Rising singer Jono has written a tribute song for the victims of last week's (20Jul12) Colorado cinema massacre.
Aurora We Stand was inspired by the 12 people who were killed and the dozens who sustained injuries when alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire at a midnight showing of new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises last Friday.
The chorus features the lyrics, "This won't define who we are/ We won't just fade away/ You can try and knock us down/ But our dark nights will raise a brighter day..."
Jono, who appears on the U.S. reality show Opening Act, recorded the track with H*Wood and Ali Pierre, who also hail from the suburb of Aurora, near Denver.
He tells E! News, "I linked up with Ali Pierre, a local musician. He kind of tossed the idea to me... As a musician if we want to help we can help by doing our music. We should do a song and dedicate it to the victims' families... I think is an amazing opportunity for Colorado musicians... and we want to give back."
Proceeds from sales will be donated to victims and their families.