TANK' RICARD has topped a quirky new list of The Greatest Movie Drinkers. Ferrell's character beat DUDLEY MOORE's ARTHUR, JACKIE CHAN's WONG FEI-HUNG and INDIANA JONES'...

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Flockhart Set For Indiana Jones Iv

14th June 2005

HARRISON FORD's real-life lover CALISTA FLOCKHART looks set to play his onscreen girlfriend in the latest INDIANA JONES adventure. Flockhart admits she would be interested in the part if she "could kick his butt"....

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Indiana Jones Surprise

14th October 2003

HARRISON FORD thrilled his three INDIANA JONES leading ladies at the weekend (12OCT03) when he showed up at a launch party for the new DVD box set in full costume. KAREN ALLEN, KATE CAPSHAW...

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