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John Wayne's Son Receives Police Visit Over Domestic Dispute

26th January 2015

The son of late movie icon John Wayne received a visit from police on Friday night (23Jan15) after becoming embroiled in a heated domestic dispute with his wife.Misha Anderson called the cops on actor Patrick...

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Anita Ekberg, Star Of "La Dolce Vita" Dies Aged 83

By Victoria Pavlova | 11th January 2015

Anita Ekberg, the actress who danced in the Fontana di Trevi in Federico Fellini’s film “La Dolce Vita,” has died at the age of 83. Ekberg had been hospitalized recently after a series of illnesses,...

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Maureen O’Hara To Receive Honorary Oscar

By Stephanie Chase | 8th November 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but legendary actress Maureen O’Hara will finally receive her first Oscar today, at the academy’s Governors Awards ceremony. The 94 year old actress is being honoured for her lengthly...

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David James Elliott To Star As John Wayne

14th August 2014

Actor David James Elliott is set to take on the role of John Wayne in an upcoming Dalton Trumbo biopic.The former Jag star will portray the Hollywood Western icon in Trumbo, alongside Breaking Bad's Bryan...

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Fascinating Fact: 4324018

13th August 2014

A collection of movie and music memorabilia including Marilyn Monroe's red sequined gown from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will go on display at Christie's in London. The free exhibition, called Famous and Infamous, will also feature...

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John Wayne's Heirs Sue University Over "The Duke" Alcohol Products

By Lauren James | 10th July 2014

The family of actor John Wayne is suing Duke University over the use of the actor's nickname, "The Duke," in a trademark for alcoholic drinks. John Wayne Enterprises, which is run by the Wayne family,...

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John Wayne's Relatives Fighting For Duke Trademark For Bourbon Release

9th July 2014

Relatives of movie icon John Wayne have filed suit against officials at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina as part of a trademark battle over the actor's nickname 'The Duke'.The two parties have been locked...

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John Wayne's Cowboy Hat Fetches $37,000 At Auction

30th April 2014

A cowboy hat worn by Hollywood actor John Wayne sold for $37,500 (£23,437) at an auction on Tuesday (29Apr14).The camel-coloured felt headwear was used by the legendary actor in six major Western movies from The...

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Fascinating Fact: 4099641

6th March 2014

Mexican Army infantry costumes from John Wayne's epic movie The Alamo are to be sold at auction in California on 22-23 March (14). All tunics, trousers and caps were worn onscreen in the 1960 drama.

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Lana Del Rey Shoots Biblical Film

6th December 2013

Lana Del Rey has taken on the role of Biblical character Eve in a bizarre new short film which brings Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus Christ together in the Garden of Eden.The...

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Bruce Dern: 'Shooting John Wayne Killed My Career'

13th November 2013

Veteran movie star Bruce Dern is convinced shooting John Wayne in the back in The Cowboys wrecked his film career because he became known as the man who killed The Duke.The 77 year old was...

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Tommy Lee Jones To Write And Direct The Cowboys Remake

6th September 2013

Actor Tommy Lee Jones is set to write and direct a remake of John Wayne's classic 1972 film The Cowboys.The Men In Black star will revamp the movie, based on a novel by William Dale...

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John Wayne's Granddaughter To Tackle America's Amazing Race Tv Challenge

24th January 2013

John Wayne's granddaughter and a descendant of legendary American frontiersman Daniel Boone are among the problem solvers who have signed up for the 22nd season of The Amazing Race.Jennifer Kuhle and Caroline Cutbirth, who are...

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Russell Brand Bought A Gun

19th June 2012

Russell Brand has bought a gun.The 'Rock of Ages' actor purchased the firearms after relocating from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, California.He ignored pleas from his mother Barbara not to get the pistol because...

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Ann Rutherford Dies

12th June 2012

'Gone With the Wind' actress Ann Rutherford has died. The Canadian star died at her home in Beverly Hills, California, last night (11.06.12) aged 94.Ann's close friend and fellow actress, Anne Jeffreys, said she had...

