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Napoleon Dynamite Tv Series Bombs With The Critics

17th January 2012

Napoleon Dynamite became a surprise cult classic upon its release in 2004, with Jon Heder's title character charming audiences with his goofy appearance and short persona; made from a modest budget of an estimated $400,000...

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Napoleon Dynamite To Become Animated Series

12th October 2010

The cult comedy film NAPOLEON DYNAMITE starring JON HEDER is set to become an animated series, reports MTV News. The 2004 indie favourite about a small-town kid became an instant hit when it was released,...

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Heder Drops Out Of Ferrell Sitcom

30th March 2010

JON HEDER has abruptly pulled out of starring in an upcoming sitcom produced by WILL FERRELL, citing "creative differences".The Napoleon Dynamite star was signed up to play a computer geek who moves back to his...

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Heder's Twin Dilemma

8th February 2010

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER fears his identical twin brother is wrecking his image as a nice guy - because he refuses to pretend he's his famous sibling.Dan Heder is a spitting image of the...

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The Things They Say 15304

3rd February 2010

"It was probably the best move of my life - kicking a midget in the neck." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER on tackling pint-sized fighter Hornswoggle during a recent WWE guest appearance. Heder took to...

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The Things They Say 13651

1st October 2009

"I live in New York City and I ride a bicycle. Without exception, I get recognised once a month as NAPOLEON DYNAMITE." ADVENTURELAND star JESSE EISENBERG is constantly mistaken for JON HEDER's awkward teenage character.

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Fascinating Fact 7663

10th July 2009

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER is to star in a new U.S. TV sitcom, co-written by WILL FERRELL. In the untitled show, the actor will play an unemployed city computer geek who moves back to...

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Heder Loves Changing Diapers

4th June 2007

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER is loving every minute of his newfound fatherhood - and even reckons changing diapers is "fun". The 29-year-old actor and his wife Kirsten welcomed their first child, daughter Evan Jane,...

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Us Box Office Horror For Grindhouse

10th April 2007

Ambitious horror double bill Grindhouse from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez has disappointed in US box office sales, distributor Dimension Films has said.The three-and-a-quarter hour film sold $11.6 million (5.9 million) worth of tickets on...

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Box Office Becomes Ice Castle

2nd April 2007

No doubt giving ice skating its biggest revival since Sonja Henie, Blades of Glory skated by its competition to earn an estimated $33 million at the box office over the weekend. The film, starring Will...

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Blades Of Glory Tops Us Chart

2nd April 2007

Will Ferrell's latest film Blades of Glory has skated right to the top of the US box office chart after its first weekend of opening.Featuring Ferrell and Jon Heder as two rival ice-skaters who team...

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Ferrell Skates To The Top

2nd April 2007

WILL FERRELL's new comedy BLADES OF GLORY has helped cement the funnyman's position as one of Hollywood's biggest draws after it skated to number one with a first-weekend take of $33 million (GBP17 million). The...

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Movie Reviews: Blades Of Glory

30th March 2007

So long as the shenanigans in Blades of Glory are taking place on the ice rink, the movie succeeds in evoking almost uninterrupted laughter, most critics agree. but, as Kevin Crust observes in his review...

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Fascinating Fact 3050

29th March 2007

Pop star/actress HILARY DUFF got her skates on while co-hosting MTV show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE yesterday (28MAR07) when the New York studio was turned into an ice rink in honour of guests WILL FERRELL and...

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The Things They Say 4338

23rd March 2007

"Get to know their name and remember you have to feed them every now and then. That's about it." American comedian WILL FERRELL offers up parenting advice to his BLADES OF GLORY co-star JON HEDER....

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The Things They Say 4334

23rd March 2007

"I specifically asked for my three skating outfits. I'm going to wear them out in public." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER jokes about the Lycra and Spandex costumes he had to wear to play a...

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Heder's Ankle Break Almost Ended Skating Movie

19th March 2007

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER almost wrecked filming on figure skating comedy BLADES OF GLORY after breaking his ankle on the ice. The actor had just started shooting when his skate got caught deep in...

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Heder Rejected Chance To Become Hollywood Heartthrob

7th March 2007

Actor JON HEDER gave up the chance to become a Hollywood playboy after the 2004 independent film NAPOLEON DYNAMITE turned him into an unlikely heart-throb - because he's a devout Mormon. The 29-year-old star was...

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The Things They Say 3792

16th January 2007

"I was at a Dodgers (baseball) game and two girls were arguing over whether I was JAMES BLUNT or NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (JON HEDER)." Opera singer JOSH GROBAN is often caught up in a case of...

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Schwartzman's Fischer Tops Movie Nerd List

9th January 2007

JASON SCHWARTZMAN's portrayal of MAX FISCHER in cult movie RUSHMORE has topped a new poll to find the greatest film nerd. Fischer beat ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL's FARMER TED in 1984's SIXTEEN CANDLES and JERRY LEWIS'...

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Kutcher Is No. 1 & 2; Jackass Is No. 3

4th October 2006

It was a good weekend for Ashton Kutcher movies. Sony’s animatedOpen Season, in which he provides the voice of a smooth-talking deer,opened in first place with an estimated $23 million, while Disney’sCoast Guard drama The...

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Barrett Impressed By Religious Heder

2nd October 2006

Actress JACINDA BARRETT was stunned to find decency still exists in Hollywood on the set of new comedy SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS - co-star JON HEDER refuses to curse, swear or work on a Sunday. The...

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Thornton Injured During Tennis Sessions

30th September 2006

BILLY BOB THORNTON suffered for his art in new movie SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS - by playing tennis with NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER. The movie star plays a self-help guru trying to steal the object...

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Movie Reviews: School For Scoundrels

29th September 2006

Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who appeared to lose their legendary golden touch after they left Miramax, the company they founded, in the hands of the Walt Disney Co., have apparently not regained it with their...

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Duncan: 'Don't Call Heder, Header'

29th September 2006

Actor MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN enjoyed poking fun at his co-star JON HEDER during the filming of new movie SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, because the comedian was so sensitive about how to pronounce his surname. Duncan made...

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Thornton: 'Adoption Joke Is Not Aimed At Jolie'

25th September 2006

Movie star BILLY BOB THORNTON has hit back at claims he's poking fun at his ex-wife ANGELINA JOLIE's love of adoption in new film SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS. The MONSTER'S BALL star's character pokes fun at...

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Jon Heder And Wife Expecting First Baby

15th September 2006

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER and his wife KIRSTEN are expecting their first child. The 28-year-old star first hinted at the good news during a Hollywood Foreign Press news conference in Beverly Hills yesterday...

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Fascinating Fact 1933

10th August 2006

PARIS HILTON's prized possession is a basketball actor JON HEDER signed as his big screen alter ego NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. On the Christmas gift Heder pokes fun at Hilton for calling her bobcat pet LIGER -...

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Heder Blames Blair For Broken Ankle

13th April 2006

LATEST: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE star JON HEDER is convinced actress SELMA BLAIR is responsible for his broken ankle, because five minutes before the accident she told him to "break a leg". The actor was training for...

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Fascinating Fact 1369

12th April 2006

Actor JON HEDER's frizzy red afro in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE wasn't planned - it was the result of two perms, bleaching and intense exposure to the sun during the film's shoot.

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