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Suzanne Somers Eyes Three's Company Revival With Ritter's Son

31st October 2013

Beloved U.S. Tv star Suzanne Somers is keen to revive cult show Three's Company with her late co-star John Ritter's actor son.The actress and self-help guru admits she came up with the idea for a...

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Kaley Cuoco And Kevin Zegers Remember John Ritter On 10th Anniversary

11th September 2013

Actors Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Zegers have paid tribute to tragic actor/comedian John Ritter on the 10th anniversary of his death.The Three's Company star passed away from heart problems on 11 September, 2003, aged just...

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Cirque Du Soleil Accident Isn't The First On-stage Tragedy

By Elinor Cosgrave | 2nd July 2013

Cirque Du Soleil's performance of "Ka" was cut short on Saturday (29th June 2013) following the death of one of the troop's performers Sarah Guyard-Guillot. The 31-year-old performer seems to have slipped from her harness,...

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John Ritter's Widow Finds Love Again

16th May 2013

John Ritter's widow has found love again, 10 years after the death of her actor husband.The former Three's Company star passed away in September, 2003, leaving behind his wife Amy Yasbeck, who has moved on...

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Somers Made Peace With Ritter Two Weeks Before His Death

1st February 2011

Actress SUZANNE SOMERS is thankful she made peace with late comedian JOHN RITTER days before his 2003 death after they fell out over a pay dispute when they were stars on hit sitcom THREE'S COMPANY...

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Yasbeck Tears Up Talking About Ritter's Death

15th September 2010

Actress AMY YASBECK fought back tears during an emotional U.S. TV interview on Tuesday (14Sep10), as she relived the heartbreak of losing her husband, actor JOHN RITTER, in 2003.The beloved Three's Company star was 54...

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Film Version Of Stephen King Horror It Planned

13th March 2009

Stephen King's classic horror novel It is set for the big screen in a new Warner Bros adaptation, it has been announced.The 1986 book, which tells of a group of adults reuniting to battle the...

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Ritter's Widow 'Shocked' Over Wrongful Death Case

22nd March 2008

The widow of JOHN RITTER has spoken for the first time since two doctors were cleared of misdiagnosing the tragic actor's fatal heart condition. Amy Yasbeck and the couple's eldest children had launched a $67...

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Ritter's Run In With Phony Psychic

20th March 2008

Singer/songwriter JOSH RITTER was once offered comforting words from the afterlife by a psychic who wrongly assumed he was the son of late actor JOHN RITTER. The folk star is regularly linked with the tragic...

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Doctors Cleared Of Negligence Over John Ritter's Death

15th March 2008

A jury has cleared two US doctors of negligence over John Ritter's death, after the comic died of a heart attack in 2003.The Emmy-award winning actor's wife brought the $67 million wrongful death lawsuit, claiming...

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Ritter's Doctors Cleared In Wrongful Death Case

15th March 2008

The two doctors accused of misdiagnosing tragic actor JOHN RITTER's fatal heart condition have been cleared by a California court. The TV star's widow, Amy Yasbeck, and the couple's eldest children launched a $67 million...

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Jury Clears Doctors Of Ritter Wrongful Death

14th March 2008

A jury in Glendale, California has cleared two doctors of negligence in the treatment of actor JOHN RITTER. Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck filed a $67 million (GBP33.5 million) wrongful death lawsuit against a cardiologist and...

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Sequel To Ritter Tv Show Heading To Movie Theatres

9th March 2008

The sequel to the TV show JOHN RITTER was shooting when he died is to be turned into a movie. As Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck fights an ongoing wrongful death legal battle with doctors she...

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Ritter's Widow: 'Actor Was Refused Second Opinion'

4th March 2008

LATEST: Actor JOHN RITTER was denied the right to a second opinion on his heart condition, his widow AMY YASBECK has claimed. Yasbeck and her eldest children are suing two doctors for $67 million (GBP33.5...

