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Travolta To Write Autobiography

21st September 2004

Hollywood legend JOHN TRAVOLTA is to write an autobiography about his extraordinary life. The book will include stories about himself, his career and friendships with people ranging from British royal PRINCESS DIANA to MARLON...

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Travolta Concerned By Preston's Sex Scenes

16th September 2004

Hollywood legend JOHN TRAVOLTA overcomes his jealousy about wife KELLY PRESTON's sex scenes by interrogating her about them afterwards. The PULP FICTION actor was most concerned when Preston had to kiss TOM CRUISE in...

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Winfrey Takes To The Skies

10th September 2004

Talk show host OPRAH WINFREY is taking her ambitions to new heights - by signing up for flying lessons. According to pals, the 50-year-old billionaire has decided to take up the hobby after being...

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Andre 3000 To Star In Ritchie Film

9th September 2004

OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000 is being lined up to appear in GUY RITCHIE's new film REVOLVER - which will involve him moving to London for the shoot. The HEY YA! singer will start filming...

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Travolta Slams Studio Tampering

6th September 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA has lashed out at Hollywood's big studio culture, accusing them of ruining good scripts 'by committee". The 50-year-old actor is adamant that, had the seminal classic PULP FICTION been made by a...

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John Travolta Made Christina Milian Weak At The Knees

22nd August 2004

R+B sensation CHRISTINA MILIAN is delighted she got the chance to team up with JOHN TRAVOLTA in a new movie - because she idolised the actor as a youngster. The DIP IT LOW singer...

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Brandy Delves A Little Deeper With Scientology

19th August 2004

R+B singer BRANDY has dismissed reports she's joined the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, insisting she's merely taking some of the controversial religion's classes. The TOP OF THE WORLD singer follows in the footsteps of an...

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Lynda Carter Revisits Superheroes

16th August 2004

Former WONDERWOMAN star LYNDA CARTER has signed to star as a superhero teacher in a new DISNEY movie. The actress - who found fame as the sexy seventies superhero - will play the principle...

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Johansson Dreams Of Working With De Niro

5th August 2004

Movie stunner SCARLETT JOHANSSON is determined to work with screen legend ROBERT DE NIRO. The GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING star, 19, has already acted opposite BILL MURRAY, COLIN FIRTH and JOHN TRAVOLTA,...

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Maroon 5 Levine Gets Close With Travolta's Wife

28th July 2004

MAROON 5 frontman ADAM LEVINE has enlisted JOHN TRAVOLTA's stunning wife KELLY PRESTON to star in his latest music video. The THIS LOVE heart-throb - who has been linked to STAR WARS beauty NATALIE...

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Russell And Preston Play Super Parents

22nd July 2004

KURT RUSSELL and KELLY PRESTON are set to play super parents in a new DISNEY family film about a school for superheroes. Russell, who starred in a string of Disney movies in the seventies,...

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Travolta To Pen Autobiography?

20th July 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN TRAVOLTA has become the latest star to join the publishing world, with a tell-all novel about his life. The PULP FICTION star's representatives have reportedly been calling publishing houses to set...

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Gibson And Glover Named Best Crime Partnership

18th July 2004

Hollywood actors MEL GIBSON and DANNY GLOVER's partnership in the LETHAL WEAPON series has been crowned the best crime fighting duo in movie history. The maverick flair of Gibson's wayward LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT...

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The Rock Camps Up

9th July 2004

Hollywood tough guy THE ROCK is set to stun fans - by playing a gay transvestite in the upcoming GET SHORTY sequel. The former WWE wrestler has made his name in Tinseltown playing hardmen...

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Mary-kate Courted By Scientologists

28th June 2004

Troubled actress MARY-KATE OLSEN is allegedly being pursued by the controversial CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY - who want to help her overcome anorexia. According to American website PAGESIX, the church - whose members include TOM...

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Cruise Defends Scientology Once More

27th June 2004

Hollywood actor TOM CRUISE believes those who criticise the controversial Church of Scientology just don't understand it. The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star has been a member of the church for two decades, and credits it...

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tops Afi Movie Music List

24th June 2004

JUDY GARLAND's WIZARD OF OZ tune SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW has topped another movie music poll. The beloved song, which was voted the best tune of the last millennium in a 2000 poll, has...

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Chan Turns His Home Into A Secret Lair

17th June 2004

JACKIE CHAN has turned his Hong Kong home into a 'Batcave' because he always dreamed of having secret spaces - just like his hero BATMAN. The martial arts movie star owns a three-storey, 1,860...

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Travolta Trains As A Firefighter For New Movie

28th May 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA has developed a new-found respect for firefighters after training to become one for his new movie LADDER 49. The GREASE star plays the leader of a band of Baltimore, Maryland, firefighting heroes...

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Travolta's Wife Saved His Career

27th May 2004

Hollywood icon JOHN TRAVOLTA has praised his wife KELLY PRESTON for rescuing his crumbling career in the early '90s - because she insisted he had a future as a movie star. The 50-year-old was...

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Pepper: Battlefield Earth Was Sunk By Travolta's Fee

24th May 2004

Movie star BARRY PEPPER fears JOHN TRAVOLTA's huge pay cheque was the real reason BATTLEFIELD EARTH flopped. The sci-fi film, which was based on the writings of Scientology founder L RON HUBBARD, has been...

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Travolta's Cowboy Joy

28th April 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA's favourite movie shoot was 1980's URBAN COWBOY - even though it was critical flop. Despite starring roles in box office hit blockbusters like PULP FICTION and FACE/OFF, Travolta insists his best...

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Tarantino Sets His Sights On Tommy Steele

21st April 2004

KILL BILL movie maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is bidding to resurrect the movie career of veteran British musical star TOMMY STEELE. The 67-year-old star of 1967 musical hit HALF A SIXPENCE retired from the big...

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Romijn-stamos' 'Weird' Night Out

15th April 2004

Stunning actress REBECCA ROMIJN-STAMOS had a "weird" experience at the premiere of her new movie THE PUNISHER on Monday (12APR04) - the same day her split from husband JOHN STAMOS was announced. After more...

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Travolta's Marriage Boosted By Children

14th April 2004

PULP FICTION star JOHN TRAVOLTA has unveiled the secret behind his marital bliss with actress KELLY PRESTON - their two children. Travolta admits that his marriage of almost 13 years has benefited a great...

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Travolta's Jetsons Lifestyle

14th April 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN TRAVOLTA has unveiled the main reason behind having private jets parked outside his home - he always wanted to live like futuristic cartoon family THE JETSONS. The PULP FICTION star is...

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John Travolta Eyes Buckingham Palace

14th April 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN TRAVOLTA is considering hiring London's BUCKINGHAM PALACE for his wife KELLY PRESTON's birthday - because he doesn't know how else to top the party she threw for him. Hundreds of the...

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Travolta Explains Turning Down Grease Sequel

14th April 2004

GREASE legend JOHN TRAVOLTA turned down a chance to appear in the musical's long-awaited second sequel - because he feared it would betray the original's 1950s roots. The PULP FICTION star played T-BIRD DANNY...

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Travolta And Winfrey Take Up Partying

13th April 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA and his billionaire pal OPRAH WINFREY have opted become party animals in their middle-age - because their younger years were so tame. The two marked their recent 50th birthdays with lavish bashes...

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Stoltz: Kutcher Is A Serious Thespian

13th April 2004

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT star ERIC STOLTZ has some shocking news for ASHTON KUTCHER fans - the movie hunk has serious acting ambitions. Flame-haired Eric worked closely with the DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? star on...

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