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Whedon Offers $10,000 For Terminator Franchise

3rd November 2009

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON has offered $10,000 (£6,250) to take over the TERMINATOR film franchise.The TV mogul has posted an open letter on fansite asking film bosses to seriously consider his...

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Fascinating Fact 8193

20th October 2009

Filmmaker and producer JOSS WHEDON will direct an upcoming episode of hit U.S. TV musical series GLEE. Whedon was the man behind the musical episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.

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Dollhouse Ratings Loser, Itunes Winner

17th February 2009

Although the new Joss Whedon series Dollhouse had only a so-so debut on Fox last Friday, attracting 4.73 million viewers and winding up third in its time period, it climbed to No. 1 on Apple's...

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A Sequel For Serenity?

5th October 2007

Cult sci-fi flick Serenity might get a sequel, it has emerged.The 2005 film has a huge fanbase, despite having no big-name stars and being a spin-off from the criminally-cancelled series Firefly.But as the release of...

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Fascinating Fact 3848

30th August 2007

LOST co-producer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN has created a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER comic book series at the request of the TV show's creator JOSS WHEDON. The first issue goes on sale next week (05Sep07)....

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Whedon: 'I'm Not Directing Fourth X-men Movie

24th April 2007

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON has played down reports linking him with the fourth installment of the X-MEN movies. Whedon, who had talks with Marvel Studios over the third movie X3 - was...

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Star Wars Beaten In Sci Fi Poll

2nd April 2007

STAR WARS has been beaten to the top of a new list of the UK's favourite science fiction films, by little known cult movie SERENITY. The 2005 film, which was created and directed by JOSS...

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Whedon Quits Wonder Woman Movie

3rd February 2007

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON has quit as writer and director of the forthcoming WONDER WOMAN movie over "creative differences". Whedon signed up to adapt the popular comic book and 1970s TV show...

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Head 'Buffy Spin Off Not Dead'

11th October 2006

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star ANTHONY HEAD insists we haven't seen the last of his iconic role as GILES in the hit show - claiming the BBC might film a spin off about the character's...

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Head Nearly Turned Down Buffy Role

10th October 2006

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star ANTHONY HEAD narrowly missed out on the iconic role of GILES in the hit show, because he hated the 1992 movie the TV series was based on. LITTLE BRITAIN star...

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Wonder Woman Fans Pick Baccarin

18th April 2006

WONDER WOMAN's internet fans have waded into the ongoing casting debate about who should play the big screen superheroine as director JOSS WHEDON prepares to make his announcement. Amid reports that CHARISMA CARPENTER is the...

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Beckinsale Joins Wonder Woman Race

4th April 2006

LATEST: KATE BECKINSALE has reportedly joined the race to play WONDER WOMAN in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON's upcoming comic book movie. The British actress is in negotiations with Whedon, according to movie...

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Carpenter Competes With Lohan For Wonder Woman

29th March 2006

Former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star CHARISMA CARPENTER is making no secret of the fact she wants to steal the role of WONDER WOMAN from front-runner LINDSAY LOHAN. The superheroine movie is being written and...

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Wonder Woman Will Be Like Buffy

14th March 2006

Writer/director JOSS WHEDON insists that his version of WONDER WOMAN will be very similar to his other famous female hero - BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Whedon is currently putting the finishing touches on the script...

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Whedon: 'There Aren't Enough Female Role Models'

2nd March 2006

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER mastermind JOSS WHEDON has defended his obsession with creating feisty female heroines - insisting there is a desperate lack of role models for women in Hollywood. The writer/director - who is...

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Whedon: 'Buffy May Return'

2nd March 2006

Writer/director JOSS WHEDON has hinted his cult TV creations BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL could be making a comeback. The series creator says there are talks of home entertainment or miniseries continuations of the...

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Whedon Wants Baccarin As His Wonder Woman

11th January 2006

Brazilian actress MORENA BACCARIN has emerged as the new favourite to play WONDER WOMAN on the big screen. The action movie's writer/director JOSS WHEDON has let it slip that the actress is his new...

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Whedon Will Direct All His Scripts

14th October 2005

Scriptwriter JOSS WHEDON is thrilled with the box office success of his directorial movie debut SERENITY, because it means he will never have to stand by and watch others ruin his scripts. Whedon, whose...

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Dushku Adds Her Name To Wonder Woman List

3rd October 2005

LATEST: Sexy ELIZA DUSHKU has come from nowhere to lead the race for the new WONDER WOMAN movie. After months of speculation, the actress has declared she wants the superheroine role - and experts...

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Foster Cruises Steadily At The Top Of Us Box Office

3rd October 2005

JODIE FOSTER's latest movie FLIGHTPLAN remains aloft at the US box office, after taking in an extra $15 million (GBP8.3 million) of weekend revenue. SERENITY, a continuation of writer-director JOSS WHEDON's cult TV series...

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Lauren Graham: 'I Want To Be Wonder Woman'

19th September 2005

Actress LAUREN GRAHAM has stepped forward to declare she wants the coveted role of WONDER WOMAN in the highly-anticipated movie adaptation. While SANDRA BULLOCK, CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, JOANIE 'CHYNA' LAURER, KATIE HOLMES and MISCHA BARTON...

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Buffy Bad Boy Spike Set For A Tv Return

24th August 2005

Beloved BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER bad boy SPIKE is set to return to the small screen in his very own TV movie. British actor JAMES MARSTERS will reprise his vampire character in an as-yet-untitled...

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Prinze Laughs Off Gellar Buffy Movie Reports

5th August 2005

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR has refused to reprise her BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER role for the big screen, according to her actor husband FREDDIE PRINZE JR. The SCOOBY DOO star, 29, has laughed off recent...

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Zeta-jones And Bullock 'Too Old' For Wonder Woman

27th July 2005

Hollywood beauties CATHERINE ZETA-JONES and SANDRA BULLOCK have been dismissed as too old to play superheroine WONDER WOMAN in a new movie version of the TV series - by the show's original star. LYNDA...

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Beckinsale Wants To Play Wonder Woman

26th July 2005

British actress KATE BECKINSALE wants to play WONDER WOMAN in the upcoming movie adaptation of the classic 1970s TV series. The VAN HELSING beauty has been practising - she dressed up as the superheroine...

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Willis' Ex Vies For Wonder Woman Role

22nd April 2005

BRUCE WILLIS' ex NADIA BJORLIN is fighting to suit up as WONDER WOMAN in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON's new comic book adaptation. The former opera singer, who made her name as...

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Wonder Woman Role Not For Pals, Says Director

24th March 2005

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON has ruled out the possibility of SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR donning WONDER WOMAN's outfit for his upcoming movie adaptation, after insisting the film won't be a project for his...

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Whedon's Wonder Woman Plans

17th March 2005

Director JOSS WHEDON jumped at the chance to make the new WONDER WOMAN movie, because he's convinced no-one has done the Amazonian Princess justice yet. A leading lady has yet to sign to slip...

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Silver Wants Basinger For Wonder Woman

22nd February 2005

Movie producer JOEL SILVER is pursuing KIM BASINGER for the heroic title role in his film remake of classic comic book WONDER WOMAN. After months of negotiations WARNER BROS have finally given DIE HARD...

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Canadian Model Leads Wonder Woman Race

9th February 2005

A little-known model and heavy metal guitarist has become the shock frontrunner in the race to land the coveted WONDER WOMAN role, according to WARNER BROTHERS studio sources. Former MUCHMUSIC USA presenter SATU RAUTAHARJU...

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