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Tony Favours The Boys

12th June 2006

Pop icon biopic JERSEY BOYS and British school drama THE HISTORY BOYS have dominated last night's (11JUN06) Tony Awards in New York City, snatching Best Musical and Best Play respectively. The History Boys won six...

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Roberts: 'Theatre Role Was Worth The Upheaval'

9th June 2006

JULIA ROBERTS has insisted her critically panned Broadway debut was worth the huge upheaval in her personal life. The PRETTY WOMAN star took time out of her successful movie career in 2004 to spend time...

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Roberts: 'I Owe Stylist My Life'

1st June 2006

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS was overcome with emotion last week (23MAY06), when she presented her stylist, LYNDELL QUIYOU, with a special award. The normally reserved star started weeping at the sixth annual Designing Hollywood awards...

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Roberts To Be The Face Of Avon

31st May 2006

JULIA ROBERTS will sign up to be a spokesmodel for cosmetic company Avon this week (begs29MAY06), according to reports. Just a month after she was dropped as the face of Christian Dior make-up, the actress...

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Tony Stars Offered $35,000 Gift Bags

30th May 2006

The 60 co-hosts of next month's (JUN06) Tony Awards will each receive a $35,000 (GBP19,400) gift bag featuring designer accessories, gift sets and jewellery. Highlights include designer sunglasses, mobile phone accessories, an espresso MAChine and...

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60 Stars To Host 60th Tony Awards

24th May 2006

The 60th Tony Awards in New York next month (JUN06) will be a star-studded affair with 60 co-hosts representing each year of the theatre world's prizegiving ceremony. OPRAH WINFREY, ANNA PAQUIN, JULIA ROBERTS, RALPH FIENNES...

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Tautou: 'I'm No Beaut, But I Am Cute'

21st May 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE actress AUDREY TAUTOU insists she could never be described as a real beauty - instead declaring herself "cute". The French screen star, 29, believes she lacks the "wow" factor of actresses...

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The Things They Say 1981

8th May 2006

"He likes blueberries and she loves her daddy." JULIA ROBERTS on her twins HAZEL and PHINNEAS' early loves.

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Roberts Fears She's In Emu Trouble

6th May 2006

Loose-lipped JULIA ROBERTS fears she's in trouble back home in Taos, New Mexico, after confessing her dog might have chased a stray emu out of town. The actress was promoting her new Broadway, New York,...

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Cruise Tops Hollywood Power List

5th May 2006

TOM CRUISE has been given great news as he launches MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III worldwide - he's Hollywood's most powerful star. The movie star has been crowned the cinema's top actor on Premiere magazine's 2006 Power...

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Fascinating Fact 1434

25th April 2006

JULIA ROBERTS' country star ex-husband LYLE LOVETT has signed up as the face and feet of US fine shoe firm Johnston + Murphy.

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Zeta-jones Tops Ad Millions List

22nd April 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has topped a list of the highest-earning product endorsing celebrities, after netting $20 million (GBP11 million) to advertise UK telecommunications giant T-Mobile. Zeta-Jones, the only Brit in the list, has beaten out competition...

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Roberts' Baby Danger

21st April 2006

JULIA ROBERTS was forced to rearrange all the furniture and candles in her house after friend MARCIA GAY HOLDEN brought her own twins around - because Holden's children are walking. Roberts, who has 17-month-old twins...

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Rudd Thrilled To Work With Roberts

20th April 2006

THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN star PAUL RUDD is thrilled to be working onstage with JULIA ROBERTS, even though the experience initially terrified him. The actors are currently starring in the Broadway, New York play THREE DAYS...

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Roberts Backs Sleep-deprivation Film

19th April 2006

JULIA ROBERTS is backing a star-studded new documentary about sleep deprivation because she thinks crew members on film sets are overworked. The PRETTY WOMAN star's husband, DANNY MODER, is a cameraman and she constantly hears...

