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Stiles Wanted Lohan's Role

3rd June 2006

JULIA STILES is a devastated she missed out on LINDSAY LOHAN's role in the film A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, because she is a huge fan of the film. Stiles claims the movie, also starring...

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Stiles Mortified By Medical Mishap

23rd May 2006

JULIA STILES was mortified while shooting a critical scene for THE OMEN in the Czech Republic, when she found out she had mistakenly been given laxatives instead of headache medicine. The star went to a...

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Stiles Terrified By Omen Nightmares

23rd May 2006

JULIA STILES was plagued by terrifying nightmares while shooting the latest version of horror film THE OMEN. The star claims she was initially "too chicken" to do the film, because of her superstitions. THE BOURNE...

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The Omen's Odd Link To Gibson's Passion

8th May 2006

THE OMEN remake and MEL GIBSON's religious epic THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST share an eerie link - they were both filmed in the Italian town of Matera. Shooting on the horror film, starring LIEV...

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Stiles Lashes Out At 'Lolita Phenomenon'

7th March 2006

THE BOURNE IDENTITY star JULIA STILES has lashed out at young female stars who use their sexuality to become famous. The actress insists there is a regression towards a "Lolita phenomenon", where young women promote...

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Thewlis + Postlethwaite Join Omen 666 Cast

26th October 2005

British actor DAVID THEWLIS is set to reprise one of the most gruesome scenes in movie history when he takes on DAVID WARNER's role in THE OMEN remake. Warner's character, KEITH JENNINGS, was decapitated...

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Farrow Gets A Bad Omen

11th October 2005

MIA FARROW is set to return to classic horror almost 40 years after she starred in ROSEMARY'S BABY, following her decision to sign on to star in THE OMEN remake. Farrow will play sinister...

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Shreiber And Stiles Set To Tackle The Omen

19th September 2005

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE star LIEV SHREIBER and JULIA STILES are teaming up as husband and wife in the upcoming remake of horror classic THE OMEN. Shreiber and Stiles will take on the characters immortalised...

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Heskin Gets The Royal Treatment

7th September 2005

US soap star KAM HESKIN is set for a date with royalty after taking over JULIA STILES' role in THE PRINCE + ME sequel. The SUNSET BEACH star, 30, will replace Stiles, who hasn't...

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Stiles Refuses To Read Newspapers

6th September 2005

Hollywood star JULIA STILES refuses to read daily newspapers because she finds their content trivial. The 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU actress prefers not to know what journalists are writing about her private...

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Stiles' Rep Clears Up Legal Battle

16th March 2005

LATEST: JULIA STILES' publicist has stepped in to clear up the complex legal battle that the actress is fighting with two members of her New York production company. MARA BUXBAUM (corr) explains Stiles...

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Stiles Sues After Losing Sylvia Role

9th March 2005

Actress JULIA STILES is suing her former production partners for allegedly conspiring to rob her of a role in a film adaptation of SYLVIA PLATH's THE BELL JAR. The MONA LISA SMILE star had...

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Depp Tops Another Cool List

30th September 2004

JOHNNY DEPP has topped a second 'cool' poll in as many days after being named teen magazine ELLE GIRL's Coolest Guy Celeb, beating off a challenge from ORLANDO BLOOM and ASHTON KUTCHER. Elle Girl...

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Stiles Slams Unfaithful Stars

3rd September 2004

JULIA STILES has launched a scathing attack on her fellow movie stars who cheat on their partners on film sets. The MONA LISA SMILE actress is horrified so many married actors and actresses treat...

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Stiles' Success Destroys Her Romance

2nd September 2004

The BOURNE IDENTITY star JULIA STILES' movie success could force her to break up with her boyfriend, student JOHN MAYS. The sexy actress, 23, has been away from her lover for four months while...

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Stars Gather To Urge Women To Vote

19th August 2004

SUSAN SARANDON, VANESSA CARLTON and ROSARIO DAWSON are among a host of stars teaming up to encourage young, single women to vote in America's upcoming presidential election. The celebrities will appear at a 13...

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Stiles: Producers Hint At Breast Surgery

11th August 2004

Hollywood actress JULIA STILES has blasted movie bosses for encouraging her to have her chest enlarged - by leaving fake breasts in her dressing room. The 23-year-old SAVE THE LAST DANCE star refuses to...

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Julia Stiles' Shattered Royal Dream

27th July 2004

Actress JULIA STILES was left highly disappointed when she attracted the attentions of a rich prince while she performed in London - because he turned out to be too young for her. The SAVE...

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Stiles Does School In Her Own Time

26th July 2004

JULIA STILES has a unique method of tackling the demands of being both a successful actress and a college student - she defers semesters at college in order to work on her films. The...

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Stiles Competed With Football Games On London Stage

25th July 2004

Actress JULIA STILES' theatre debut in London was marred by the EURO 2004 football championship - because chants could be heard from the pub next door during harrowing scenes in the play. The SAVE...

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Julia's Pigeon Fears

20th July 2004

JULIA STILES hates London's pigeons - because they're all out to get her. The actress has just wrapped an appearance in DAVID MAMET's OLEANNA on the London stage and she admits she won't miss...

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Stiles Disgusted By Country Life

12th July 2004

Hollywood beauty JULIA STILES has gone off dairy products after she was forced to milk a cow for her new movie THE PRINCE AND ME. The 23-year-old - who plays a farm girl in...

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Stiles To Play Hooker?

20th May 2004

Hollywood star JULIA STILES is in talks to throw off her wholesome image by playing a prostitute in a movie version of hit novel GOING DOWN. The SAVE THE LAST DANCE actress has been...

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Stiles: I Agree With Gwyneth, British Men Are Too Shy

27th April 2004

JULIA STILES has joined fellow Hollywood star GWYNETH PALTROW in attacking British men for being too shy to ask her out. The SAVE THE LAST DANCE actress is currently living in London whilst she...

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Knightley Tops New Hollywood Faces Poll

16th April 2004

British actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has topped a poll naming the actresses most likely to conquer Hollywood. The 19-year-old screen star - who has already featured in blockbusters PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF...

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Stiles Develops Fear Of Flying

14th April 2004

Hollywood actress JULIA STILES has developed a fear of flying - and she blames it on her frequent trips to and from London. The O star is currently in the British capital rehearsing for...

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British Actor Takes On Royal Graces

6th April 2004

Young film hunk LUKE MABLY thoroughly researched his role as a royal in THE PRINCE + ME - by pretending to be a real European prince in Toronto, Canada. The actor teams up with...

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Stiles' 'Book Club' Education

4th April 2004

Hollywood actress JULIA STILES compares her life at university to belonging to an "expensive book club". The 23-year-old screen star, who is an English major at New York's prestigious COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, admits her education...

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Stiles Dines In Blind Restaurant

4th April 2004

MONA LISA SMILE star JULIA STILES once dined at a German restaurant with a bizarre twist - she had to eat all of her food in the dark. The Hollywood actress, 23, says her...

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Jet-setting Stiles Starved Of Sleep

30th March 2004

Actress JULIA STILES is struggling to fight tiredness, after a two-day whistle stop round trip from London to America. The MONA LISA SMILE star is currently rehearsing for her West End theatre debut in...

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