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Ritter Defendants Blame Alias For Death

29th February 2008

LATEST: Late actor JOHN RITTER is to blame for his own death because he used an alias when he checked into hospital the day he died, a court has been told. Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck...

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Ritter Left 'Food Poisoning' Message Hours Before Death

29th February 2008

LATEST: Tragic actor JOHN RITTER feared he had fallen victim to a serious bout of food poisoning on the day he died, according to a phone message that was played at his wrongful death trial...

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Ritter's Co-star Sagal + Son Testify At Trial

27th February 2008

LATEST: Actress KATEY SAGAL broke down in tears in a California court on Tuesday (26Feb08) when she took to the stand in the ongoing JOHN RITTER wrongful death trial. Sagal, who starred as Ritter's on-screen...

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Winkler Testifies In Ritter Trial

13th February 2008

LATEST: Former HAPPY DAYS star HENRY WINKLER wrapped up his testimony in the ongoing JOHN RITTER wrongful death trial by telling the media he's still grieving the loss of his old pal. Winkler was in...

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Ritter's Death 'Could Have Been Prevented'

12th February 2008

Late actor JOHN RITTER's life could have been saved by a simple chest X-ray, according to his family's lawyer. The star was filming 8 Simple Rules in September 2003 when he was rushed to hospital...

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Ritter's Widow Denies Greed Speculation

5th February 2008

JOHN RITTER's widow has denied accusations her $67 million (GBP33.5 million) wrongful death lawsuit against two doctors she accuses of mishandling the actor on the night he died is motivated by greed. Amy Yasbeck claims...

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Ritter Ignored Medical Advice Three Years Before His Death

30th August 2007

The three doctors fighting charges they mishandled actor JOHN RITTER's medical treatment on the night he died have revealed the BAD SANTA star ignored advice to see a heart specialist. Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck has...

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Ritter's Widow Still Battling Wrongful Death Lawsuit

5th August 2007

The widow of late actor JOHN RITTER is still battling doctors for failing to diagnose a congenital heart defect which she believes led to her husband's death The star's wife Amy Yasbeck filed a lawsuit...

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Disney's Name To Appear Over Unrated Film

30th May 2007

Only days after renaming its home video division to Disney Home Entertainment, the Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday that it intends to release Badder Santa: The Unrated Version on November 20 in HD DVD and...

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King's It To Return To Tv

10th June 2006

Classic STEPHEN KING horror mini-series IT is set for a remake. SALEM'S LOT screenwriter PETER FILARDI is reportedly reworking the script of the 1990 TV epic, which starred TIM CURRY as a demonic clown. The...

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Ritter's Family Settles Over Medical Malpractice Battle

16th March 2006

Actor JOHN RITTER's family has reached a settlement with officials at Providence St Joseph Medical Center in California after suing the medics there for wrongful death and medical malpractice. Ritter died in the hospital in...

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Lucille Ball Tops Popularity Poll

16th August 2005

Legendary comedienne LUCILLE BALL has been voted America's most beloved dead star, according to a new poll. More than 16 years after her death, the I LOVE LUCY star, who would have turned 94...

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Ritter's Swansong Show Axed

17th May 2005

TV bosses at US network ABC have cancelled sitcom 8 SIMPLE RULES two years after the shock death of the show's star JOHN RITTER. Funnyman Ritter, 55, was on the set of the family...

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Ritter's Will Details Released

17th April 2005

Late actor JOHN RITTER has challenged anyone who contests his will from beyond the grave by determining that anyone not happy with their cut of his fortune will get nothing. The BAD SANTA star...

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Ritter's Widow Still Feels Married To The Actor

21st March 2005

JOHN RITTER's widow AMY YASBECK still refuses to date any men a year and a half after her husband's death - because she still feels "married" to the actor. Yasbeck was devastated when an...

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Jason Ritter Honoured

24th October 2004

Actor JASON RITTER was honoured on Thursday night (21OCT04), with a new Humanitarian Leadership Award named after his late father, JOHN RITTER. Jason's friend, MICHAEL J FOX, suggested he be the first to receive...

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