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Magical Beatles Footage Found

21st April 2005

Lost film footage of THE BEATLES shooting their 1967 movie MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR has been unearthed in a BBC archive store. The tape, which hasn't been seen for 40 years, features the Fab Four...

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Ono Praises Mccartney's Designs

20th April 2005

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO is a huge fan of STELLA McCARTNEY's designs, in spite of her tumultuous relationship with the style guru's father SIR PAUL McCARTNEY. The Japanese singer and artist, 72, regularly...

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Epstein's 'Homosexual Acts' With Former Beatle

19th April 2005

Former BEATLES manager BRIAN EPSTEIN engaged in homosexual acts with one member of the legendary band - the gay pop mogul's ex-aide claims in a sensational new book. JOANNE PETERSON is working on THERE'S...

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Yoko To Headline All Tomorrow's Parties

15th April 2005

YOKO ONO will join PJ HARVEY at Britain's upcoming ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES festival held at the Camber Sands holiday resort. The widow of JOHN LENNON has been announced as the surprise guest at the...

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Harrison Reunited With Lennon In London Tribute

14th April 2005

A memorial plaque for late BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON is being planned, and it will be positioned next to a similar tribute for JOHN LENNON. The Harrison plaque is being organised by the HERITAGE FOUNDATION...

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Widow To Finish Donegan Autobiography

11th April 2005

The widow of LONNIE DONEGAN will reveal why her skiffle legend husband died a poor man when she completes his unfinished autobiography. Donegan, who had 27 top 20 UK singles in one six-year period,...

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Lennon Launches Record Label To Resurrect Career

8th April 2005

Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's son JULIAN has set up his own record label so he can release his past music catalogue - because his CD releases were shelved by the labels and distributors he's previously...

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Lennon Lover Left Out Of Ono Musical

6th April 2005

JOHN LENNON's ex-lover MAY PANG has slammed his widow YOKO ONO for erasing her relationship with the late BEATLE from the Broadway, New York musical about his life. Pang was originally Lennon and Ono's...

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Beatles' Offspring Top Richest Musical Youth List

1st April 2005

Late BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON's son DHANI is officially the wealthiest young person in British music, after inheriting a staggering $264 million (GBP140 million) fortune from his father. Ex-SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM and her soccer...

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All-star Cast Set For Lennon Adaptation

29th March 2005

A host of stars including LIV TYLER, VAL KILMER, VINCENT GALLO and ASIA ARGENTO are vying for roles in SEAN LENNON's film adaptation of Japanese book COIN LOCKER BABIES. Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON's youngest...

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Kelly Failed To Recognise Children Of Rock

24th March 2005

KELLY OSBOURNE was left more than a little puzzled when she joined 14 other rock star offspring for the front cover of the new edition of ROLLING STONE magazine - she didn't recognise most of...

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Stars Line Up For Movie By John Lennon's Son

16th March 2005

A screenplay penned by JOHN LENNON's son SEAN has generated interest from VINCENT GALLO, LIV TYLER and ASIA ARGENTO, who are all vying for roles in the independent movie. Sean served as one of...

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Beatles Generating Millions - 25 Years On

16th March 2005

Legendary group THE BEATLES are generating millions of dollars in royalties - even though they split 25 years ago. APPLE CORPS, which handles the ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE quartet's joint business interests, has...

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Lennon Wives Honour John's Memory

16th March 2005

YOKO ONO and CYNTHIA LENNON are both working on projects to mark the 25th anniversary of their former husband JOHN LENNON's tragic murder. Ono, who was married to the former BEATLE when he was...

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Ono Blasts Society's Ageism

25th February 2005

JOHN LENNON's widow YOKO ONO has slammed the western world's intolerance of older people. The 72-year-old argues older generations are sidelined in modern society's eternal quest for youth - even though there are...

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Mccartney Accused Of Making Sacked Publicist Mentally Unstable

7th February 2005

LATEST: Rock legend SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's former publicist GEOFF BAKER has accused the ex-BEATLE of making him mentally unstable before firing him. The 62-year-old superstar sparked a war of words with Baker by posting...

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Mccartney Scraps Love Songs Album

3rd February 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY has ditched plans to record an album of BEATLES love songs because he couldn't get the estates of JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON to agree with him on the project. McCartney...

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Beatles Founder Dies

1st February 2005

ERIC GRIFFITHS, the founding member of the band that became THE BEATLES, died on Saturday (29JAN05) following a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 64. Griffiths formed THE QUARRYMEN with his school pal JOHN...

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Lennon's Shoplifting Days

30th January 2005

Late BEATLE JOHN LENNON was an obsessive shoplifter during his student days in the 1950s, according to a former pal. The kleptomaniac IMAGINE singer would steal items from one particular bookstore in Liverpool,...

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Tennant Influenced By Lennon

14th January 2005

PET SHOP BOYS singer NEIL TENNANT was inspired to pursue a songwriting career by late BEATLES legend JOHN LENNON. The WEST END GIRLS star, who is famed for his unconventional lyrical approach to song-writing,...

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Donegan Forced Lennon To Take Guitar Lessons

14th January 2005

Late Beatle JOHN LENNON almost gave up playing the guitar, because he found it too difficult to master. The star only resumed the lessons he was taking after LONNIE DONEGAN's skiffle music craze swept...

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Mccartney Mistaken For Lennon

10th January 2005

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's wife HEATHER MILLS reportedly exploded in rage at a passer-by in New York last week (ends07JAN05), after he mistook her husband for his late BEATLES bandmate JOHN LENNON. The pair were...

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Lennon Letter Up For Auction

7th January 2005

A letter written by a financially poor JOHN LENNON before he achieved international fame and fortune in THE BEATLES is expected to raise thousands at auction. In the 1962 note, the late IMAGINE star...

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Banderas And Griffith See Dakota Application Turned Down

6th January 2005

Married couple ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH have had an application to move into New York's notorious Dakota building turned down - because residents don't want another JOHN LENNON "incident". Ex-BEATLE Lennon lived in...

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Toilet Roll Not Used By Beatles Up For Auction

3rd January 2005

BEATLES memorabilia has gone to back to basics with the auction of a roll of toilet paper the Fab Four refused to use, with a starting price of $76,000 (GBP40,000). The Beatles - JOHN...

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Mccartney Angry With Ono's Beatles Song Ban

28th December 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY is fuming over YOKO ONO's refusal to allow him to include his ballad YESTERDAY on a new solo album. Ono, the widow of late Beatle JOHN LENNON, insists the classic 60s...

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Beatles' Guitar Fetches Six-figure Sum At Auction

19th December 2004

A guitar played by the late BEATLES stars JOHN LENNON and GEORGE HARRISON has fetched $529,200 (GBP294,000) at an auction in New York. Harrison used the Gibson SG instrument from 1966 to 1969...

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Uri Geller Reveals Lennon's Alien Encounter

16th December 2004

JOHN LENNON died thinking aliens exist, according to the late BEATLE's psychic friend, URI GELLER. Geller has revealed Lennon told him he'd had a late-night visit from extra-terrestrials a year before he was shot...

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Lennon's Artwork Arrives On Diaper Bags

8th December 2004

Late rocker JOHN LENNON's artwork will soon be accessible to all his fans - on a range of diaper bags. The colourful satchels are part of the John Lennon REAL LOVE collection, consisting of...

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