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Depp Worried About Kids' Take On Wonka

28th June 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is terrified about taking his kids JACK and ROSE to see his CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY remake because they're such huge fans of the original movie. The actor fears his children...

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Lohan's Secret Crushes

17th June 2005

Teen movie star LINDSAY LOHAN fantasises about older men, and is desperate to date ASTON KUTCHER and JOHNNY DEPP. The actress - who turns 19 next month - previously dated pop star AARON CARTER...

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Oprah Tops The New Celebrity 100

17th June 2005

Media mogul and TV talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY has topped the new 2005 FORBES magazine Celebrity 100 list. The annual Forbes list ranks celebrities according to their power, salaries and media presence....

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Wilder: 'Wonka Remake Is All About Money'

1st June 2005

Movie funnyman GENE WILDER has attacked TIM BURTON's choice of JOHNNY DEPP to play WILLY WONKA in upcoming film CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY as a money-making ploy. Wilder, who played Wonka in the...

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Depp To Pay For Hunter S Thompson Memorial

27th May 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is helping to grant the last wish of one of his literary heroes, HUNTER S THOMPSON, by paying for a memorial that will also blast the writer's ashes over his estate in Colorado....

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Depp Lined-up For Down And Out Role.

23rd May 2005

Movie superstar JOHNNY DEPP is in negotiations to star in new film based on the autobiography of a homeless drug addict. THE LORD OF THE RINGS star ANDY SERKIS will direct the movie, which...

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Depp To Reprise Role As Hunter S Thompson

19th May 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is set to reprise his acclaimed role as journalist HUNTER S THOMPSON in the sequel to his 1998 hit FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS. The follow-up, called THE RUM DIARY, is...

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Depp Buys Up Rights To Hornby's New Book

3rd May 2005

JOHNNY DEPP has snapped up the rights to acclaimed British author NICK HORNBY's new book A LONG WAY DOWN. The movie star plans to produce the film version of the book, which focuses on...

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Depp Tops Signers List

1st May 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is Hollywood's top signer and BRITNEY SPEARS the worst, according to a new annual list provided by America's AUTOGRAPH COLLECTOR magazine. Editor STEVE CYRKIN (corr) insists Depp is a top signer because...

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Depp Movie Causes Upset On Caribbean Island

26th April 2005

The makers of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel have sparked outrage on the island of Bataka, Dominica - by roasting JOHNNY DEPP alive on a spit in a cannibal scene. Outraged residents of...

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Robinson Takes Over Hunter's Rum Diary

15th April 2005

BENICIO DEL TORO has passed on directing a movie adaptation of HUNTER S THOMPSON's THE RUM DIARY because it has taken 18 months to get cameras rolling. According to the film's star, JOSH HARTNETT,...

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Real-life Chocolate Factory Contest To Be Launched

11th April 2005

Bosses of JOHNNY DEPP's anticipated CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY are launching a real-life competition inspired by the movie - complete with golden tickets. Mirroring the film's storyline, a search for five golden tickets...

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One Actor Plays 10 Parts In Wonka Film

10th April 2005

Just one actor will play all ten OOMPA LOOMPAs in TIM BURTON's upcoming movie version of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Tiny thespian DEEP ROY has been cloned using digital technology after film-makers failed...

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Moss' Staggering Water Demands

7th April 2005

Supermodel KATE MOSS has shocked her neighbours - by having a staggering 40 litres (eight gallons) of expensive mineral water delivered to her north London home every day. The 31-year-old catwalk beauty's infamous Champagne-filled...

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Burton Trains Up Squirrels For Wonka Film

6th April 2005

Director TIM BURTON has spent six months training 200 squirrels for a scene in his latest movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The original 1971 movie didn't include any animals, but the eccentric film-maker...

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Burton Unimpressed With Wonka Movie

29th March 2005

Director TIM BURTON is adamant his CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY movie remains true to the original novel, after being unimpressed with the 1971 film adaptation. GENE WILDER played ROALD DAHL's literary creation in...

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Depp, Knightley And Bloom Take To The Seas For Real

23rd March 2005

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN stars JOHNNY DEPP, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and ORLANDO BLOOM are putting their sea-faring talents to the test - by helping out a yacht crew in a round-the-world race. The trio of...

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Lee Slams Young Movie Stars

20th March 2005

Veteran actor CHRISTOPHER LEE has slammed many of his younger contemporaries for being untalented and out of their depth on the movies they work on. The 82-year-old LORD OF THE RINGS star, who has...

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Peter Pan Author Picked

16th March 2005

A British author has been commissioned to write a sequel to JM BARRIE's classic novel PETER PAN. GERALDINE McCAUGHREAN was announced yesterday (13MAR05) as the chosen candidate after publishers invited writers to submit proposals...

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Nicholson Pays Artistic Tribute To Thompson

12th March 2005

Actor JACK NICHOLSON has paid a special tribute to his late pal HUNTER S THOMPSON with a hand-drawn portrait of the writer. In the sketches, photographs of which were obtained by PEOPLE magazine, Nicholson...

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Paradis: 'I Already Feel Married To Depp'

9th March 2005

JOHNNY DEPP and VANESSA PARADIS don't need a marriage certificate to prove their commitment to each other - because they feel like a married couple anyway. French screen siren Paradis, who has two children...

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Depp And Cusack Attend Thompson Memorial

6th March 2005

Hollywood stars JOHNNY DEPP and JOHN CUSACK joined friends and family of the late author HUNTER S THOMPSON at a private memorial party Saturday (05MAR05). The FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS scribe shot...

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Depp Delays Filming Of New Movie

2nd March 2005

JOHNNY DEPP's hectic work schedule has forced producers of THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY to delay filming for 15-months until the FINDING NEVERLAND star is free to take up his starring role. The...

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Depp To Play Hungarian Goalkeeper Ambrus?

18th February 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is reportedly in talks to play Hungarian soccer goalkeeper ATTILA AMBRUS in a new film of the sporting antihero's life. According to American sports magazine SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, Depp is the favourite to...

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Kennedy Challenges Depp's Osbourne Plans

18th February 2005

Hollywood actor JOHNNY DEPP is facing a challenge over his plans to play rocker OZZY OSBOURNE - from comedian JAMIE KENNEDY. Depp is the former BLACK SABBATH frontman and wife SHARON's first choice to...

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Movie Makers Upset Native Indians

14th February 2005

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie-makers have been attacked by Dominica's native Carib Indians for portraying them as cannibals in the upcoming adventure sequel. After talks with DISNEY producers, Carib Chief CHARLES WILLIAMS has expressed...

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French Film-maker Denies Sexual Harassment

13th February 2005

The French film-maker who discovered JOHNNY DEPP's girlfriend VANESSA PARADIS is to stand trial for sexual harassment, following accusations he forced young actresses to perform sexually-explicit screen tests. JEAN-CLAUDE BRISSEAU, who directed Paradis...

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Depp's 'Creepy' Performance To Scare Audiences

8th February 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is eager to terrify young audiences with his "creepy" performance as WILLY WONKA in his latest movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. ANNASOPHIA ROBB, 11, who plays VIOLET in the TIM BURTON...

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Depp Swears To Relax

4th February 2005

Hollywood heart-throb JOHNNY DEPP uses repetitive swearing to help him unwind. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star - who has a hectic movie-making schedule - finds that shouting a string of expletives helps him...

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Sag Presenters Get Free Ice-cream

3rd February 2005

JULIE ANDREWS, MORGAN FREEMAN, JOHNNY DEPP and their fellow presenters at Saturday's (05FEB05) SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS will be treated to six months of free ice-cream. MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY is offering all the presenters...

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