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Leguizamo Sick Of Zombie Film's Extras

4th July 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO will think twice about signing up for another zombie movie, because he can't stomach gore. Leguizamo admits working on GEORGE A ROMERO's LAND OF THE DEAD was a challenge...

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Leguizamo Inspired By Newsman Rivera For Tough New Role

3rd July 2005

Movie star JOHN LEGUIZAMO channelled the spirit of American newsman GERALDO RIVERA to play an investigative reporter in new Spanish-language movie CRONICAS. The MOULIN ROUGE! star admits he was a huge fan of the...

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Leguizamo Fed-up With Stereotypical Hispanic Roles

19th June 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO has blasted Hollywood for failing to offer diverse roles to Latino actors. The Colombian-born star is disillusioned by the number of stereotypical Hispanic roles offered to him -...

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Leguizamo Arrested For Leading Kids Astray

12th June 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO was once arrested for truancy after orchestrating a high school walk-out. The actor was picked up by police outside a porn cinema. He recalls, "(There were) 20 of...

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Leguizamo Struggles With Food Poisoning

11th June 2005

MOULIN ROUGE star JOHN LEGUIZAMO was almost forced to cancel his appearance on late night show THE TONIGHT SHOW in America on Thursday night (09JUN05) after being struck with chronic food poisoning. The actor...

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Ricci Is New Face Of Reebok

11th May 2005

Screen beauty CHRISTINA RICCI has been named as the new face of sportswear giant REEBOK. The MONSTER actress will join her male counterpart JOHN LEGUIZAMO on billboard advertisements across America, which will also feature...

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Radha Takes Lessons In Joke-telling

18th March 2005

Australian actress RADHA MITCHELL is amazed WOODY ALLEN chose her to star in his latest movie MELINDA AND MELINDA, because she is terrible at telling jokes. The Australian actress is indebted to co-star JOHN...

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Leguizamo Returns To Ice Age

2nd February 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO is set to get re-animated after signing up for a sequel of surprise cartoon hit ICE AGE. The actor will return to voice SID THE SLOTH in a new...

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Combs In Talks For Carlito's Way Prequel

19th October 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is in negotiations to co-star in CARLITO'S WAY: THE BEGINNING, the prequel to director BRIAN DE PALMA's 1993 drama CARLITO'S WAY. The story focuses on the early drug-dealing...

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Leguizamo Selected For Hispanic Heritage Honour

21st July 2004

SUMMER OF SAM actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO is among six people who will receive the 2004 HISPANIC HERITAGE AWARDS. The other honourees are fashion designer NARCISO RODRIGUEZ, sportscaster ANDRES CANTOR, author SANDRA BENITEZ, journalist JUAN...

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Christmas Dress Up For John Leguizamo

24th December 2003

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO loves dressing up at Christmas and hosts a costume party every year. The actor even hands out prizes to the family members who make the most effort. He...

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Sugar Ray Leonard Discourages Leguizamo From Boxing Career

27th July 2003

Boxing legend SUGAR RAY LEONARD has advised JOHN LEGUIZAMO to stick with acting and comedy, after viewing his fighting skills in the new movie UNDEFEATED. MOULIN ROUGE! star Leguizamo trained six hours a day...

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John Leguizamo Loves Being The Boss

25th July 2003

Movie actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO loved playing director for the first time in his latest film UNDEFEATED. The MOULIN ROUGE! star who recently wed JUSTINE MAURER, plays the role of a boxing champ in the...

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John Leguizamo Loses His Grasp Of Spanish

24th July 2003

Colombian-born actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO is having grave problems making his first Spanish-language movie - because he's so bad at speaking in his native tongue. The MOULIN ROUGE! star is currently spending time in Ecuador...

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John Leguizamo Weds

2nd July 2003

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO has wed his longtime girlfriend. The comedian-actor, 42, and his 35-year-old belle JUSTINE MAURER exchanged nuptials on Saturday (28JUN03) in New York. The couple's three-year-old daughter ALLEGRA was...

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Contracts Get Signed For Ice Age 2

25th June 2003

Actor JOHN LEGUIZAMO is poised to sign his contract to reprise his role as SID the giant sloth for ICE AGE 2. The MOULIN ROUGE! star, who is expecting to sign up for last...

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Leguizamo Knocked Out By Boxing Flick

24th June 2003

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO thinks he might be a "masochist" - because making his directing debut on boxing TV movie UNDEFEATED was so difficult. The actor, whose labour of love will air on...

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Baretta Dvd Release Slammed

11th May 2003

The family of ROBERT BLAKE's murdered wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY have slammed studio bosses for releasing the actor's old show BARETTA on DVD - accusing them of cashing in on a tragedy. Blake's show...

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Leguizamo Gives Tv Network Zilch

7th May 2003

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO is set to create a cartoon series especially for men - about a pair of film geeks. The Hollywood actor has signed up with American cable TV station SPIKE...

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Leguizamo.s Speed Frenzy

22nd April 2003

JOHN LEGUIZAMO lived the life of a speed freak during the making of his new movie SPUN - thanks to a constant diet of coffee, tea and energy drink RED BULL. The MOULIN ROUGE!...

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