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Stars Line Up For Charity Sting/the Police Tribute Album

14th May 2014

Aerosmith star Steven Tyler, Slash and Julian Lennon have joined forces to cover songs by Sting and The Police for a new child slavery awareness album.Set Them Free will also feature tracks recorded by Journey's...

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Julian Lennon Snubbed Beatles Anniversary Celebrations

14th February 2014

Julian Lennon refused to join the Beatles 50th anniversary celebrations in America last week (ends09Feb14) because he had no interest in taking part in a celebrity "karaoke" session.Famous fans joined Sir Paul MCCartney and Ringo...

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The Things They Say: 3980494

4th December 2013

"It's a very transient place, it's a seasonal place. When there's nothing going on there it's pretty cold and miserable." Singer/songwriter Julian Lennon on life in Monaco, a European haven of the rich and famous.

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The Things They Say: 3980128

4th December 2013

"She sadly passed away a few years ago from lupus and since then I've become the American ambassador for The Lupus Foundation... It was just a scribble at school. I don't have it; Dave Gilmour...

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Julian Lennon Spent 10 Years On Album

7th September 2013

Julian Lennon spent 10 years crafting his latest album.The singer and songwriter - son of late Beatles musician John Lennon - spent a long time in the studio perfecting the tracks on 'Everything Changes' to...

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Julian Lennon Fears Family Curse

4th September 2013

Julian Lennon is reluctant to become a parent as he fears his famous family is cursed with fathers who walk out on their kids.John Lennon was abandoned by his parents as a young child, and...

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Julian Lennon Recreates Imagine Shoot

3rd September 2013

Julian Lennon has recreated his father John's iconic image in the promo for classic track Imagine by posing for photographs at a white grand piano.The musician/artist invited his close pal, British socialite Tamara Beckwith, and...

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Fascinating Fact: 3589889

9th April 2013

Julian Lennon celebrated his 50th birthday on Monday (08Apr13) be releasing new single Someday, which features added vocals from Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

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Bono's Eye Condition Deteriorating

5th January 2013

Bono's eye condition is getting worse.The U2 frontman has revealed in the past that he wears his ever present sunglasses because his eyes are sensitive to light but his close friend Julian Lennon, son of...

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Aerosmith: Music Will Never Be The Same

19th October 2012

Aerosmith claim it's the ''end of an era'' for rock 'n' roll music.The 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' hitmakers are releasing their first studio album in 11 years, 'Music From Another Dimension!', but...

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Julian Lennon Worried About Repeating John's 'Mistakes'

11th April 2012

Julian Lennon doesn't want to repeat the ''mistakes'' his father John Lennon did. The 49-year-old singer was the result of the late Beatles legend's first marriage to Cynthia Powell, and he admits he always delayed...

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Julian Lennon Despises Biopics About Dad

5th April 2012

Julian Lennon refuses to watch biopics about his father John Lennon because inaccuracies about The Beatles legend infuriate him.Singer Julian, John's son with his first wife Cynthia, has no interest in watching biographical films about...

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Pete Townshend Rocks Prince's Trust Gala

24th November 2011

Pete Townshend and Boy George topped an impressive bill at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night (23.11.11). The pair were joined by veterans including Chris de Burgh,...

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Julian Lennon Releasing New Solo Album

13th September 2011

Julian Lennon is releasing his first solo album since 1998, 'Everything Changes'. The son of Beatles musician John Lennon had mainly been concentrating on philanthropic work and his photography career over the last decade, but...

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Lennon Is Secret Bidder

11th October 2010

JULIAN LENNON is forced to bid for his dad JOHN LENNON's rock memorabilia anonymously - because other buyers raise the stakes when they know they are competing against the BEATLE's son.The singer has been collecting...

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Julian Lennon 'Tight' With Mccartney

11th October 2010

Julian Lennon is "pretty tight" with Sir Paul McCartney.The Beatles legend is in regular contact with photographer Julian - the son of Paul's late co-star John Lennon - after growing close to the musician during...

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Lennon's Sons Bonded Over Music

4th October 2010

JULIAN LENNON bonded with his half-brother SEAN through their love of music - he taught his younger sibling how to play guitar.Julian had very little contact with his father, late Beatles legend John Lennon, when...

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Lennon 'Breaks Off Engagement'

15th October 2009

JULIAN LENNON has reportedly called off his engagement to his girlfriend.According to May Pang, who once dated Julian's Beatle icon dad John Lennon, the singer has separated from his partner Lucy Bayliss. The couple had...

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Lucy Inspires Second Lennon Track

14th October 2009

JULIAN LENNON is releasing a song in honour of his childhood friend who inspired the BEATLES hit LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS.Lucy Vodden, who died last month (Sep09) after losing a battle with lupus,...

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Granny Wins Fight With Lennon Over Loud Music

25th July 2004

Rock offspring JULIAN LENNON has lost a battle with an old woman and has been ordered to turn down the volume at his Spanish nightclub RED BAR. The un-named woman has won a noise...

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