Jenni 'JWoww' Farley wants to get her ''boobs out'' for her wedding.

The 'Jersey Shore' star recently announced her engagement to Roger Matthews and is already planning how to make sure all the attention is on her for the big day.

She said: ''I want my boobs out. I want a corset looking top and then the bottom to really poof out. I really want something sexy with a princess feel.''

The couple are planning to marry in Las Vegas, where they will follow up their nuptials with a pool party.

She told In Touch Weekly magazine: ''The ceremony and reception will take place in a really nice hotel in Las Vegas followed by a morning pool party the next day.

''A lot of my friends never got to experience Vegas. I'm like hard core Vegas and want to take 300-500 people out there for five days.''

She also hopes 'Jersey Shore' co-star Pauly D will provide the entertainment.

She explained: ''If he's willing to do it, he's my number one choice.''