Julien Macdonald thinks being British makes his designs ''sexy''

The Welsh designer - who has dressed stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce - is proud of his clothing lines and believe clients turn to him for the foreign touch which differs from other European labels, as well as his star-studded clients.

He told InStyle magazine: ''A lot of designers are a bit shy. But I like seeing my customers in the clothes, getting involved and become friends with them.

''They've all been to Dior and Chanel, they've been going there for years. Being British makes it young and sexy. They want a designer that's dressing famous people now.

''That's the essence of success. It's that ultra-glamour. That's why they like it. I should really write a book!''

The 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' judge has noticed a massive difference in the industry since launching his range in 2011 and finds it resembles Hollywood more nowadays with the bizarre demands from customers.

He added: ''It's a new world now. When I started there was hardly anyone under 35 buying. Now it's all young girls wanting amazing party dresses to walk around the pool of their Ibiza villa.

''I've been asked to make dressing downs, pyjamas, breakfast outfits - sometimes they even want a matching outfit for their baby.

''You start thinking, 'Oh, you're not joking,' when they say, 'I need some things to wear at breakfast in my house, with my husband.' It's like Hollywood.''