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Richard Buckley To Present Tom Ford With Cfda Award

2nd June 2014

Richard Buckley will present Tom Ford with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards tonight (02.06.14).The 66-year-old fashion journalist is scheduled to attend the event at the Lincoln Centre in Manhattan,...

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The Olsen Twins Win Big At Cfda Awards

5th June 2012

Its official, Mary-kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are now fashion royalty. Years of trend setting and modelling the best clothes money can't afford have finally paid off as the twins were honoured for their work...

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John Waters Hitchhiked Across America For New Book

28th May 2012

Hairspray director John Waters has hitchhiked across America as part of a new book deal.The filmmaker kicked off his road trip in Baltimore, Maryland on 14 May (12), reaching San Francisco, California in just eight...

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Josh Hutcherson Honoured At Glaads

22nd April 2012

Actor Josh Hutcherson was among the honourees at this years 23rd annual Media Awards for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The Hunger Games actor won the Vanguard Award, which honours those who strive...

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The Things They Say 24458

26th February 2012

"I'm an Oscar voter... They came out with a survey that everyone is a 60-year-old white man. That's me. But every weird film that got nominated for the Oscar this year, I voted for it....

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John Waters Hoped Mike Kelley's Death Was A Fake

4th February 2012

Filmmaker John Waters was in disbelief after learning of artist Mike Kelley's recent death, and assumed the tragic news was a macabre "art piece".The Hairspray director has been an avid collector of Kelley's work and...

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The Things They Say 21398

26th April 2011

"In the rip-off sixties hippie days, I'd go to some town, buy $500 in traveller's checks, and then a friend would use it as cash. I'd report it stolen and we'd split the refund. By...

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Movie Reviews Piranha 3d

23rd August 2010

(Updated) Ordinarily a studio either decides to screen a horror film for the critics -- or, more usually, it does not. But The Weinstein Co. took a different tack with Piranha 3D it screened the...

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Smith Lands Indie Filmmaker Honour

29th April 2010

KEVIN SMITH is to follow in the footsteps of directors JOHN WATERS and GUY MADDIN - he will be handed the prestigious Filmmaker on the Edge Award at this year's (10) Provincetown Film Festival.Smith will...

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The Things They Say 15627

7th March 2010

"We'd call it Son of Precious; keep the original cast... but Precious and her mother are now touring the hipster burlesque circuit as a mother/daughter go-go act. Precious has another baby, but this time it's...

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The Things They Say 13869

26th October 2009

"It will be scary and fun. You have Fangoria, who will bring everyone in from the cutest little punk rock kids to men my age looking pitiful in Star Wars outfits. And Las Vegas is...

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Beth Ditto's 'Disgusting' Icons

6th September 2009

Beth Ditto looks for the "disgusting in life".Gossip singer insists she has no problems with her self image because she has gradually placed fewer and fewer expectations on other people and chooses her icons carefully.She...

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Waters' Kids Movie Scrapped

16th January 2009

HAIRSPRAY creator JOHN WATERS has been forced to scrap plans for a new children's movie - after studios rejected it. The filmmaker, nicknamed the Pope of Trash, last year (08) announced his plans to make...

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Waters Sued Over Christmas Song

25th November 2008

Director JOHN WATERS is facing legal action after a Grammy-winning songwriter accused him of hijacking a Christmas carol. Theodore 'Teddy' Vann alleges Waters added his jingle Santa Claus is a Black Man to a holiday...

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Waters Gets To Work On Hairspray Sequel

24th July 2008

Movie musical HAIRSPRAY is heading back to the big screen - creator JOHN WATERS has signed a deal to write a sequel. The 1980s hit was brought back to life last year (07) with John...

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Cry Baby Closes On Broadway

19th June 2008

JOHN WATERS' Broadway musical CRY-BABY is closing in New York, just a week after flopping at the Tony Awards. The show, based on the 1990 Johnny Depp-starring movie, was performed just 68 times in the...

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The Things They Say 8277

12th May 2008

"I've always voted. Sometimes I've voted more than once, illegally. But you can't do that anymore. The picture ID has ruined everything." Filmmaker JOHN WATERS reveals he broke the law at past U.S. presidential elections....

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The Things They Say 8058

21st April 2008

"They ruined rock and roll. They put Motown out of business. So I never bought a new record ever until punk came out. THE BEATLES led to the MONKEES. And it was a little hard...

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The Things They Say 8036

19th April 2008

"I leave my apartment within 10 seconds of the same time every day. I'm fairly rigid. The other day I stayed up later than usual. I overslept by an hour and it panicked me. It...

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Waters Confesses Chipmunk Fantasy

18th April 2008

Cult director JOHN WATERS has a sexual obsession with animated children's hit ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. The openly-gay Hairspray director confesses the bizarre fantasy, and reveals a talented fan has even helped him live it...

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The Things They Say 7991

16th April 2008

"I'm over Broadway, I want to do amusement park rides. The whole family gets on and spins around until they vomit, while people sing." HAIRSPRAY creator JOHN WATERS on his next plans for the franchise....

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Hairspray Best New Musical At Laurence Olivier Awards

10th March 2008

Hairspray was the big winner at last night's Laurence Olivier awards after claiming victories in four of the 11 categories it was nominated in.Callow actress Leanne Jones was named best actress in a musical for...

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Hairspray On Ice?

6th March 2008

HAIRSPRAY creator JOHN WATERS has been offered the chance to turn the hit movie and musical into a ice show spectacular. Waters wrote and directed the 1988 movie which has since spawned a 2007 remake...

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The Things They Say 7367

26th February 2008

"Every time that movie goes to court I've been found guilty of obscenity; never once have I won." Maverick moviemaker JOHN WATERS on his controversial 1972 movie PINK FLAMINGOS, in which star DIVINE ate faeces.

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Cry-baby Will Have Them Weeping On Broadway

16th January 2008

CRY-BABY is to follow quirky moviemaker JOHN WATERS' HAIRSPRAY to Broadway. The 1990 film, starring Johnny Depp, was turned into a stage musical last year (07), when it debuted in California. Like Waters' other camp...

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Waters Celebrates Christmas With Annual Baltimore Party

24th December 2007

Cult director JOHN WATERS throws a diverse Christmas party every year - regular guests include the Governor Of Maryland and the actor who played the singing anus in his 1972 film PINK FLAMINGOS. Filmmaker Waters...

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Movie Reviews: Enchanted

21st November 2007

Critics are clearly enchanted with Disney's Enchanted, about an animated princess who is banished by an animated wicked queen to live a real-life existence in New York. "What results is a heart-winning musical comedy that...

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Waters: 'Travolta Kissed Me'

24th July 2007

Actor JOHN TRAVOLTA liked to kiss the actors on the set of HAIRSPRAY, according to filmmaker JOHN WATERS. Waters, who penned the original 1988 film, says Travolta often greeted him with a lip lock during...

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Movie Reviews: Hairspray

20th July 2007

Hairspray, a remake of the 1988 John Waters film that starred a man (the late Divine) in drag, may not be as groundbreaking as the original, but it certainly is creating as much of a...

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Gays In Feud Over Travolta's Hairspray Appearance

18th June 2007

John Waters, director of the original Hairspray movie and a producer of the upcoming remake, has come to the defense of John Travolta, who plays a woman, Edna Turnblad, in the new film. The decision...

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