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Super Exciting Musical News: More A-listers Added To The Tonys 2014 Line-up

By Victoria Pavlova | 8th June 2014

Tony’s, Tony’s, Tonyyyy’s! Cue life affirming musical montage.It’s almost time for the 2014 Tony Awards! Has it been that long since last year’s? Well, yes. This year’s lineup looks mega promising, so here’s a little...

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Lea Michele Wet Herself Before Performing For Obama, And Nicked Some Presidential Loo Roll

By Lauren James | 30th May 2014

The latest in a month of celebrity bodily fluid-related news: following on from Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars chunder shame, and Paul McCartney's diarrhoea illness, Lea Michele has revealed that she peed herself prior to performing for...

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Hbo Have Yet Another Winning Formula With 'Looking' - Review Round-up

By Joe Wilde | 20th January 2014

HBO premiered their latest series last night (19 Jan.), the San Francisco-set Looking, a show about finding the right right partner and who you are in the world. The difference between the new show and...

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Is New Hbo Comedy 'Looking' Really Just "Girls' For Gays"? [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 17th January 2014

New HBO comedy Looking will premiere this weekend after months of excitement. The hotly anticipated new show will feature a group of gay friends living in San Francisco and will star Jonathan Groff, Frankie J....

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'Catching Fire' Slips At The Box Office, While 'Frozen' Moves In For The Holiday Season

By Victoria Pavlova | 9th December 2013

After Frozen’s landslide (or should that be avalanche) success before the weekend, it should come as no surprise that the film has easily topped The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the box office. After two...

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