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Widow Of Daydream Believer Songwriter Suing For Royalties

10th October 2014

The widow of songwriter John Stewart is suing record label bosses for unpaid royalties over The Monkees' hit tune Daydream Believer.Stephanie Case Stewart claims executives at Emi Music Publishing have failed to hand over at...

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Drew Barrymore Held Up By Elephants

23rd May 2014

Drew Barrymore was made late for work by a herd of elephants when shooting her latest movie 'Blended'.The 39-year-old actress - who plays single parent Lauren Reynolds in the romantic comedy - struggled to get...

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Egyptian Satirist Wins First Legal Battle

8th April 2013

An attempt to silence Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef by shutting down the broadcast network on which he appears was rejected on Sunday by an Egyptian court. Youssef still faces charges of insulting Egyptian President Mohamed...

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Kristen Stewart Buying $4.8 Million Home

7th September 2012

Kristen Stewart is buying a $4.8 million home with her mother. The 'Twilight' star moved out of the Los Angeles house she shared with former boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson in the wake of her...

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Kristen Stewart's Mother Files For Divorce

31st August 2012

Kristen Stewart's mother has filed for divorce. Jules Stewart filed a divorce petition against the brunette actress' father John Stewart - who she married 27 years ago - on August 17 at Los Angeles County...

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Kristen Stewart Hiding Out At Parents' House

1st August 2012

Kristen Stewart is hiding out at her parents' home.The 'Twilight Saga' actress recently moved out of the LA house she shared with co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson after she confessed to cheating on him with...

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R.i.p Davy Jones: Five Tracks He And The Monkees Left Behind

29th February 2012

Davy Jones, the only British member of the manufactured pop group The Monkees, has sadly died today aged 65. The Manchester-born man starred alongside Mickey Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork as the group became...

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Coldplay And Russell Brand To Play Secret Policemen's Ball

26th January 2012

Coldplay and Russell Brand are among the stars who've signed up for the annual Secret Policeman's Ball, the benefit fundraiser for human rights organisation Amnesty International. Holding special reverence this year, the group celebrates its...

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Sean Penn Speaks Out Against The Tea Party

16th October 2011

Sean Penn is the latest celebrity to launch a scathing attack on America's Tea Party following Morgan Freeman's emotional outburst on Cnn last month. Penn was also on Cnn and being interviewed by Piers Morgan...

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Musician Stewart Dies

20th January 2008

Songwriter JOHN STEWART has died. He was 68. The Kingston Trio star, who wrote seminal Monkees hit Daydream Believer, suffered a stroke and died on Saturday (19Jan08) at a San Diego hospital. Stewart's death was...

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