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Stone To Host Nobel Concert

13th October 2006

SHARON STONE will co-host the traditional Nobel concert in honour of the Peace Prize laureate on 11 December (06), the Nobel Institute has announced. The BASIC INSTINCT star, 48, will be joined by another master...

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Fascinating Fact 2143

22nd September 2006

LOVE ACTUALLY actor BILL NIGHY is to make his Broadway debut opposite JULIANNE MOORE in DAVID HARE's new play THE VERTICAL LIMIT. The production will be directed by Oscar winner SAM MENDES.

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Moore's Fascination With British Celebrity Gossip

18th September 2006

American actress JULIANNE MOORE enjoys reading about celebrities in British tabloid newspapers because she has no idea who most of them are. The BOOGIE NIGHTS star regularly stays in London while making movies and admits...

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Moore Upset By Puppy's Death

30th August 2006

JULIANNE MOORE was left devastated when the sick puppy a New York pet store sold her died within weeks of becoming a family pet. The actress' pooch died of distemper - something Moore blames on...

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Moore's Emotional Vulnerability Working With Husband

29th August 2006

Hollywood actress JULIANNE MOORE found working with her director husband BART FREUNDLICH left her emotionally vulnerable, because he could always tell when she was nervous. The 45-year-old star worked with Freundlich on TRUST THE MAN,...

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Moore Loves Nyc Life

28th August 2006

Film star JULIANNE MOORE shunned Los Angeles for life in New York City because she likes to keep a sense of normality. THE END OF THE AFFAIR star, who has a loft in the West...

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The Things They Say 2678

17th August 2006

"I did think that maybe I should get boobs. Then I rejected the idea because it seemed like major surgery." Actress JULIANNE MOORE is happy with her breasts.

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Art Imitated Life For Choking Moore

11th August 2006

A choking scene in JULIANNE MOORE's new movie TRUST THE MAN is based on a real-life incident when the actress nearly suffocated. In the movie, Moore's character embarks on a no-carbohydrate diet but gets caught...

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Duchovny Damaged In Genital-punching Accident

7th August 2006

DAVID DUCHOVNY has given his children MADELAINE and KYD the OK to punch pal BART FREUNDLICH in the genitals after the director's child attacked and winded the actor in a scene for their latest movie....

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The Things They Say 2603

7th August 2006

"Having red hair limits your clothing palette." Actress JULIANNE MOORE bemoans her flame-coloured locks.

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Kidman And Urban To Release Wedding Photo

24th June 2006

LATEST: NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN will release a single free photograph to the media hours after their Australian wedding ceremony on Sunday (25JUN06). The couple hope releasing the photograph will help curb aggressive paparazzi...

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Mendes To Return To Broadway

23rd March 2006

Oscar-winning director SAM MENDES is returning to Broadway to helm a new production of the DAVID HARE play THE VERTICAL HOUR, starring JULIANNE MOORE. It will be the AMERICAN BEAUTY film-maker's first theatre work since...

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Maddox Is Top Of The Tots

19th March 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT's adopted son MADDOX has topped a new poll of cute celebrity kids. Cambodian-born Maddox beat BROOKE SHIELDS' baby daughter ROWAN and JULIANNE MOORE's two-year-old LIV HELEN on American magazine In...

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The Things They Say 1452

28th February 2006

"One question I resent is 'Has your career changed since you had children?' I say, 'No.' I have the same taste, same interests. It's not like the thing that is you is wiped out." THE...

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The Things They Say 1444

28th February 2006

"My kids have a vague understanding of what I do. It's pretend. We play these games where we fake-cry and see who's the best fake-crier." FAR FROM HEAVEN star JULIANNE MOORE gets her children, CAL,...

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The Things They Say 1391

21st February 2006

"I wear my own retainer in the film." JULIANNE MOORE admits her director husband BART FREUNDLICH made sure she looked odd in their new film TRUST THE MAN by asking her to wear the dentistry...

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Disney Takes Dog Story To The Top

20th February 2006

Disney has served up another shock at the US box office by taking EIGHT BELOW to the top. The PAUL WALKER-starring adventure narrowly took the top spot this weekend (17-19FEB06) - beating comedy spoof...

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Julianne Upset That She Passed As A Man

17th February 2006

Actress JULIANNE MOORE was left hurt when she dressed up like a man for a train trip - and nobody paid any attention. The Oscar-nominated actress felt sure she'd make a terrible guy when...

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Moore's Handcuffs Gift

14th February 2006

JULIANNE MOORE gave FREEDOMLAND co-star SAMUEL L JACKSON an unusual gift after wrapping the movie - a painting of handcuffs. Moore plays a mother who blames Jackson's character when her own son goes missing...

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Moore Stands By Shamed Director Tamahori

6th February 2006

Actress JULIANNE MOORE is sticking by director LEE TAMAHORI after the filmmaker was arrested for posing as a drag prostitute in Los Angeles last month (JAN06). Moore is set to work with the DIE...

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Fascinating Fact 893

25th January 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER is the latest celebrity to sign on as the face of L'OREAL, joining fellow actresses HALLE BERRY, JULIANNE MOORE, SUSAN SARANDON and KATE BOSWORTH....

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Stallone Picks Stone As Hottest Woman

9th January 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE has named SHARON STONE as the sexiest over-40 celebrity in a poll featured in the latest issue of his health and fitness magazine Sly. Stallone's THE SPECIALIST co-star beat Aussie supermodel...

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Moore's Horror Movie Driving Terrors

2nd January 2006

Actress JULIANNE MOORE was terrified when she learned her character had to drive in her first movie role, because she'd never sat behind the wheel of a car. The red-headed star was killed and...

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Moore's Difficult Biopic On Baekeland Stalled

28th December 2005

JULIANNE MOORE is struggling to find financing for a new movie project based on the alleged real-life oedipal romance between socialite BARBARA BAEKELAND and her son ANTONY. The redhead actress is among the producers...

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Moore And Hayek Praise Nobel Peace Laureate

12th December 2005

JULIANNE MOORE and SALMA HAYEK have praised this year's (05) Nobel peace laureate for his efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons. The Oscar-nominated actresses were among the celebrities who gathered in Oslo,...

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Fascinating Fact 603

30th November 2005

JULIANNE MOORE and SALMA HAYEK have been named as hosts of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. They will be joined at the star-studded show by performances from GLADYS KNIGHT, 1980s group DURAN DURAN and...

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Moore Seeks Treatment For Parrot

5th October 2005

Hollywood actress JULIANNE MOORE is preparing to take her parrot in for medical treatment, because the neurotic bird has picked all of the feathers off one of its wings. The BOOGIE NIGHTS star has...

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Hayek And Moore's Brush With Fame

26th August 2005

SALMA HAYEK, JULIANNE MOORE and JESSICA SIMPSON are giving fans the chance to have a real brush with fame, after autographing a set of hairbrushes which are up for auction. The celebrities, as well...

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Jackson Movie Halted By Extras Boycott

16th May 2005

Filming on SAMUEL L JACKSON's new movie FREEDOMLAND ground to a halt on Thursday (12MAY05) when extras boycotted a hazardous riot scene, demanding bosses pay them more money. The background cast - members of...

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Barkin Tries To Banish Celebrity Birkenstock Wearing

13th May 2005

Hollywood actress ELLEN BARKIN has expressed her disdain for BIRKENSTOCKS - and is attempting to wean stars such as her friend JULIANNE MOORE off the fashionable sandals. THE BIG EASY star, 51, even sends...

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