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Josh Holloway Welcomes A Son

18th March 2014

Actor Josh Holloway has welcomed his second child with wife Yessica Kumala.The Lost star has confirmed Kumala gave birth to a little boy named Hunter Lee earlier this year (14). Holloway announced the news...

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Josh Holloway Keeping Baby's Sex A Secret

24th January 2014

Josh Holloway can't reveal the sex of his next child because he'd be in the ''doghouse'' with his wife.The former 'Lost' star is expecting his second baby with spouse Yessica Kumala but is remaining tight-lipped...

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Josh Holloway's Wife To Give Birth 'At Any Moment'

15th January 2014

Josh Holloway's wife is due to give birth ''at any moment''.The former 'Lost' star is waiting for a phone call from his beau Yessica Kumala - who is pregnant with their second child - because...

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Josh Holloway To Be A Dad Again

20th November 2013

Josh Holloway is to be a father for the second time.The former 'Lost' star and his wife, Yessica Kumala, are expecting a brother or sister for their four-year-old daughter, Java.Asked about being considered a sex...

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Lost Star Josh Holloway Set To Become A Dad Again

20th November 2013

Lost star Josh Holloway is set to become a dad again - his wife is pregnant with the couple's second child.The 44-year-old actor let the big news slip during a new interview with U.S. news...

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Fascinating Fact: 3705774

6th June 2013

Former Lost star Josh Holloway has penned a family movie called CaliFURnia Dreamin' about "animals coming from different parts of the world to make it in Hollywood".

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Holloway Struck Fitness Deal With Lost Writers

22nd November 2011

Josh Holloway pleaded with his Lost writer pals to give him five days' notice when he had to strip off on camera - so be could keep his beer belly in check and work out...

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Tom Cruise Tested By M:i Iv Stunts

18th April 2011

Tom Cruise was pushed to the limit while filming stunts for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'. Director Brad Bird preferred to use real action sequences rather than rely on special effects for the movie and...

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The Things They Say 21279

15th April 2011

"I call it Disneyland for me... That kinda thing is just action-packed and lots of stunts and fun things to do, and working with Tom (Cruise) was an honour." Lost star Josh Holloway on filming...

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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol A 'Rebirth' Of The Series

7th March 2011

'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' will be a "rebirth for the series". British actor Simon Pegg - who reprises the role of Benji Dunn in the action movie series alongside Tom Cruise - has confirmed...

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No Dallas For Sutherland, Love Hewitt & Holloway

5th October 2010

Representatives for KIEFER SUTHERLAND, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT and JOSH HOLLOWAY have shot down speculation the stars will lead the small screen remake of beloved soap DALLAS.Pilot episodes of the updated Dallas are set to be...

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Josh Holloway Gets Mission Impossible

29th September 2010

Josh Holloway has signed up to star in 'Mission: Impossible 4'. The 41-year-old actor - best known for his character Sawyer in US TV show 'Lost' - is in final negotiations for a role as...

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Holloway In Talks To Join Cruise In Mission: Impossible Movie

29th September 2010

LOST star JOSH HOLLOWAY is in talks to join the cast of TOM CRUISE's next MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie.The TV hunk, who played castaway Sawyer on the desert island drama, looks set to join the action...

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Holloway To Recover The Rockford Files?

20th August 2010

LOST star JOSH HOLLOWAY is in talks to return to the small screen as iconic private eye JIM ROCKFORD in a revamp of 1970s TV drama THE ROCKFORD FILES.The actor, who played stranded James 'Sawyer'...

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Avatar Wins Big At Saturn Awards

25th June 2010

'Avatar' picked up 10 prizes at the Saturn Awards yesterday (24.06.10). The James Cameron-directed epic won awards including Best Actor and Actress for Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana respectively, while also picking up the Best...

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Gossip Girl Leads Teen Choice Awards

15th June 2010

'Gossip Girl' leads the nominations for this year's Teen Choice Awards.The popular US TV show is up for the Choice TV Show: Drama accolade, while its stars Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively and Leighton...

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Josh Holloway Hates ''Granny Panties''

8th June 2010

Josh Holloway hates "granny panties".The 'Lost' actor - who has a 14-month-old daughter, Java, with his wife Yessica Kumala - loves looking at beautiful women in skimpy underwear but admits his biggest turn-off is oversized...

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Josh Holloway Can't Wait For Old Age.

23rd May 2010

Josh Holloway thinks he's a 70-year-old beer-drinking man.The 40-year-old actor loves the thought of growing older and being able to relax because it will be the complete opposite of his current hectic life. He said:...

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The Things They Say 16616

22nd May 2010

"I'm not worried about a job after LOST because apparently I'm Kid Rock everywhere I go... Shout out to you, Kid, I hope I'm representing you well." Lost star JOSH HOLLOWAY is often mistaken for...

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Josh Holloway Grabbed Chickens

20th May 2010

Josh Holloway's first job was collecting dead chickens.The 'Lost' actor has always had a strong work ethic and was just 11 years old when he got his first job carting bird carcasses out of a...

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Hero Dad Josh Holloway

17th February 2010

Josh Holloway wants to be his daughter's hero.The 'Lost' actor says having 10-month-old Java - his first child with wife Yessica Kumala - has given him a newfound appreciation for life and makes him want...

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Holloway: 'I Don't Want To Be Handed New Jobs'

17th February 2010

JOSH HOLLOWAY is looking forward to returning to the audition room when LOST concludes this year (10) - because he wants to prove himself before landing new roles.The hunk - who plays badboy Sawyer in...

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Comic Hunk Josh Holloway

2nd February 2010

Josh Holloway thinks he is a "comical" sex symbol.The actor - who plays bad boy Sawyer in US drama series 'Lost' - admits his friends and family, including wife Yessica Kumala, find his pin-up status...

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Evangeline Lilly Loves Love

27th October 2009

Evangeline Lilly falls in love with strangers.The 'Lost' actress - who is been dating her co-star Dominic Monaghan since they met on set in 2004 - finds it so easy to love others she can...

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The Things They Say 12997

28th July 2009

"Every morning when I first get to see that little mean smile, I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ It makes my heart explode.” LOST actor JOSH HOLLOWAY dotes on his newborn daughter JAVA.

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The Things They Say 12359

24th May 2009

"It's like if you had two (brothers) and had to decide which one of them you'd like to (have sex with)." LOST star EVANGELINE LILLY hates discussions about which one of her co-stars she'll romance...

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Lost Star Holloway Is A Dad

14th April 2009

LOST star JOSH HOLLOWAY is a proud parent after his wife YESSICA gave birth to a baby daughter. The actor and his partner, who have been married since 2004, welcomed Java Kumala Holloway in Oahu, Hawaii...

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The Things They Say 11766

1st April 2009

"I may shave my head into a fine Mohawk, like a tall one, because one of our camera operators had a beautiful Mohawk for the first two years. I've always wanted one." LOST star JOSH...

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The Things They Say 11764

1st April 2009

"Im looking forward to knowing whats going on - I still have no clue. The only thing I ever got right was the island moving, which was pretty good. But thats it. I dont know...

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The Things They Say 11292

18th February 2009

"I take the whole thing with some comedy - I'm 37 and suddenly these people care. I'm like, 'Where were you when I was 25?" LOST star JOSH HOLLOWAY on his sex symbol status....

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