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Neil Young And Foo Fighters Lead Central Park Poverty Awareness Concert

By Hayley Avron | 1st October 2012

Neil Young and Foo Fighters were among the star attractions at Saturday night’s Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. The concert was held in order to raise awareness about issues surrounding poverty and according to...

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John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole, Again

23rd August 2012

John Lennon 's killer, Mark Chapman, has been denied release from prison after appearing in front of the parole board for the seventh time, reports The Ukpa. Chapman, 57 stood before The New York Department...

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Mel Gibson Said John Lennon Deserved To Be Shot?

12th April 2012

Joe Eszter has claimed Mel Gibson is ''glad'' John Lennon is dead.According to a letter by the screenwriter obtained by The Wrap, it alleges Mel was happy when the Beatles legend was shot and killed...

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Ringo Starr Not 'Knocked Out' By John Bonham's Drumming

30th January 2012

Ringo Starr was never "knocked out" by John Bonham's drum solos.The Beatles drummer was never a fan of the late Led Zeppelin sticksman's lengthy mid-song workouts, as he believes the drummer shouldn't be the focus...

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John Lennon's Tooth Sells At Auction

7th November 2011

One of John Lennon's rotten teeth has fetched £19,500 at auction. Dentist Michael Zuk purchased the late Beatles legend's molar by telephone bid at the Omega Auction House in Stockport, Greater Manchester, on Saturday (05.11.11),...

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Denny Laine: 'Mccartney Swore He'd Never Fall Out With Anyone After Lennon's Death'

17th June 2011

Former Wings star Denny Laine has given Beatles fans an insight into Paul Mccartney's reaction to John Lennon's death in a new documentary, revealing his bandmate was "gutted" and in need of musical therapy.Little is...

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John Lennon's Ex: 'Ringo Was My Favourite Beatle'

10th June 2011

John Lennon's ex-girlfriend May Pang is set to stun fans in a new documentary by revealing her former lover wasn't her favourite Beatle.In Seth Swirsky's new movie Beatles Stories, Pang, who romanced Lennon in the...

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Keith Moon Partied Too Hard For Alice Cooper

9th June 2011

Alice Cooper used to hide from Keith Moon because he couldn't handle how hard he partied.The 'School's Out' rocker used to be a member of a drinking club called the Hollywood Vampires, which saw him...

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Aaron Johnson's Acting Hate

8th October 2010

Aaron Johnson hates telling people he is an actor.The 20-year-old hunk professes he thinks he sounds like a "w****r" if he is asked about his profession and hates it when people question him. He said:...

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John Lennon 'Divorced' Mccartney

7th September 2009

John Lennon told Paul McCartney he wanted "a divorce" months before The Beatles split. A lost interview with the guitarist and singer – who was assassinated in 1980 – reveals he told his co-songwriter of...

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Sean Lennon Slams Springsteen

19th June 2009

John Lennon's son is furious Bruce Springsteen is headlining the Glastonbury Festival.Sean Lennon - the son of Beatles legend John and Yoko Ono - thinks the 'Born to Run' singer is an "outrageous" choice to...

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Author Details Lennon's Obsession With Ono

13th October 2008

A controversial new book about late Beatle JOHN LENNON charges the musician was so convinced his widow YOKO ONO would be unfaithful he forced her to remain at his side - even when he went...

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Leto's Weight Gain Nightmare

25th March 2008

Actor JARED LETO has vowed never to fatten-up for a movie role again, after he piled on 60 pounds (27.2 kilograms) to play JOHN LENNON's killer - and ended up in a wheelchair. Leto is...

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Green Day Stun American Idol With Lennon Cover

24th May 2007

GREEN DAY stunned America on the finale of talent show AMERICAN IDOL last night (23May07) with a performance of JOHN LENNON's WORKING CLASS HERO. The punk trio's surprise appearance on the hit show was staged...

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Lennon Stubbed Cigarette Out On Hefner's Matisse

2nd April 2007

JOHN LENNON damaged a valuable HENRI MATISSE painting by using it as an ash tray during a wild party at the Playboy mansion in 1974, HUGH HEFNER claims. The French artist's works have sold for...

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Leto Uses Fat Photo For Diet Inspiration

13th June 2006

Movie star JARED LETO carried around a fat photo of himself as murderer MARK DAVID CHAPMAN to inspire him to stick to a rigorous diet. The LORD OF WAR star piled on 60 pounds (27...

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Byrne Refused To Honour Lennon

6th September 2005

TALKING HEADS frontman DAVID BYRNE horrified his bandmates on the day of JOHN LENNON's tragic murder in 1980 by refusing to pay tribute to the star during their concert that night. The ROAD TO...

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Nixon Tried To Deport Lennon

22nd October 2004

Former US President RICHARD NIXON tried to get JOHN LENNON deported from America by fabricating drug charges, because he feared the late BEATLE's protests against the Vietnam War would end his presidency, according to FEDERAL...

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Ozzy: Beatles Were My Inspiration

1st October 2004

Metal star OZZY OSBOURNE has credited rock'n'roll legends THE BEATLES for inspiring the reality star to become a rocker. The former BLACK SABBATH frontman likens JOHN LENNON and SIR PAUL McCARTNEY to modern day...

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Bono Eyes Dakota Building Move

8th December 2003

U2 rocker BONO is planning to buy an entire floor of New York's legendary DAKOTA BUILDING - where JOHN LENNON was murdered. The JOSHUA TREE singer has reportedly put in a bid of $59.5...

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