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Ann Rutherford Dies

12th June 2012

'Gone With the Wind' actress Ann Rutherford has died. The Canadian star died at her home in Beverly Hills, California, last night (11.06.12) aged 94.Ann's close friend and fellow actress, Anne Jeffreys, said she had...

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John Wayne's Eyepatch Up For Auction

25th May 2012

John Wayne's famous True Grit eyepatch is expected to fetch more than $35,000 (£21,000) at an upcoming auction.The cowboy icon wore the iconic patch as Rooster Cogburn in the classic 1969 Western, and again in...

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Michael Jackson Honored By Prince, Paris And Blanket

27th January 2012

Michael Jackson's children Prince, 14, Paris, 13 and Blanket, 9, paid tribute to their father by imprinting his hand and footmarks outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday (26 January 2012). The trio...

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John Wayne Urged Steven Spielberg Not To Make War Comedy

2nd December 2011

Movie legend John Wayne urged Steven Spielberg to abandon his World War II comedy 1941 - because he felt it was disrespectful to U.S. troops.The True Grit star was initially interested in a cameo role...

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John Wayne's Golden Globe Snapped Up At Auction

7th October 2011

The Golden Globe award Hollywood icon John Wayne won for the original True Grit has been sold at auction for $143,400 (£89,625).The Best Actor honour was put under the hammer by the actor's youngest son,...

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John Wayne's Son Selling Off Movie Icon's Treasures At Auction

7th September 2011

Hollywood icon John Wayne's youngest son has teamed up with auction company Heritage to offload a treasure chest of the famous movie cowboy's memorabilia.Ethan Wayne, who heads up John Wayne Enterprises in California, is planning...

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Tom Petty Bans Bachmann From Using 'American Girl'

29th June 2011

Tom Petty, the multi-award winning singer-songwriter, has banned 'Tea Party' politician Michele Bachmann from using his track 'American Girl' at her rallies, reports Rolling Stone. Tom Petty was said be incensed at the Minnesota congresswoman's...

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John Wayne Speech Was Correct Says Michele Bachmann

29th June 2011

John Wayne, the legendary western actor, was mentioned in a speech given by the potential presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Monday (27th June 2011), but commentators were quick to question the historical accuracy of her...

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John Wayne Gacy Gaffe Starts Michele Bachmann Campaign

28th June 2011

John Wayne, the iconic western actor who starred in over 100 movies, was the subject of a comical gaffe by presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann on Monday (27th June 2011). The Tea Party favourite who became...

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Glen Campbell To Retire Following Alzheimers Diagnosis

23rd June 2011

Glen Campbell, the US country singer-songwriter, will officially retire from the music industry later this year after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Campbell will draw the curtain on his 50-year career with one final record...

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Producers Kept Wayne's Cowboy Roots A Secret From Film Cast

15th June 2011

The producers and director of new sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens kept star Brendan Wayne's famous family ties from the rest of the cast and crew for fear of turning John Wayne's grandson into a...

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Fascinating Fact 11618

14th June 2011

Movie legend John Wayne's grandson, Brendan, plays a sheriff's deputy in upcoming sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens.

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James Arness Legendary Western Actor Dies Aged 88

3rd June 2011

James Arness, the legendary American actor who played 'Dodge City' lawman 'Matt Dillon' for over two decades, has died aged 88. James Arness, known for his towering height of 6-foot 6-inches, passed away at his...

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Fascinating Fact 11474

19th May 2011

John Wayne's classic western True Grit was partly filmed on the sprawling Colorado ranch which designer Ralph Lauren and his wife bought in 1982.

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John Wayne Memorabilia To Go Under The Hammer

7th April 2011

John Wayne's eye patch that he famously wore in the 1969 film 'True Grit', is set to be sold at auction, reports Bbc News. John Wayne's cowboy boots, hats, driving license, passport and various movie...

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