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Grazer Splits From Wife

19th April 2006

Hollywood film-maker BRIAN GRAZER has split from his wife, novelist GIGI LEVANGIE-GRAZER after eight years of marriage. The producer, 54, filed for legal separation from Levangie-Grazer in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (17APR06), citing...

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Roberts Balances Babies And Broadway

18th April 2006

Actress JULIA ROBERTS is breaking box office records with her Broadway, New York, stage debut in THREE DAYS OF RAIN, but manages to spend quality time with her kids by keeping them backstage. The PRETTY...

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Roberts Inspired By Brynner And Jones

14th April 2006

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS is overjoyed she has finally made her Broadway theatre debut in THREE DAYS OF RAIN, because she has wanted to star on the New York stage since she was a child....

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Roberts Struggles To Leave Kids

12th April 2006

JULIA ROBERTS refused a string of lucrative films offers to spend time with her twin babies, until director JOE MANTELLO persuaded her to make her New York theatre debut in THREE DAYS OF RAIN. The...

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Roberts Humbled By Play

12th April 2006

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS has been so humbled by her New York theatre debut, she feels like a young wannabe actress again. The 38-year-old beauty has returned to acting after a two-year hiatus to raise...

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The Things They Say 1808

8th April 2006

"We were friends and I'm surprised that I never got a call from him saying, 'I've fallen in love with da-da-da.' Instead, I found out from a stranger." KIEFER SUTHERLAND is still puzzled about why...

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Cruise And Hanks Top New Power List

8th April 2006

TOM CRUISE and TOM HANKS have topped the latest Ulmer Scale, which annually lists the 10 most bankable actors in Hollywood. Former columnist JAMES ULMER, who compiles the hot list every year, insists the Toms...

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Roberts Fights To Protect New Mexico Land

6th April 2006

Actress JULIA ROBERTS is fighting to save 100,000 acres (40, 500 hectares) of wildlife-rich land near her home in New Mexico from being ruined by oil companies. The ERIN BROKOVICH star and her husband DANNY...

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George And Julia Go Green For Vanity Fair

3rd April 2006

Hollywood pals GEORGE CLOONEY and JULIA ROBERTS have gone green for the cover of style magazine Vanity Fair's upcoming environmental issue. The couple, who played man and wife in OCEAN'S ELEVEN, appear alongside environmentalists AL...

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Owen Thanks Roberts For Aniston

3rd April 2006

British actor CLIVE OWEN is grateful to his CLOSER co-star JULIA ROBERTS for persuading JENNIFER ANISTON to work with him on recent thriller DERAILED. And now Owen, who describes the former FRIENDS star as "uncomplicated"...

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Roberts Wows Broadway Theatre-goers

29th March 2006

JULIA ROBERTS enjoyed a successful Broadway debut last night (28MAR06) with the first preview of THREE DAYS OF RAIN, although she burst out laughing when a plastic tomato prop bounced all over the stage. The...

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Oceans Thirteen Set In Motion

27th March 2006

SEA OF LOVE star ELLEN BARKIN has signed on as the latest leading lady for the second sequel to hit 2001 movie OCEAN'S ELEVEN. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, a follow-up to 2004 sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE will begin...

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Pearce Urges Australians To Support Films

15th March 2006

Actor GUY PEARCE has criticised his fellow Australians for their limited support of the nation's films - insisting they should disregard the influence of audiences abroad. The LA CONFIDENTIAL star says the people of his...

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Clive Owen On The Hunt For A Family Film

12th March 2006

CLOSER star CLIVE OWEN is desperate to make a family-friendly film - because he refuses to let his children watch anything he has been in. Whether it's JULIA ROBERTS' foul-mouthed husband in Closer, a seedy...

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Witherspoon Beats Roberts' Record

27th February 2006

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON has surpassed Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS to become the highest paid actress of all time. The WALK THE LINE star, will earn $29 million (GBP17 million) for upcoming horror film OUR...

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