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Ann Wilson: 'I'd Take On Robert Plant Duties In Led Zep'

10th December 2014

Heart star Ann Wilson has offered guitar great Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones a little girl power as they mull over a Led Zeppelin comeback - she wants to front the group.Robert Plant has...

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Robert Plant Shunned 500m Led Zeppelin Reunion

10th November 2014

Robert Plant ''tore up'' a deal worth over £500 million to reform Led Zeppelin.The 66-year-old legend stunned promoters of a proposed tour that would have saw the group - who split in 1980 and reformed...

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Dave Grohl Wants Them Crooked Vultures Reunion

6th November 2014

Dave Grohl wants to make another Them Crooked Vultures record.The Foo Fighters frontman would love to reunite with his supergroup bandmates, Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones,...

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Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin Were Inspirational

31st October 2014

Jimmy Page found being in Led Zeppelin ''inspirational''.The legendary rocker admits he and his bandmates - Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the late John Bonham - experienced ''bursts of energy'' that allowed them to...

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Jimmy Page 'Blessed' To Still Have Good Hearing

30th October 2014

Jimmy Page feels ''blessed'' to still have ''good'' hearing despite years of being blasted by loud music in Led Zeppelin.The 70-year-old guitarist has not been afflicted with hearing issues, such as tinnitus, like many of...

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Robert Plant: I Won't Reform Zeppelin To Be Popular

17th October 2014

Robert Plant won't reform Led Zeppelin just to be popular with fans.The 66-year-old singer knows his bandmate Jimmy Page wants reunite the group again and he is aware thousands of fans want it to happen...

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Robert Plant 'Baffled' By Led Zeppelin Reunion Plans

31st July 2014

Robert Plant is ''disappointed and baffled'' by Jimmy Page's determination to reform Led Zeppelin. The 65-year-old singer can't understand why his former bandmate keeps dropping hints about a possible reunion when he's made it clear...

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Jimmy Page To Release Autobiography

2nd June 2014

Jimmy Page is releasing a pictorial autobiography. The Led Zeppelin star has curated and captioned the work entitled 'Simply'- which is due out in October - using over 600 handpicked photographs to tell his life...

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Jimmy Page: There Were No Superstars In Led Zep

30th May 2014

Jimmy Page insists there were no superstars in Led Zeppelin because they played as a band. The 70-year-old guitarist, who was a founding member of the group, also made up of singer Robert Plant, bassist...

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Jimmy Page Became Sherlock Holmes To Find Led Zeppelin Live Recording

29th May 2014

Jimmy Page became ''Sherlock Holmes'' to find a bootleg live recording of Led Zeppelin.The guitarist has been busy remastering the rock band's first three albums - 'Led Zeppelin', 'Led Zeppelin II' and 'Led Zeppelin III'...

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Wait, Was Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' Ripped Off From Another Band?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 20th May 2014

Led Zeppelin may be facing court as legal papers are in the process of being filed by a US lawyer who claims the opening was directly influenced by the band Spirit’s track ‘Taurus’.Led Zeppelin frontman...

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Robert Plant: 'Page & Jones Should Have Toured Without Me After Reunion Gig'

8th May 2014

Led Zeppelin star Robert Plant has revealed he's puzzled why bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones didn't tour without him after the group's one-night-only reunion in 2007.Talk of a tour has been constant ever...

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Jimmy Page Teases More Led Zeppelin Releases

8th May 2014

Led Zeppelin have hinted they may release more unheard material.The band are due to release deluxe editions of their first three albums, 'Led Zeppelin', 'Led Zeppelin II' and 'Led Zeppelin III', on June 3, and...

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Robert Plant: 'Zero' Chance Of Led Zeppelin Show

23rd April 2014

Robert Plant has ruled out a reunion show with Led Zeppelin.The legendary frontman claims there is ''zero'' chance the band will come together for a live performance anytime soon, but guitarist Jimmy Page is confident...

