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Moore's Horror Movie Driving Terrors

2nd January 2006

Actress JULIANNE MOORE was terrified when she learned her character had to drive in her first movie role, because she'd never sat behind the wheel of a car. The red-headed star was killed and...

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Moore's Difficult Biopic On Baekeland Stalled

28th December 2005

JULIANNE MOORE is struggling to find financing for a new movie project based on the alleged real-life oedipal romance between socialite BARBARA BAEKELAND and her son ANTONY. The redhead actress is among the producers...

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Moore And Hayek Praise Nobel Peace Laureate

12th December 2005

JULIANNE MOORE and SALMA HAYEK have praised this year's (05) Nobel peace laureate for his efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons. The Oscar-nominated actresses were among the celebrities who gathered in Oslo,...

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Fascinating Fact 603

30th November 2005

JULIANNE MOORE and SALMA HAYEK have been named as hosts of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. They will be joined at the star-studded show by performances from GLADYS KNIGHT, 1980s group DURAN DURAN and...

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Moore Seeks Treatment For Parrot

5th October 2005

Hollywood actress JULIANNE MOORE is preparing to take her parrot in for medical treatment, because the neurotic bird has picked all of the feathers off one of its wings. The BOOGIE NIGHTS star has...

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Hayek And Moore's Brush With Fame

26th August 2005

SALMA HAYEK, JULIANNE MOORE and JESSICA SIMPSON are giving fans the chance to have a real brush with fame, after autographing a set of hairbrushes which are up for auction. The celebrities, as well...

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Jackson Movie Halted By Extras Boycott

16th May 2005

Filming on SAMUEL L JACKSON's new movie FREEDOMLAND ground to a halt on Thursday (12MAY05) when extras boycotted a hazardous riot scene, demanding bosses pay them more money. The background cast - members of...

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Barkin Tries To Banish Celebrity Birkenstock Wearing

13th May 2005

Hollywood actress ELLEN BARKIN has expressed her disdain for BIRKENSTOCKS - and is attempting to wean stars such as her friend JULIANNE MOORE off the fashionable sandals. THE BIG EASY star, 51, even sends...

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Cross Signs Up For Cancer Event To Help Sick Pal

7th April 2005

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star MARCIA CROSS has signed up to help promote REVLON's annual Run/Walk For Women's Breast Cancer event after learning her best pal is fighting the disease. The redhead actress will appear in...

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Stars Team Up For Benefit Show

21st March 2005

CALISTA FLOCKHART, TERI HATCHER and JULIANNE MOORE are teaming up to host a special comedy night to benefit those afflicted with tuberous sclerosis. COMEDY FOR A CURE will take place in Hollywood on 3...

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Julianne Fights Rubbish Battle

21st January 2005

Actress JULIANNE MOORE is fighting the authorities in New York over a rubbish problem. The OSCAR-nominated movie star has been served a summons for allowing garbage from a renovation pile up outside her West...

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Sarandon Joins Revlon Girls

20th January 2005

Eternal beauty SUSAN SARANDON signed up to become the new face of cosmetics company REVLON because she was thrilled the firm was hiring more mature women. She says, "It was so unusual for a...

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Gyllenhaal's Birthday Kiss

25th November 2004

Actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL had an unusual birthday on 16 November (04) - she spent it kissing ELLEN BARKIN. The pair shared a kiss on the New York City set of their movie TRUST THE...

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'Pregnant' Maggie Weds

12th November 2004

A 'pregnant' MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL stopped traffic in New York last week (02NOV04) when she wed actor BILLY CRUDUP. The pair were getting married for new film TRUST THE MAN, which also stars JULIANNE MOORE...

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Grant Mocks Roberts' 'Big Mouth'

25th October 2004

British actor HUGH GRANT prompted OPRAH WINFREY to jump to her pal JULIA ROBERTS' defence on Friday (22OCT04), after he mocked the OSCAR-winning actress' "big mouth". Grant appeared on Winfrey's chat show to promote...

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Shark Tale Stays On Top Of Us Box Office

11th October 2004

SHARK TALE remains on top of the American box office in its second week of release, after taking in an extra $31.7 million (GBP17.6 million). BILLY BOB THORNTON's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS debuted in second...

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Julianne Moore Slams Botox Celebs

6th October 2004

Actress JULIANNE MOORE mocks celebrities who turn to botox to fight their advancing years, because they "don't look any younger". The redhead beauty is a spokesmodel for REVLON at the age of 43 and...

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West Has To Stay Away From Moore

27th September 2004

Actor DOMINIC WEST desperately tries to avoid JULIANNE MOORE during breaks on their new film THE FORGOTTEN - because she makes him laugh too much. The WIRE star claims that Moore distracts him by...

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The Forgotten Tops Us Box Office

27th September 2004

JULIANNE MOORE's supernatural thriller THE FORGOTTEN has landed at the top of the American box office with a haul on $22 million (GBP12.2 million). Previous chart-topper GWYNETH PALTROW and JUDE LAW's SKY CAPTAIN AND...

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Moore: Too Good At Acting Sad

23rd September 2004

Hollywood actress JULIANNE MOORE finds it impossible to win parts in films with happy endings, because she is so good at acting sad. THE HOURS actress claims directors always cast her in movies in...

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Simpson Wins Hollywood's Battle Of The Best Hair

17th September 2004

JESSICA SIMPSON has topped a new Hollywood poll to find the star with the best hair. The pop singer-turned-reality TV queen beat out JENNIFER ANISTON, JENNIFER LOPEZ and DEMI MOORE in the poll in...

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Julianne Thrilled To Visit Sesame Street

15th September 2004

Movie star JULIANNE MOORE turned her recent visit to SESAME STREET into a family affair - by insisting her daughter LIV have a starring role in the show. The actress admits she's been a...

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West Devastated About Cut Kiss With Julianne

15th September 2004

British actor DOMINIC WEST is reeling after learning his intimate kissing scene with JULIANNE MOORE in new thriller THE FORGOTTEN has been cut from the finished film. The MONA LISA SMILE star was devastated...

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Moore Baffled By Fuss Over Nude Shot

15th September 2004

JULIANNE MOORE can't understand why so many people are making such a fuss about a new W magazine photo spread, in which she appears nude - because it was just part of a session with...

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Julianne Moore To Star In Public Service Ads

9th September 2004

THE HOURS star JULIANNE MOORE is hoping to sell hordes of watches and pens to boost support for children's arts education programs. The 43-year-old actress will appear in a US public service campaign bearing...

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Julianne Bares All For Arty Spread

31st August 2004

Stunning red head JULIANNE MOORE has bared all for an arty 42-page spread in American high-society magazine W. The actress appears lounging provocatively on a chez lounge, wearing only gold-coloured shoes and a huge...

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Stewart, Kline And Moore Set For Hollywood Honours

21st June 2004

Veteran rocker ROD STEWART and actors KEVIN KLINE and JULIANNE MOORE are thrilled about their forthcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame honours in 2005. The stars are among a crowd of celebrities who will be...

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Iconic Duck To Receive Hollywood Star

18th June 2004

Animated legend DONALD DUCK is being honoured with a star on Hollywood's WALK OF FAME beside celebrities like veteran rocker ROD STEWART and movie hunk ANTONIO BANDERAS. The cartoon character is one of 32...

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Moore Ecstatic About Newspaper Cutting

16th June 2004

Hollywood beauty JULIANNE MOORE was ecstatic about a false newspaper report claiming she drinks a pint of GUINNESS every day - because she never has "outrageous" stories written about her. The stunning redhead -...

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