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Roberts Courts Controversy With Monkeys

1st November 2006

Hollywood star JULIA ROBERTS courted controversy this week (ends03NOV06) when she posed for photographs with chained monkeys in Morocco. The Oscar winner took time out of filming CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR in the North African country...

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Stone Sells Off Her Bags

28th October 2006

SHARON STONE auctioned off 100 of her own handbags in a bid to raise cash for Lupus research. Stone got active in helping to find a cure for the auto-immune disease when her sister KELLY...

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Mystery Mole Sparks Roberts Cancer Debate

27th October 2006

Movie star JULIA ROBERTS has been urged to seek professional help after a mysterious mole showed up on the side of her right breast during a recent photo shoot. Photographers spotted the blemish as they...

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Rochon Slams Scream Queen Omission

26th October 2006

Horror movie veteran DEBBIE ROCHON is furious she was recently omitted from a Stuff magazine scream queen countdown, because relative novices including PARIS HILTON were included The celebrity socialite only had a minor role...

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Clooney And Pals Queue For New One Tv Campaign

25th October 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY and his OCEAN'S 11 co-stars MATT DAMON and JULIA ROBERTS have been caught waiting in line as part of a new public service announcement raising support for charity ONE: The Campaign To Make...

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Roberts Rallies For Oil Tax

17th October 2006

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS is joining a growing list of Hollywood celebrities showing their support of Proposition 87 in California. The ballot measure would raise taxes on oil production to fund alternative energy sources. The...

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Clooney Honoured By Hollywood Stars

15th October 2006

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY was toasted by a host of fellow stars when he received the 2006 American Cinematheque Award in Beverly Hills on Friday (13OCT06). The lavish event, which was held to raise money...

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Pitt Produces New Film For Roberts

11th October 2006

BRAD PITT will produce the film EAT, PRAY, LOVE for his former co-star JULIA ROBERTS. Pitt snapped up the rights to ELIZABETH GILBERT's memoir for Roberts, who was his co-star in THE MEXICAN, as well...

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Everett: 'No Regrets About Autobiography'

7th October 2006

British actor RUPERT EVERETT has defended his candid recollections of superstars including MADONNA, SHARON STONE and JULIA ROBERTS in his autobiography, insisting the stories are meant to be "affectionate". RED CARPETS AND OTHER BANANA SKINS...

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Indian Star To Play Pakistan Ruler

3rd October 2006

A veteran Indian actor has controversially been cast as Pakistan's former military ruler in a new TOM HANKS movie about the CIA. Bollywood's OM PURI will play General MUHAMMAD ZIA-UL-HAQ in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, which...

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Everett: 'Stone Is Unhinged'

22nd September 2006

RUPERT EVERETT claims Hollywood star SHARON STONE is deranged. The MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING actor insists being slightly mad is a necessary quality for surviving in the film industry. The British actor discusses BASIC INSTINCT...

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The Things They Say 2831

5th September 2006

"Julia smelt vaguely of sweat, which I thought was very sexy." RUPERT EVERETT was smitten by JULIA ROBERTS' unusual aroma when they co-starred in 1997 movie MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING.

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Moss Vows 'No Nudity'

30th August 2006

Canadian actress CARRIE-ANNE MOSS has blasted nudity in films as unnecessary, and refuses to bare all for the camera. THE MATRIX star, 39, has been flooded by offers from HUGH HEFNER's Playboy magazine to strip...

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Curtis: 'Notting Hill Could Have Been So Different'

29th August 2006

British director RICHARD CURTIS' 1999 movie NOTTING HILL nearly saw JULIA ROBERTS' character losing HUGH GRANT to another woman - but the film-maker couldn't face an unhappy ending. Curtis was originally keen for a more...

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Stallone And Cusack Sued For Wall Street Profits

25th August 2006

A string of Hollywood stars including SYLVESTER STALLONE and JOHN CUSACK are facing legal action over the money they made from a collapsed hedge fund for classic 1987 film WALL STREET. The pair are being...