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Led Zeppelin To Release Previously Unheard Material

14th March 2014

Led Zeppelin are set to release new material.The band have scoured their archives for dozens of previously unheard studio and live recordings, which have been compiled and released as separate companion discs to accompany each...

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John Paul Jones Forms Band With Deathprod

15th January 2014

Former Led Zeppelin star John Paul Jones has teamed up with Norwegian musician Deathprod to form a new band.The music duo, who are calling themselves Minibus Pumps, will release a debut album, Cloud to Ground,...

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Jimmy Page: I'd Have 'Overloaded' A Camera Phone

15th November 2013

Jimmy Page says he would have ''overloaded'' his camera phone if they'd been around in Led Zeppelin's time.The 69-year-old guitarist and his bandmates - singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones and late drummer John...

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Robert Plant Thought He'd End Up Selling Cars

28th October 2013

Robert Plant thought he'd end up as a used car salesman. The legendary Led Zeppelin singer first toured the US with guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer John Bonham - who was nicknamed Bonzo - and bass...

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Led Zeppelin Find Two Missing Recordings

23rd October 2013

Led Zeppelin have unearthed two lost songs.The rock band came across some old ''hidden gems'' featuring bassist John Paul Jones on lead vocals, and are planning to include them as bonus tracks when they release...

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John Paul Jones Writing Opera

10th June 2013

Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones is moving into the world of classical music by writing his own opera.The musician is currently working on a stage show based on The Ghost Sonata by Swedish playwright...

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Led Zeppelin Have 'Never Been Complacent'

5th April 2013

Led Zeppelin have ''never been complacent''.The British rockers - formed of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones - insist they have never been smug about their own music and are always...

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Robert Plant Hints At Led Zeppelin Reunion

19th February 2013

Robert Plant has hinted at a Led Zeppelin reunion in 2014. The singer claims he has ''nothing to do'' next year and suggested it was his bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones who were...

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Jimmy Page Planning 2013 Solo Tour

10th December 2012

Jimmy Page plans to go on a solo tour next year. The Led Zeppelin guitarist originally wanted to go out on the road this year but following the release of the group's DVD 'Celebration Day'...

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Aretha Franklin's White House Wardrobe Malfunction

4th December 2012

Aretha Franklin had a wardrobe malfunction at the White House on Saturday night (01.12.12). The 'Respect' hitmaker managed to remain cool, calm and collected after the upper half of her pink dress, complete with an...

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Jimmy Page: Plant Was Too Busy For Led Zeppelin Tour

22nd November 2012

Jimmy Page claims Robert Plant's schedule stopped Led Zeppelin touring again.The group reformed for a one-off show at London's The O2 in 2007, and the guitarist revealed fans were not alone in thinking it would...

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Jason Bonham Hopes To Play With Led Zeppelin Again

16th November 2012

Jason Bonham is hopeful he will play with Led Zeppelin again. The drummer - son of the band's original sticksman, John Bonham - stepped into his father's shoes when the band reformed for...

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Led Zeppelin's Intense Reunion

13th October 2012

Led Zeppelin were ''really tense'' when they reunited for a one-off gig in 2007.The surviving members of the group, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant, performed at London's The O2 - for which...

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Robert Plant Unfulfilled By Zep

12th October 2012

Robert Plant felt unfulfilled by the end of Led Zeppelin.The 'Stairway to Heaven' rocker has admitted he prefers being a solo artist and says he hated living the rock' n' roll lifestyle of wild behaviour...

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Jimmy Page Doesn't See Led Zeppelin Future

10th October 2012

Jimmy Page ''doesn't see'' any more Led Zeppelin concerts happening.The legendary musician - who reunited with bandmates John Paul Jones and Robert Plant for a one-off show in London in 2007 - insists it would...

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Led Zeppelin Concert Was Cathartic Experience

22nd September 2012

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant believes the group's reunion concert helped Jason Bonham come to terms with his dad's death.The singer reunited with his bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones today (21.09.12) in London...

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