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Eminem Pitches In For Cancer Kids

16th August 2006

Superstar rapper EMINEM has donated signed baseball caps to a charity helping child cancer sufferers. The LOSE YOURSELF star immediately pledged his support when he was approached by non-profit organisation Caps For Kids, which provides...

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Miami Vice Sinks Pirates At Us Box Office

31st July 2006

The big screen remake of 1980s iconic TV show MIAMI VICE finally toppled blockbuster PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST for the top spot at the US box office. The gritty cop drama took...

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Roberts Refuses To Wash Hair

29th July 2006

Oscar-winner JULIA ROBERTS loves the way hairdresser SERGE NORMANT does her hair so much, she refuses to wash it for at least two weeks after he styles it. The CLOSER star desperately tries to...

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Hanks Helps Bring The Ant Bully To The Big Screen

24th July 2006

Oscar winner TOM HANKS loved the children's book THE ANT BULLY so much, he sent it to JIMMY NEUTRON director JOHN A DAVIS and told him he had to make the film. Hanks had been...

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Roberts Joins Biodiesel Campaign

22nd July 2006

JULIA ROBERTS has joined fellow celebrity environmentalists like WILLIE NELSON in an effort to prompt US education bosses to fill up school buses with alternative fuels. The actress has signed on as a spokeswoman...

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Roberts Takes On Film Roles Post Pregnancy

20th July 2006

JULIA ROBERTS was terrified of returning to acting after giving birth to twins PHINNEAUS and HAZEL and decided the best way to get started again was by doing voice-over work. The Oscar winner took a...

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Fascinating Fact 1794

19th July 2006

JULIA ROBERTS has yet to send OCEAN'S ELEVEN co-stars MATT DAMON and BRAD PITT baby gifts after they became first-time dads.

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Roberts: 'My Twins Prefer Surfing Movie To My Films'

19th July 2006

Oscar winner JULIA ROBERTS hasn't turned her twins into fans of her movies - they prefer to watch their dad's surfing films. The PRETTY WOMAN star was hoping to turn her 18-month-old kids HAZEL and...

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The Things They Say 2466

18th July 2006

"I can catch poop in my hand and just be like, 'OK!'" JULIA ROBERTS reveals the reality of motherhood.

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Roberts Is The Perfect Housewife

12th July 2006

Hollywood mom JULIA ROBERTS is spoiling her two kids with proper home-cooked meals every day, after learning how to be a housewife from her own mother BETTY MOTES. The actress turned her back on acting...

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Aniston Beats Pitt And Jolie In All-american Poll

4th July 2006

JENNIFER ANISTON is still everyone's favourite All-American, according to an Independence Day (04JUL06) TV poll. Showbusiness news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT asked viewers to vote for their favourite red, white and blue superstars - and Aniston's...

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Winfrey Plans New Year's Eve Party In South Africa

4th July 2006

Media mogul OPRAH WINFREY is set to give South Africa a huge financial and tourism boost at the beginning of 2007 by planning an exclusive New Year's Eve party there. According to Winfrey insiders, the...

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Bisset 'Can't Forgive' Roberts For Relationship Conduct

26th June 2006

British actress JACQUELINE BISSET has never looked at JULIA ROBERTS in the same way after the PRETTY WOMAN star fell for her husband DANIEL MODER while he was still married to his first wife. Roberts...

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Britney: 'Treat Me Like Julia Roberts'

16th June 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS can't understand why tabloid reporters have turned on her for reportedly breaking up a romance, while JULIA ROBERTS escaped their wrath for doing exactly the same thing. Speaking on US news show DATELINE...

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Bosworth Inspired By Hepburn And Roberts

15th June 2006

KATE BOSWORTH looked to Oscar-winning actresses KATHARINE HEPBURN and JULIA ROBERTS for inspiration on how to play the part of LOIS LANE in SUPERMAN RETURNS. The BLUE CRUSH star was intimidated by the role because...

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